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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Terrified establishment sees the devil in Ted Cruz

As we begin another crucial week in the Republican presidential race, there’s more good news for the two frontrunners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Dana Blanton of Fox News reports, “Donald Trump and Ted Cruz lead the pack in the GOP nomination race.  They are also the two candidates Republicans think would be best at reversing Barack Obama’s agenda…

David Brooks“Trump leads with 35 percent among Republican primary voters.  Next is Cruz with 20 percent support -- his personal best in the Fox News poll.”

The rest are as follows:

Marco Rubio – 13%
Ben Carson – 10%
Jeb Bush – 4%
Carly Fiorina – 3%
Chris Christie, John Kasich and Rand Paul – 2%

The results reveal a slight decrease for Trump from December’s Fox poll with incremental increases for Cruz, Rubio and Carson. In other words, it’s about the same as last month nationally.

Perhaps most notable about the survey are the potential general election head-to-head match-ups. “Clinton currently ties or trails the Republicans in each of the possible 2016 matchups tested,” Blanton wrote.

The Fox poll shows Cruz with a seven point lead over Hillary. Rubio’s lead is nine and Trump’s is three. Even Jeb Bush ties her at 44-44.

That’s bad news for Clinton but it also once again quashes the establishment’s notion that nominating Trump or Cruz automatically equals the kiss of death on the Republican Party’s chances of winning the White House – or will have a crushing negative drag on down ballot races.

The general feeling among conservatives is that Hillary is a poor candidate who will significantly underperform Barack Obama’s numbers. Recent surveys have suggested an enthusiasm gap exists between the parties as well, with Republicans looking forward to this year’s election more than Democrats.

Even more important for conservatives, it looks like the “outsider” candidates are seen as just as electable as the establishment favorite, Marco Rubio. Rubio’s lead over Hillary is a little larger than Cruz’s, but they’re both comfortably out in front. Therefore, Rubio can’t really use the argument he’s the only real “winning” choice versus the Democrats.

And when it’s widely revealed that Marco’s positions aren’t all that different from Hillary’s on several key issues, it will blur the lines on his electability.

This week’s Republican debate could conceivably alter the balance even further, though it will probably only serve to boost Cruz’s momentum heading into the Iowa caucuses.

Three weeks and counting…

Media doesn’t understand Trump and the “outsiders” and likely never will

With half a month to go until Iowa votes speculation continues on Donald Trump’s “real” chances to pull off the most unlikely of upsets and not only compete in the Republican race, but actually go on to win the nomination.

The usually reliable Nate Silver of writes, “National polls, even with barely more than three weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses, aren’t highly predictive of the eventual outcome of nomination races. I know, I know: You’ve heard this spiel from us (and others) before…

“No matter how well Trump performs in the early states, Republican elites will do as much as they can to constrain him. But he could win the nomination if they fail to develop a good alternative to him, or if he rides a tidal wave of media-driven momentum after early victories — momentum is a more short-lived, but also potentially more powerful force than the gravity the party exerts.

“Whichever theory of Trump you prefer, it’s votes and delegates in 2016 — not what the polls said in 2015 — that will be the real test of it.”

Silver presents three theories to try and explain how Trump is still part of the conversation this late in the process. Silver is one of the foremost experts in political analysis, so his opinions should be taken with some weight. But I’m still not sure he “gets” Trump or any of the “outsiders” for that matter.

Apart from all of the bluster about Trump, the truth is the media now wants him to succeed.

In the beginning journalists loved to report on The Donald because of the “sideshow” element to his campaign. There he was, a bombastic (their oft used word) billionaire real estate developer who’s been married a dozen times (yes, an exaggeration) whose rude comments fly in the face of the stereotypically stuffy, controlling, socially conservative hypocrite Republicans.

They loved the opportunity to portray Republican voters as ignorant racists/sexists who would dare support an unapologetic man who promises to deport millions of brown people and had the nerve to suggest Megyn Kelly was on her period during the first Republican debate.

What a bunch of idiots, Republicans must be. How could they back a guy who’s probably most famous for uttering “you’re fired!” on his reality TV show?

As time went on, however, the media coverage went from gleeful fantasy to panicked contempt. Trump’s lead in the polls only increased, terrorist stuff happened and people started to take him seriously.

The sideshow clown grew into the media’s worst nightmare. Even Ben Carson’s rise in October didn’t completely squelch the paranoia. After all, Ben didn’t fit the talkers’ notion of an acceptable politician either, a conservative black man who refused to bow to “Black Lives Matter.”

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz’s steady ascension in the race carries with it some of the same “look at that!” media condescension, but they’re having a much harder time getting away from seeing Cruz as less of a circus act and more of a real threat to their established liberal order.

Cruz is no entertainer. They know it. Even the elites of his own party fear the damage to their carefully constructed power structure should Ted move into the White House.

The fact Cruz is now seen by Americans as a viable choice for president (see poll above) scares them even more. They can’t pin “electability” on a real conservative this time. What to do?

It could very well turn out the establishment would ultimately prefer Trump to Cruz, since The Donald has given no indication he’ll wholesale destroy some of their cherished Big Government institutions. At various times, Trump has even shown a populist inclination towards keeping programs that he likes, such as saying Planned Parenthood “does good things.”

You won’t catch Cruz waffling on these topics. Ted wants to burn down the rat-filled, plague infested warehouse that is Washington. He is far less interested in treating the symptoms than he is in eradicating the disease.

The establishment hates what Cruz represents almost as much as they hate him. It’s going to get ugly, folks.

Now as we head towards Iowa and New Hampshire the media remains confused on what to make of Trump and the “outsiders.” It’s the type of mystery that only concrete evidence – like vote totals – will eventually solve.

Amnesty follows Marco Rubio everywhere he goes

Speaking of evidence, further proof of Marco Rubio’s “popularity” was found in South Carolina on Saturday as the Florida senator was repeatedly shouted down by pro-amnesty hecklers during an appearance there.

Paige Winfield Cunningham of the Washington Examiner reports, “As Rubio tried to discuss anti-poverty policies at the Kemp Forum, groups of protesters yelled at intervals before they were escorted out by law enforcement. The protests, which took place over about 20 minutes, appeared to be focused on Rubio's support for cracking down on some immigration laws.

“Rubio has faced more flak from the other direction, with Republican presidential opponents attacking his work with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on a comprehensive immigration reform bill the Senate passed in 2013.”

It looks like conservatives aren’t the only ones who see Rubio as a turncoat. The people who stood to profit the most from his amnesty program now feel betrayed as well because Marco’s back to his original position – the one he ran on in 2010 – in saying immigration laws need to be enforced.

The “immigrant community” is not impressed with his latest reversal, apparently. “This morning, I confronted Marco Rubio on his anti-immigrant, anti-DACA rhetoric that seeks to take away the program that allows me to work, pursue my dreams, and be protected from deportation. He has turned his back on the immigrant community and we will continue to stand up to his attacks," said Deya Aldana in a statement from the pro-amnesty leftist United We Dream organization.

(Note: Aldana is from New Jersey – how did she end up protesting in South Carolina?)

Marco just can’t escape the immigration issue. Both sides are mad at him. Only one side can legally vote, however – and they’re not too enamored with Rubio’s true beliefs.

The poor guy just can’t catch a break, but he can’t say he wasn’t warned.

Terrified establishment sees the devil in Ted Cruz

Finally today, from the “too good to pass up” category comes yet another conservative disparaging nugget courtesy of our favorite establishment mouthpiece, New York Times columnist David Brooks.

Kristen East of Politico reports Brooks said during an interview on PBS this weekend, “Ted Cruz is making headway. There's ... you begin to see little signs of liftoff. Trump has sort of ceiling-ed out. Carson is collapsing. And Cruz is somehow beginning to get some momentum from Iowa and elsewhere. And so people are either mimicking him, which Rubio is doing a little by adopting some of the dark and satanic tones that Cruz has.”

Brooks then offered up Rubio as a potential answer to the devil.

Again, East reports Brooks said, “He’s a sunny … he’s been running the youthful optimism campaign, but he’s beginning, to prevent Cruz from getting liftoff, to mimic sort of that, get a piece of that. I mean, if Rubio starts to go like Cruz, he just doesn’t look like himself, and that bothers people.”

About the only things Rubio shares in common with Cruz are similar ethnic heritage and their age. Rubio is a calculating politician who’s running to be president. Cruz is a limited government true believer who wants to restore the Constitution.

And if that makes him the “devil” in the eyes of the establishment, then so be it.

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