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Only Two Things Can Stop Trump

Commenting last night on the Republican presidential debate Chairman Richard A. Viguerie said, “I think Ted Cruz did a good job in the debate tonight, but from the perspective of my 50+ years in conservative politics at the national level, it is clear that only two things can stop Donald Trump now:  Trump himself or a united conservative movement. 

“First, Donald Trump is perfectly capable of destroying his own campaign or at last doing serious damage to Richard Vigueriehis prospects by not being presidential in his rhetoric or actions.  But so far his childish bickering and other un-Presidential actions (including actions that indicate he could not only be irresponsible, but dangerous to conservative ideas of constitutional liberty) have not taken the wind out of his sails. 

“The establishment media has failed to expose Trump’s past business dealings, lifestyle, bizarre statements, and liberal Democratic ideas – and had they become better known earlier, they would have unmasked Trump for the Big Government anti-conservative that he is.   

“As it stands now, only conservative leaders and grassroots conservatives have credibility with the voters.  

“The Washington D.C. Establishment, including Democrats, Republicans and the establishment media, lack credibility with Republican voters to halt the rise of Trump even as he threatens their power and control.  In fact, each time the establishment (especially the establishment media) attacks Trump, it drives his support higher.  Only the conservative movement has the credibility to attack and define Trump.   

“Conservatives at the national, state and local levels have a responsibility in the time remaining to stop Donald Trump by exposing his anti-conservative record.”

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Two things...

Let's face is far more than two - what with the R establishment and the Soros street mobs joining forces, then add the media exploding over the actions of OTHERS and blaming it on Trump, hey...what can we say?!? The actions of these young people reflect the horrible educational system in America. It is time to shut it down! We may as well be conducting indoctrination dare they deny the rights of the people who were at the hall in Chicago to listen to a presidential candidate!

We CAN say that there is nothing you can say or do that will stop us from doing all in our power to change the DC status quo. And no one can say we haven't been patient! Shut down the switchboard to demand the fence be built...and NOTHING happens! Hold PEACEFUL rallies all across the country to demand Republicans in Washington listen to our concerns...and NOTHING happens!

Indeed it is a movement...and not you nor the R establishment nor the Soros mobs nor the media can stop us. I cannot believe the attacks coming out of both Cruz and Rubio...don't they realize they are going to need this man once he is in office? Don't they realize that the Democrats will be using each and every soundbite in the fall election? Don't they care enough about AMERICA to stand together and support the candidate that American voters have chosen?

I had always put forth that there was plenty of talent on the debate stage that all could join in and make a great team...but, oh no. Demand that Trump sign an agreement to not run on a third party ticket, but what about the others? Where did they agree to support the final candidate? Mitt Romney has diminished himself to a state of NOTHINGNESS...and will never be taken seriously again by any Trump supporter. I keep trying to tell you that Mr. Trump has somehow become the proverbial 'fly on the wall' in homes all across the country...HE and HE ALONE is listening to our dinner table discussions!

Trump 2016! to make America great again!

For the People

When, if ever, will members of the political elite realize that "We The People" are fed up with what politicians have become. What we are seeing now is a revolution that has been building for many years. Hence the low voter turnout in both parties for the past 25 years. Republicans are leading this presidential revolution and being joined by many Democrats and Independents. God help this country and the we the people if the Republican party refuses to accept the choice of the people. This time the revolution is peaceful and must bring about change. Down with Romney and the mainstream political class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Trump

Trump is who the people want. Big government does not want him because he does not go along to get along. They are afraid he may interfere with their perks and power. Why would the people want to stop him when he is the only one who is not beholden to big time donors. The Old Establishment will never learn that they people want their representatives to represent THEM and they are not doing that now. They think they know more than we do and vote accordingly. My own rep voted against his constituents wishes on the Trade Bill recently.

only two things can stop trump

Why is it anyone's duty to stop him ? Leave him alone. The people are deciding....

Trump is no conservative!

Yes, character does matter as well as a person's actions
which show evidence of that character. Trump knew he
needed the conservative vote, so voila, he is supposedly
"conservative." He is no conservative. Would a true
conservative financially support Reid, Pelosi, etc.? No.
Would a true conservative hire illegal aliens over American
citizens? No. Would a true conservative never once mention
our Constitution and restoring Constitutional limits on our
Federal Government? No.

Trump has declared in his own words that he can change into
whatever he needs to be. Trump is for Trump...period. He will
say and do whatever he needs to say and do to win. With him,
winning is everything regardless of who he tramples over to get
there. Do not be fooled by him. Trump never speaks of our
Constitution nor restoring the Country back to its Constitutional limits.

Cruz will restore our Country to the Constitutional Republic it
was intended to be. Following our Constitution is what made this
Country great and restoring it will restore the Country once again.
If that is your goal, then Cruz is the only choice!