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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Donald Trump channels Marty Huggins from “The Campaign”

We start today with the news everyone is talking about, namely Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

Daniel Strauss and Ben Schreckinger of Politico report, “Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president on Tuesday, proclaiming that ‘the master of the art of the deal’ has the strength and leadership to fight terrorists and restore the greatness that President Barack Obama eroded.

Marty Huggins“The former Alaska governor turned vice presidential candidate turned reality TV star appeared alongside Trump at his rally in Iowa, where the billionaire businessman is neck-and-neck in the polls with Ted Cruz.”

You can’t help but think there’s more to this, but for now we’ll have to take Palin’s nod at face value.

Ted Cruz was gracious in his treatment of Palin’s news and he should be. While the media is quick to point out her popularity has waned some since 2008, she’s still enthusiastically embraced by social conservatives and Tea Partiers.

Cruz counts endorsements from Iowa conservative favorites Congressman Steve King, Bob Vander Plaats and radio host Steve Deace. On balance, Cruz is still ahead in that category.

We’ll have to see how this plays out in the coming days.

Is Donald Trump stealing his strategy from Marty Huggins of ‘The Campaign’?

It’s often said art imitates life…or sometimes, the other way around. If that’s the case, then Donald Trump has borrowed a page from one of the more interesting political satire movies of recent times, the 2012 Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis comedy, “The Campaign.”

"It's a mess. The Middle East is totally destabilized, a total and complete mess” – Donald Trump from the CNN Republican debate in Las Vegas on December 15, 2015.

“Bring your brooms, because it’s… a mess” – Marty Huggins from the movie “The Campaign” which came out just before Barack Obama’s re-election victory in 2012.

For those of you who haven’t seen “The Campaign,” it’s a story about a populist candidate running against an ethically challenged, Bill Clinton-like incumbent congressman in a rural North Carolina district. Since the movie stars ultra-Hollywood liberal comedian Will Ferrell, you can guess what the gist of the film is about.

But if you throw out the somewhat ridiculous ending, the movie does have something to say about politics in general – and particularly Donald Trump’s populist strategy in 2016.

The film’s clearly Republican challenger, Marty Huggins (played by Zach Galifianakis), is an over-the-top awkward and naïve conservative geek who’s fed up with the antics of Ferrell’s philandering liar Democrat character named Cam Brady.

Huggins, from a self-interested and greedy wealthy family, challenges Brady largely because his father orders him to run. Huggins grows as a candidate during the film thanks to the ball-busting tutelage of the movie’s establishment consultant campaign manager (Tim Wattley) who tells him what to do in every aspect – including having his wife undergo a complete makeover and insisting the family get rid of their Chinese pug dogs in order to appear more American.

It’s a funny movie. But in watching it, you can’t help but see Donald Trump playing the role of Marty Huggins in real life…well, except for maybe the naïve geek part.

How, you ask? Huggins the candidate has very few specifics in his campaign, relying more on character assassination and stock slogans (“It’s a mess!”) to fool voters into supporting him. Meanwhile, Democrat sleaze-ball Cam Brady helps him at every turn, punching babies, triangulating and selling out to any constituency to win votes.

You don’t know the characters personally but you recognize the stereotypes – hence, the beauty of the movie.

Donald Trump has clearly touched a nerve in 2016 by pedaling a platform similar to Marty Huggins – railing against the political establishment (“It’s a mess”) without supplying many policies beyond his promise to “Make America Great Again.”

It’s an effective message, one that many Americans identify with. But when it comes down to it, isn’t it just a balloon full of hot air?

Beyond the promises is a candidate who doesn’t represent a real worldview other than “Trust me, I’ll negotiate a great deal for America.”

Conservatives don’t want “deals.” We want a leader who follows the Constitution. If we get one later this year we won’t have to worry about seeking help to clean up the “mess” that is Washington – it will already be on the way.

Donald Trump may not be right for conservatives, but the movement owes him thanks

With all the recent talk over Donald Trump and his “New York values,” it’s sometimes hard to see the man below all the white noise of the media. His public persona comes off as confrontational and authoritative, the boss we saw for so many years on “The Apprentice.”

He may be a celebrity, but you still don’t want to mess with The Donald. He’s a tough guy. Or at least he appears to be.

Erick Erickson of The Resurgent writes there’s a different side of Trump which the public doesn’t see. “I like him personally. I’ve been to his office. I’ve observed him privately dealing with his staff and people coming inside his building. He is personally, when the cameras are turned off, an incredibly gracious person.”

Erickson goes on to say he doesn’t favor Trump as a candidate because he’s not convinced the New Yorker’s actually a true conservative. If in fact Trump is sincere about his “conversion” to conservatism, he needs to show it over the course of time rather than lead the movement right now.

That’s sound advice, especially since Trump says and does a lot of things that aren’t conservative.

Erickson still gives Trump credit for achieving a lot this year, and I think most conservatives would agree he’s largely responsible for breaking the establishment’s stranglehold on national politics.

Among Trump’s accomplishments Erickson cites:

“First, he exposed the consultant class of the GOP as profiteering charlatans…

“Second, Trump has exposed just how much contempt the GOP Establishment has for conservatives…

“Third, Trump has again blown the door off the idea that Super PACs are a cure all for Republicans…

“Fourth, Trump has shown that Republican donors continue to be suckers…

“Fifth, Donald Trump has finally opened people’s eyes to the dissatisfaction with Washington, D.C. on a bipartisan basis…”

I would add that Trump’s biggest achievement was opening the door for the grassroots to reject Jeb Bush as the anointed winner of the race before the nominating cycle even started.

People forget that Bush was at or near the top of the polls until The Donald announced his run and then started pecking at the politically correct niceties that have dominated national discourse for so long.

In doing so, he cleared the way for a candidate like Ted Cruz to emerge. In some ways, Ben Carson did the same thing as Trump.

What Trump and Carson did is like that Verizon commercial where the data is trying to go through the small door but can’t because it’s too clogged. Once the door is widened, however, the data flows through unabated.

John McCain clogged the door in 2008. Romney did it in 2012. Now the door’s wide open and the conservative grassroots is flowing through it. They like Trump and they like Cruz and they don’t care how much the establishment condemns them.

It’s too late for the elites – the door is off the hinges. And in that sense, we owe a lot to Donald Trump. He said “You’re fired” to the establishment and now we’re in charge of the boardroom.

Establishment crawls out of hiding in Iowa, all but endorses Trump

Finally today, in the past few weeks I’ve noted how the Big Corn/ethanol industry has been after Ted Cruz regarding his stated desire to phase out federal subsidies over five years with the ultimate goal of getting rid of this aspect of corporate welfare.

Now the Corn stalkers are not merely shadowing the candidate – they’re outright opposing him.

Eliza Collins of Politico reports, “Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad would like to see Ted Cruz defeated, he said on Tuesday.

“The Iowa governor, whose powerful network of supporters is a prized political commodity, was speaking to reporters at the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit. Branstad's son Eric is leading efforts to portray the Texas senator as hostile to ethanol, a narrative Cruz has been trying to stifle in recent weeks.”

Donald Trump was gleeful in parroting the news via Twitter. Iowa conservative radio host Steve Deace was also happy, since Branstad is the epitome of the washed-up establishment in his state – Deace said Branstad’s opposition was great news for Ted.

The Donald was the first to say Cruz would switch his position on an issue for votes, but isn’t that essentially what Trump is doing here? For a man who’s tried so hard to claim he’s the only one who can clean up the “mess,” how is he going to do it by siding with the establishment and holding onto a wasteful crony government program?

Is that the type of “deal” we can expect in a Trump administration? A raw deal, maybe.

It’s also curious that the establishment appears to have thrown in with Trump, possibly because their own group of candidates has failed miserably to catch on in the The Hawkeye State. The elites have conceded that it’s down to a two-man race there and their words and actions seem to indicate they’re more afraid of Cruz than Trump.

Why? Again, because of the “deal” aspect. Trump will negotiate anything – that means some of the big government pork will still be on the table if he’s in charge. Cruz knows that the Constitution, limited government and liberty are inherently the best way to go.

With Ted, all “deals” are off. That’s a prospect that’s pretty scary to the establishment.

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Donald Trump & Illegal Immigration

ITS Obvious to me and millions of Americans, that if Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders offered healthcare to every illegal alien families, it would bankrupt the country. Why Americans of every political affiliation should vote for Donald Trump he is untouchable by the wealthy buyer of votes. For once in my lifetime we have an 'Outsider" as he is called, who can straighten out our wilting country. No matter which political group they are neither has any influence over Donald Trump. When voting begins on the floor or the House, many politicians are heavily committed to which special interest paid for their seat in Congress or who pulled strings to get somebody hired into any agency in government. Cronyism is alive and well in Washington, and networking with somebody on the inside is the name of game.
BUT Donald Trump is completely different, as the lobbyists who cram Washington hallways have no say on his ability to run our country. The political elite are furious that no amount of dollars can buy his allegiance to the American people. Not the Chamber of Commerce, trade unions, teachers unions, investment banks, Wall Street, pharmaceutical companies, tobacco companies, Walmart, or any of super stores and even foreign countries--some friendly and other unfriendly? For once we have a potential President who can waive away the corrupters. Think about this? There had to be some kind of complicity for the Omnibus budget to be approved by both sides of the aisle; illegal alien's settlement, Syrian Refugee immigration and the outrageous cost to bring them from the Middle East; the government even pays the way for large companies to reestablish themselves overseas or across our Southern border and what do we the taxpayers get in return--Nothing!; then planned parenthood to run their abortion mill and who knows what else. Everything the Emperor-in-Chief wanted, he got. Thanks to Status Quo of Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in the GOP cartel, as Senator Ted Cruz remarked. Something was arranged behind closed doors, that the public were prohibited to see?
JUST released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that U.S.-born workers lost 320,000 jobs while 306,000 foreign-born workers gained jobs. This is unacceptable and is another example why immigration to the U.S. needs to be reduced. I hope you will help American workers by reducing immigration numbers.
EVERY month, U.S.-born workers are squeezed out of the job market. The most recent jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics only reinforces this trend. The U.S. currently brings in more than 125,000 new foreign workers each month -- that's more than 1.5 million each year. How can U.S.-born workers hope to compete when many of the newly-created jobs go to foreign-born workers?
AMERICAN workers are struggling and they need Congress' help. I hope you will help all U.S.-born workers by taking steps to reduce immigration numbers. All this will be ended with Donald Trump as American workers will have the highest priority, whether he/her African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, and close the clever underhand procedure to import cheaper labor will cease. Our kids leaving college cannot find a job, as workers from foreign countries are taking them. That is why any American should vote for Trump, as WE desperately need big change to come to our potentially collapsing economy, which only this businessman tycoon can alleviate?
Every day jobs and businesses are vanishing to foreign countries--fast track trade, is NOT FAIR TRADE. Trump will change this endless cycle of corruption, empowerment, and greedy influence.

Joe Guzzardi of (CAPS) Californians for Population Stabilization excerpt website wrote:
January 6, 2016

The United States is in its third decade without the federal government implementing a congressionally mandated entry-exit system which would help protect the nation from terrorism and dramatically reduce illegal immigration. The shocking failures came to light when U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) asked Department of Homeland Security assistant secretary for international affairs Alan Bersin how many foreign nationals overstay their visas every year. Bersin reluctantly admitted: “We don’t know.”

Absent an entry-exit system, analysts can only guesstimate what the visa overstay total is. A recent Wall Street Journal story put the number at 40 to 50 percent which, if accurate, would mean that roughly 4.8 to 6 million of the assumed 12 million illegal immigrants have violated their visas’ terms.

The Obama administration’s excuses for not advancing entry-exit are dumbfounding. Among the reasons offered are that the airline and tourism industries have balked (profits over safety), some overstays are on H-1B visas or are students, the so called best and brightest (some visa violators are okay, others not so much), and technology has not advanced enough to create dependable biometrics (the daily baseball scores are available on wristwatches, but iris scans are impossible?) Three dozen countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa collect biometrics.

Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama—two Democrats and a Republican—have ignored entry-exit implementation. The best hope for true security may come with a new president and a new Congress. But given past administrations’ failed track records, Americans shouldn’t get their hopes up. Except for Donald Trump, as he will return the Rule of Law, immigration enforcement with his pledged 1000 mile wall, and implementation of MANDATED E-VERIFY in each state. So no business can snub the law, and hire illegal aliens anymore. Americans deserve better from the Civil Servants we put in Washington.

If you are Interested in the facts about the illegal alien invasion, then go to http;// as NumbersUSA gets the information from top sources within the Washington matrix.

Every Donald Trump voter should engulfs the Iowa Caucuses and then the New Hampshire Primaries and watch for non citizens illegally appearing in any event towards the ultimate goal to change the direction of the United States of America.

Trump and the Establishment

Over the past several days I've been coming to the same conclusion about Trump the dealmaker and his appeal to the establishment. Just two days ago I said to my family that I believed there was a significant chance that the establishment would ultimately endorse Trump, because they know that he will make a deal with them. He embodies cronyism, and that's what they love. I hope that the people in Iowa will see this.