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Cruz Makes THE Winning Argument Against Trump And Rubio



After last night’s CNN-sponsored Republican presidential debate the establishment media quickly declared Senator Marco Rubio the “winner” for emptying in one burst his entire magazine of opposition research on Donald Trump the scam artist.

And the Trump – Rubio exchange did make for great TV, but it didn’t really plow any new ground.

In our article “Donald Trump’s Record of Profiting by Duping and Bullying the Little Guys” we shared attorney J. Christian Adams’ research on how Donald Trump scammed thousands of hardworking Americans through Trump “University” and other short-lived second rate consumer products.

Trump University isn’t ancient history, and in regard to the Trump University scam Donald Trump just plain lied when he said it was entirely a civil matter being litigated this summer.

After the scam collapsed in a blizzard of lawsuits, in 2013 (about the same time the Trump’s Atlantic City Taj Mahal was opening its strip club with lap dancing) the New York attorney general sued Trump University for $40 million for allegedly defrauding students.

Mind you, it was a civil fraud case, but the Trump University scam is much bigger than a few dissatisfied customers suing for a refund.

Which brings us to what we consider to be the defining moment of the debate, and indeed the entire Republican Primary election season – this brief point made by Ted Cruz:

CRUZ: ... You know, the mainstream media is laying off Donald now. They're going to pick apart his taxes. They're going to pick apart his business deals.

And let's take, for example, one of Hillary's great vulnerabilities, the corruption at the Clinton Foundation, the fact that she had CEOs and foreign companies giving her money while she was secretary of state.

CRUZ: The next Republican nominee needs to be able to make that case against Hillary. And if Donald tried to did it, Hillary would turn to Donald and say, "but gosh, Donald, you gave $100,000 to the Clinton foundation. I even went to your wedding."

He can't prosecute the case against Hillary, and we can't risk another four years of these failed Obama policies by nominating someone who loses to Hillary Clinton in November.

Senator Cruz is right that Donald Trump can’t prosecute the case against Hillary Clinton because he long supported the same leftwing policies that she and Barack Obama have advocated and advanced; single-payer health care, funding for Planned Parenthood, Wall Street bailouts and government picking winners and losers in the economy.

And the same goes for Marco Rubio.

When opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders is a 75 percent issue among Republican Primary voters, how does Marco Rubio, who was the lead author of the hated “Gang of Eight” amnesty for illegal aliens bill, draw a distinction between his policies and Hillary Clinton's?

How does Marco Rubio, the Senator who has a bill to increase H-1B visas that allow foreign “guest workers” to replace Americans in jobs in America, and who has defended companies – like Disney – that have fired American workers and made them train their foreign "guest worker" replacements campaign as standing-up for the little guy?

When grassroots constitutional conservative voters in their millions want smaller government, how does Marco Rubio, the guy who helped Jeb Bush increase spending by over 50 percent and never saw a special interest break for the sugar lobby he couldn’t vote for take on the Big Government – Big Business axis?

As colorful as Donald Trump is, and as much support from the Washington-Wall Street establishment that Marco Rubio is accumulating to mount a campaign, Ted Cruz is right; this election is about drawing a clear distinction with Hillary Clinton and the policies she wants to impose on America, and neither Trump nor Rubio can distinguish themselves from Mrs. Clinton because on all too many issues they are on the same side.

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Sorry, but I have to disagree

I, too, had Trump/Cruz for my choice from the very beginning. In my humble opinion, I can find no reason for the primary candidates to continue to denigrate each other. All they accomplish is to provide soundbites for the Democrats to use in the general election. I realize those 'in the know' say negative ads work, but I sincerely believe America would be better off if the candidates instead told us of their own principles and plans for governing our country instead of tearing into the other candidates.

I guess that is too much to ask. In any case, I truly believe the previous commenter is correct...Dave Bratt taking out Eric Cantor sent a message to conservatives that we COULD beat the big money-backed incumbents.

WHAT good did it do when the Republican leadership FAILED to recognize the anger and frustration of everyday Americans, tired of the same old same old? Those in office 3 terms/House, 2 terms/Senate should get out of Congress and go back to civilian life...NOT to some high-paid lobbyist position using their supposed PUBLIC SERVICE to benefit themselves. Isn't it amazing how many millionaires are created while our members of Congress are serving? We need more 'Mr. Smith's' in Congress - and it would be WONDERFUL to see them rewarded with committee assignments for winning elections instead of being punished if they don't follow the dictates of the NOT-SO- great leadership! Sadly, that arrogance seems to have carried over to those new to the leadership team. How can we have faith in such despots?

TRUMP 2016 to make America Great Again

Your Presidential Conclusion

First, let me say that Trump is my number 1 and Cruz my number 2. Using the logic above, I guess Trump could not prosecute Cruz either since Trump donated to him. Also, Cruz may have his own "Trump University" scandal to worry about.
Regardless, Cruz has not proved himself to be a leader. Leadership requires followers and results. Trump hit Cruz' soft underbelly last night by saying what everyone knows: Cruz spoke for two days, and then the senate went back to business as usual - no followers, no results. Cruz didn't lead the fight against anything, he just spoke for a couple of days. Real leaders get real results, not imaginary ones. It was really the guy who beat Eric Cantor who is the leader. He spoke, he got results, he won. After he won, the immigration legislation was dead. Cruz had nothing to do with that, but now he thinks he can ride the coattails of a winner.