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It’s the Primaries, Stupid: Has the Filing Deadline in Your State Passed?

In 1992, Bill Clinton’s senior advisor James Carville famously and repeatedly said, “IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID.” 

His purpose was to urge all Clinton supporters, especially the leadership and the candidate, to focus like a laser on making the economy the central issue in the campaign. 

DeadlineTo paraphrase Mr. Carville, we say to limited government constitutional conservatives and Tea Partiers, “IT’S THE PRIMARIES, STUPID.” 

The filing deadline for getting on the ballot is fast approaching in several states, including California. In some states, like Florida, there is a separate presidential primary, so while the presidential primary is March 15, the deadline for qualifying for the ballot for other offices isn’t until later this summer.  

So, that leaves many states and plenty of time for conservatives to file for office – any office.  

Hunger for change in Washington and the white hot anger of the conservative grassroots at the Republican establishment’s constant betrayals mean this is THE election through which conservatives can build their numbers in Congress and the state legislatures. 

What’s more, we are helped by the fact that the establishment is so distracted by the Republican presidential contest – they are focused on stopping Trump, not your campaign for the state legislature or school board. 

But conservatives must act NOW to make sure that we have Tea Party and limited government constitutional conservative candidates filed for every office up and down the ballot. 

The hunger for change in Washington and the demand for some kind of governor on the big spenders of both parties is still a powerful force in American politics that could produce another tsunami in elections across the country. 

But we have to act NOW to get our people on the ballot. 

You don’t have to run for Congress to make a difference. As CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie pointed out in his book TAKEOVER, running for any office, no matter how far down the ballot, is worthy of your efforts. 

If constitutional conservatives are to govern America, we must not only elect a President and a Congress, but also city council members, school board members, state legislators, Secretaries of State, Lt. Governors, etc., etc. 

Of course, there are many good candidates already running who are limited government constitutional conservatives and share the values of the Tea Party Movement.  However, the vast majority of positions on the ballot this year do not have limited government constitutional conservatives running, and many will have incumbents who have not faced a contest in years. 

We who want constitutional, limited government should be running candidates even when it appears they have little or no chance of victory.  The mistake of assuming good candidates will emerge from the regular party process does not work most of the time. 

First of all, in today’s volatile political environment, no establishment candidate is truly safe.  The American people want the chance to take out the big-government, establishment politicians, and they are looking to the Tea Party Movement and limited government constitutional conservatives to give them candidates to support. 

Secondly, the only time we are guaranteed to lose is when we don’t compete. 

Even when a candidate who shares our values runs and loses, our cause is strengthened:

  • *The candidate and his or her team will develop/improve leadership and speaking skills that will serve them in good stead for future battles

  • *The campaign will identify and activate previously unknown limited government constitutional conservatives

  • *More people will become educated on the issues

  • *The campaign will bring out more voters, thereby increasing the limited government constitutional conservative vote in other races.

  • *Simply the presence of Tea Party Movement and limited government constitutional conservative candidates in each race will force the establishment candidates to address issues such as illegal immigration, amnesty, the battle with Islam, constitutional role of government, and what they plan to do to save our republic (which makes them run a far different campaign than the typical mush we hear from establishment candidates)

  • *Also if an establishment politician wins, when challenged by a Tea Party or limited government constitutional conservative candidate most will be forced to move at least somewhat in our direction than if they were unchallenged. 

Don’t let this opportunity to elect limited government constitutional conservatives pass without contesting every office up for election this year.  There are few things more important in the coming weeks than to find, encourage and assist qualified, principled conservatives to file in the primary election for every public office that is not presently held by a principled, constitutional conservative. 

If 2016 is another big wave election, like 2010 and 2014, but it sweeps into office the usual big-government, establishment Republicans, then we will have missed the opportunity of a lifetime. 

For more on how you can reclaim your country from the bottom up read CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie's book TAKEOVER. 

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