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The Media Responds to Viguerie Endorsement of Cruz

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s endorsement of Ted Cruz for President set in motion a wave of media coverage in advance of the important CNN national security debate and, most importantly, has helped to Media mastheadcoalesce the conservative movement and limited government constitutional conservatives behind the Senator from Texas. 

The read CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie's endorsement of Ted Cruz click here.

Here are some key takeaways from the past week's articles: 

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas could become the next conservative standard bearer, after this week winning support from longtime conservative stalwart Richard Viguerie.” 
Ted Cruz closes in on the conservative crown, soars to big lead in Iowa poll” Jennifer Harper writing for The Washington Times’ “Inside the Beltway” column 

Viguerie’s advice about what Republicans must do to win the White House in 2016 is resonating across the country among the conservative grassroots base of the party.” 
Conservative Icon Richard Viguerie Endorses Ted Cruz, Adds Message for Donald Trump’s Tea Party Supporters” Michael Patrick Leahy writing for Breitbart 

His [Ted Cruz’s] campaign is uniting the Counter Establishment. According to some excellent reporting in the National Journal, he was rapturously received by members of the Council for National Policy, an important Counter Establishment gathering. He’s been endorsed by the old guard, Viguerie and Bozell…” 
The Ted Cruz Establishment” David Brooks writing for The New York Times 

So far this election cycle, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has nailed down some big endorsements in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, but he picked up his biggest endorsement Wednesday afternoon… 
Richard Viguerie revolutionized political direct mail funding and is credited with a significant role in helping elect Ronald Reagan. Some call him the father of the modern conservative movement.” 
Ted Cruz Gains Another Major Endorsement” Bob Eschliman writing for Charisma News

Mr. Cruz, the Texas senator, also received the support of Richard A. Viguerie, a longtime conservative activist who, in 2012, supported former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, the Iowa caucus winner… Mr. Viguerie similarly called Mr. Cruz “the only candidate who can unite the conservative coalition” in both a primary and general election.” 
Ted Cruz Adds Two More Endorsements From Social Conservatives” Matt Fiegenheimer writing for The New York Times 

In a post on his website, Viguerie wrote it's high time that other conservatives coalesce around Ted Cruz and asks why others have not already backed Cruz's campaign. Viguerie is regarded as a direct mail ‘pioneer’…” 
Conservative fundraising icon Viguerie endorses Cruz for president” Ryan Lovelace writing for The Washington Examiner

Sen. Ted Cruz has some fierce fans in his quest for the White house — including longtime conservative maven Richard Viguerie, who has endorsed Mr. Cruz for president.” 
Not done yet: Jeb Bush gets some showbiz” Jennifer Harper writing for The Washington Times
Legendary conservative icon Richard Viguerie, a pioneer of the political direct mail industry and author, announced on his website, ConservativeHQ, that ‘Republicans must nominate a candidate who we know will govern according to constitutional principles,’ Ted Cruz.” 
Ted Cruz Just Landed The Endorsement Of A Major Conservative Icon” Matthew K. Burke writing for The Politistick

Cruz also recently upped his credibility with coveted endorsements this week from the National Organization for Marriage, as well as from conservative activist Richard Viguerie.” 
Blog: All Eyes On Cruz In Tonight’s GOP Debates” Jon Gingerich writing for O’Dweyer’s Inside News of Public Relations & Marketing Communications

POLITICO asked Viguerie why he supported Cruz and he responded: "It’s almost the reverse of why not support Cruz? I say that to all conservatives; this is the candidate we’ve been waiting for for 25 years. 
Viguerie endorses Cruz, asks other conservatives to follow suit” Eliza Collins writing for POLITICO

The National Organization for Marriage and conservative activist Richard Viguerie both endorsed Cruz.” 
Cruz Gaining Ground in Iowa” Kimberly Railey writing for National Journal

Cruz also is raking in endorsements from conservative stalwarts (veteran direct-mailer Richard Viguerie and Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of the Family Leader Organization).”

GOP debate preview: Which candidate will leave Vegas with all the chips?” William Whalen writing for Fox News

“REAGAN-ESQUE?: POLITICO’s Eliza Collins reports: “Richard A. Viguerie is endorsing Ted Cruz for president and asks other conservatives why they haven’t yet. ‘To conservatives who continue to window shop I say, 'What are you waiting for? In TED CRUZ conservatives have a candidate that’s everything we want,’ the Conservative Headquarters chairman said ... the Texas senator is the ‘best presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.’” 
"Trump lawsuit threat backfires" Henry C. Jackson writing for The 2016 Blast in POLITICO 

"Viguerie: The American voters do not like establishment Republicans, whether you saw in 2006 when the Republicans lost the Congress, the White House in 2008, 2012, when the lost the White House. The face of the opposition - the Democrats - are big government Republicans. However, when you put limited-government, constitutional conservatives as the face of the opposition to the Democrats, big victories - 1980 with Reagan, 1984, Reagan, Gingrich Revolution, 1994, the Tea Party elections, 2010, 2014. The voters like limited-government, constitutional conservatives. But you put the big-government Republicans out there, whether it's a Bush, a Dole, Romney, McCain, people just don't like them. And so if the Republicans want to win next November, they have got to put forward a conservative who's a fighter. Werthheimer: For Viguerie, Senator Ted Cruz is that candidate and a prescription for the woes of the party.
GOP Bemoans Trump's Baffling New High” interview with Linda Werthheimer, NPR

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Cruz vs. Trump -- With All Due Respect

Please know that I respect your extensive political experience highly and will continue to read your well-researched messages with assurance that your assessments are best available.

I even understand your endorsement of Cruz over Trump.

Nevertheless, my level of anxiety and frustration with the passing of the Omnibus Spending Bill has deranged my mind to the point of defying your endorsement of Cruz.

Donald Trump has, at age 69, has reached the pinnacle of success. He has nowhere else to go now except up.

Further, I believe his ego is so strong that he would never jeopardize his already successful record by doing anything to damage his character or our Constitution.

My hope is - if he is elected he will chooses Cruz to be his VP for legal guidance and to carry the ball four years later.

Simply put, I like the man – gutty ego and all. A gutty but opposite action by a new president is what we, as well as the world, needs now – perhaps more than ever. The Progressives have made America sick with a cancer and is in need of radical surgery.

We respect and welcome your comment

Thank you for this thoughtful and measured comment. I certainly would not argue with your diagnosis that "Progressives have made America sick with a cancer" our view that Ted Cruz is preferable to Donald Trump is based in large measure on Senator Cruz's consistent limited government constitutional conservative positions. Given that America does indeed have a cancer we want to make sure the surgeon has a record of saving the life of the patient (constitutional government) as well as conducting radical surgery on the patient...

We Respect and Welcome Your Comment

I certainly respect and welcome your comment. Without doubt we are at least on the same page.

Please consider the fact that America has had only three great crises in its history:

1. The American Revolution, (ending in war to protect our Freedom).

2. The Civil War, (to preserve our Union and rescue the sanctity of our Constitution by securing Freedom for all Negroes brought here by force).

3. The clandestine importation of German Ph.D. professors into our universities in the latter part of the 19th century to teach their Socialistic ideology - now spread into our K-12 schools and universities throughout the country.

Lincoln understood the purpose of the Constitution and its grand experiment called the United States of America. He understood it so perfectly and so profoundly that he was not only willing to go to war to make it be correct in its covenant to all men, but he was also willing to violate that Constitution many times to make certain he would win that war. Today history honors his memory as one of the two greatest presidents in our history.

WWII need never have happened if either France or England had interceded as early as 1934 to stop Hitler from violating the Treaty of Versailles, and they could have done this easily.

There is no doubt whatsoever that WWI, WWII, and even the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s emanated from the 19th century Progressive movement to America. THIS is the cancer of which I spoke.

We are at war, and I don’t see any candidate who has the same kind of unconstrained ideas (equal to Lincoln’s) necessary for performing the radical surgery our Constitution and country needs to survive the 120 years of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ we’re suffering – that is except Donald Trump.

You spoke of Sen. Cruz’s ‘consistent limited government constitutional conservative positions.’ While this dedication to Constitutional rule appears good, I find it also a bit frightening in time of war – and so did Lincoln. But neither did it stop him from temporarily violating the Constitution to achieve his goal of preserving the Union and finally making right the most important part of Jefferson’s Declaration.

I believe Sen. Cruz believes the Constitution is ironclad. As a consequence it would limit his ability to win this 120-year war we’re losing now.

To conclude, all the so-called experts who claim that ISIS is our #1 enemy are wrong! ISIS is only third in-line as America’s enemy. #1 is the Progressive Movement; #2 is Communism; #3 is Islam – not just so-called ‘Radical Islam’ but ISLAM.

The only sure-fire long-term solution to America’s problem is to have a revolution in our public schools teaching children in K-12 our American Heritage as taught by Hillsdale College – the only college in the country that has never accepted any money from the federal or state government. Dr. Larry Arnn and his staff teach Truth enthusiastically!

John Wagner
Ann Arbor, MI

Trump vs. Cruz

Dear Richard and George,

Please know that I respect your extensive political experience highly and will continue to read your well-researched messages with assurance that your assessments are best available.

I even understand your endorsement of Cruz over Trump.

Nevertheless, my level of anxiety and frustration with the passing of the Omnibus Spending Bill has deranged my mind to the point of defying your endorsement of Cruz.

We need a leader who is gutty enough to quickly dismantle Washington’s CLIQUE and restore Constitutional order short of all-out civil war. The only candidate that fits this picture frame is Donald Trump.

My hope is that he chooses Cruz to be his VP for legal guidance and to carry the ball four years later.

Trump vs. Cruz

Cruz is not eligible to hold the office of [p]resident! He was born a dual-citizen, not on US soil, and holds only a tenuous link to US citizenship through his mother. The qualification of "natural born" is more restrictive than that.

I have posted at length on this following Mr. Viguerie's article endorsing Cruz.

If Cruz is not eligible to hold the [p]residency, he is likewise not eligible to be nominated as the running mate, as the closing sentence of Amendment 12 states, "But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of [p]resident shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."