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Ted Cruz is the Only Alternative to Donald Trump

The establishment media, ever anxious to dumb down any issue or controversy to about the 8th grade level, now always presents the remaining Republican primary contests as a decision between Donald Trump and #NeverTrump. 

But the reality is that Republican primary voters are a lot smarter than the media believes and they recognize that, despite the bombast and name-calling, an important set of principles and polices are on the ballot with Ted Cruzthe candidates. 

And, as CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie pointed out, Trump and Cruz are the message carriers for the Republican grassroots – that’s why they are leading. 

Likewise, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Jeb Bush et al are losing because they have opposed that message by backing amnesty for illegal aliens, more and more spending and failing to make any effort to stop Obama’s anti-constitutional power grabs. 

As of today (and this number will change after today’s "Little Tuesday" primaries) Trump has 384 delegates, Ted Cruz has 300, Marco Rubio has 151, John Kasich has 37 and Ben Carson has 8. 

And Rubio and Kasich (and Bush while he was in) are not losing just because they are running ineffective campaigns – which they have and are – they’re losing because grassroots Republican voters soundly rejected the policies they campaigned on. 

The math is pretty clear – the open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, keep on spending America into the Third World, inside-the-Beltway Republican Party of Marco Rubio, John Kasich (and Jeb Bush) is losing and losing badly to the country class message carries – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. 

In the analysis of Dan McCarthy of the American Conservative nominating someone other than Trump or Cruz:

…might console the #neverTrump elites—until they stop to think about just what might be in store at Cleveland, where Trump and Cruz together will command a majority of delegates. Cruz is personally disliked by much of the party elite, which has come to resent his grandstanding ways in the Senate, while Trump is actively hated and feared. Yet if both of them were to be denied the nomination or some significant consolation prize—and what could that be?—by the party’s D.C. leadership class, there would be hell to pay in the long run… The convention would go down in history as the GOP’s ultimate betrayal of its own voters. 

The question now before Republican voters, and especially those inclined to support the wishes of the Party elite in DC, is not Trump vs #NeverTrump, it is who can best unite all of the elements of the winning Republican coalition. 

And as CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie has pointed out on numerous occasions, that candidate is Ted Cruz. 

Senator Cruz has the record and the platform to bring together the three legs of the Reagan coalition; national defense conservatives, economic conservatives and cultural conservatives. He came to Washington on a wave of Tea Party support, and unlike Marco Rubio he did not abandon those principles once he got to DC. 

Senator Cruz has also fought alongside the liberty movement on issues of privacy and constitutional liberty, and will attract most libertarian-leaning voters that establishment Republicans have alienated. 

While Donald Trump’s flair for publicity has made him an effective message carrier for the frustrations of grassroots populist conservatives, his lack of discipline and his shoot from the hip commentary on issues of great constitutional weight – to say nothing of his anti-constitutional comments on eminent domain and property rights – leave many limited government constitutional conservatives concerned that a Donald Trump administration would be every bit as unconstrained by the Constitution as the administrations of Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. 

As the results of elections of the past demonstrate, when Republicans run as conservatives, as they did in 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000 and 2004 they win. When they go back on their promises to govern as conservatives they get thrown out of office, as President George H.W. Bush did in 1992 and the Hastert Congress did in 2006. And most importantly, when Republicans run as Democrats-lite, as they did in 1976, 1996, 2008 and 2012 they lose – big time. 

The lessons of those campaigns should persuade every Republican and conservative voter that Ted Cruz is the only candidate who can credibly run for president as a full-spectrum conservative, build a winning right-of-center coalition AND who can be trusted to, without question, govern according to limited government constitutional conservative principles. 

If Republicans do not nominate a candidate who is prepared to unite right-of-center voters around core limited government constitutional conservative principles, rather than a Reagan landslide we will face an electoral disaster of epic proportions that will elect Hillary Clinton as President, and be the end of constitutional liberty as envisioned by America’s founding generation. 

We urge Republican primary voters to vote for Ted Cruz and unite that winning conservative coalition.

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