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Before You Vote Today Take The Donald Trump Video Challenge

Our friend John Stemberger of Florida Family Action has prepared a two minute video that we think every conservative, especially those in the post-Super Tuesday states, should watch before they vote.

Trump videoYou may also want to check out two very different articles written on Donald Trump by FFA President John Stemberger. One is written to Republican voters and the other article is to Christians.  

Likewise, CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie pointed out in his columns “Hide the Women and Children: What A Vote For Donald Trump Really Means” and “Trump’s New York Values: The Poster Boy For Debasing American Culture” Trump’s history and lifestyle are clearly at odds with those of cultural conservatives.  

If you are a limited government constitutional conservative, a national defense conservative or a values first voter who cares about the culture we urge you to take the two minute Donald Trump video challenge before you vote today.

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Trump bashing - vote for Cruz

You talk over and over about the atrocities that Trump will bring upon us, including women and children, but you fail to give one clear detail or honest fact. Remember, we need real change in our political system with all of the corrupt politicians throwing bullets at Trump instead of backing him. Something is direly wrong with the GOP as they are working overtime to get rid of Trump. Far too much. Why? Business as usual - the GOP has had their chance over and over and they have not done a thing - time to move on and get Trump at the helm. We need a businessman - NOT another cowering shclep!

Go Trump!

The more the incumbent elite attack him, the more I like him! We need good change, good management. honesty, action, no PC BS, Go Trump!

Go Trump

Agree very good it would been nice if Ohio would not have been fooled by donors. They lost auto jobs to a lot of had to go to ky to get jobs I can't say much good about them they voted for Kasich he called cop idiot be cause he was wrong. .... It's on utube Vote Trump .......... Wisconsin don't be fooled like Ohio was. Go Trump


"We need a businessman - NOT another cowering shclep!
Can you see what's happening?
EVERY politician; "R" & "D"; are trying to get Trump, out of the way!!
What does that tell you?
It tells me, they are ALL afraid of Trump! Many of the "entrenched politicians", are happy with the Status Quo!
If they get their way; Hillary, will be our next president! (GOD; help us)!
That "protest" in Chicago; was NOT spontaneous; but rather "organized"!
There were to many "protesters; and they ALL got into the act!
I urge you to think carefully; about who you vote for!
Trump: is My Choice!
Let's Make America Great Again!
GOD; Bless America!
AND; GOS; Bless Donald Trump!