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FLASH: Cruz Conservatives Hit Media-Rubio Lies

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie

Cruz Conservatives Hit Media-Rubio Lies 

Including Comments from:
Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman,
Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council
Dr. James Dobson, founder of Family Talk Radio
Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The 
Family Leader
Ken Cuccinelli, former Attorney General of Virginia and 
Republican candidate for Governor in 2013

Responding to false reports that conservatives are wavering in their support for Senator Ted Cruz for President, five of the conservative movement’s most prominent leaders have issued statements reiterating their support for Cruz and calling on conservatives to unite behind the Texas Senator.

Richard Viguerie, Chairman of whose career at the national level of conservative politics spans over 50-years said, “Reports that conservatives are wavering in their support for Senator Ted Cruz are simply false. Ted Cruz is the only full-spectrum conservative in the race, the only candidate who can defeat Donald Trump and the only candidate who can unite all six elements of the Republican coalition to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

“The idea that conservatives will shift their support from Cruz to Rubio is preposterous given Marco Rubio’s many betrayals of the conservative movement going back to when he served in the Florida House,” observed Viguerie. “Senator Rubio’s support for amnesty for illegal aliens, his support for the Obama-Hillary Clinton disasters in the Middle East, and his long record of supporting big spending and intrusive government has rendered him unacceptable to key elements of the conservative coalition that elected Ronald Reagan and powered Republicans to historic victories in the 2010 and 2014 elections.”

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council recently said there isn’t “a snowball’s chance” that he will support Rubio. He also said any suggestion of Cruz’s allies abandoning him are “lies from the Rubio camp.”

“Ted Cruz’s record on religious liberty, life, and marriage is second to none in this Republican field,” said Dr. James Dobson, founder of Family Talk Radio. “I continue to believe that Ted Cruz is the candidate for president who has the moral and spiritual foundations to lead our nation with excellence. I continue to urge conservatives and people of faith to support and vote for Ted Cruz for President.”

Yet, some reporters, such as National Review’s Tim Alberta, have persisted in pushing their own story that mass defections of conservatives to Rubio are imminent. Alberta’s story specifically named Richard Viguerie, Tony Perkins, Bob Vander Plaats and Ken Cuccinelli – all of whom flatly deny Alberta’s false assertions (Alberta did not check his reporting with anyone named in his story prior to publishing his story).

“When I endorsed Ted Cruz for President, I said not only does Senator Cruz have a proven track record for standing up for conservative values, but he has also demonstrated a willingness to fight back against both the Democrats and the establishment agenda and that I was confident that he will take these same qualities with him to the White House. Nothing that has happened since Ted Cruz’s victory in the Iowa Caucuses has changed that,” said Ken Cuccinelli, former Attorney General of Virginia and Republican candidate for Governor in 2013. “In fact, Ted’s courageous stand against ethanol subsidies in the heart of corn country – in Iowa – reinforced my confidence that only Ted Cruz will take on the special interests in Washington.”

One of the leaders in Ted Cruz's Iowa win, Bob Vander Plaats noted that "there has been a pattern of false reporting from Tim Alberta in which he continually hides behind unnamed Rubio supporters. Given Ted's life-long track record of fighting for the constitution and being the only viable conservative left running for President, there is no way any sensible movement conservative would support anyone else. I am all-in for Ted Cruz."

“Tony Perkins had it right; these are nothing but lies from the Rubio camp. Ted Cruz is the only candidate for President that, if elected, I trust to govern according to limited government constitutional conservative principles,” concluded ConservativeHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie. “There is nothing in Marco Rubio’s record of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, opening our borders and supporting the Obama-Clinton disasters in the Middle East that would lead me to change that view.”

Click here to read Richard Viguerie's endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz for President. 

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