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Where’s The Establishment GOP’s #NeverHillary Hashtag?

In the wake of Donald Trump’s three for four victories in yesterday’s Republican presidential primaries and caucuses there’s been a now predictable round of “I’ll never vote for Trump” whining from establishment Republican insiders and “leaders.” 

Just before yesterday’s primaries The Washington Post’s alleged Republican and “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin claimed that, “The #NeverTrump forces have made significant strides in just the past week or so. Hillary ClintonA week before the winner-take-all states begin, Trump is going in reverse.”  

As evidence for this reversal Rubin cites the anti-Trump activities of various establishment Republican organizations. “Meanwhile, the #NeverTrump movement has been gaining air cover. Liz Mair’s Make America Awesome, the Our Principles PAC and Rubio’s super PAC are just hitting their strides,“ wrote Rubin.  

(See our article "Exposing the Unseen Hand Wrecking the GOP" and “Scott Walker and the Establishment Republican Consultant Problem” for more on Liz Mair and her support for amnesty for illegal aliens and same-sex “marriage.”) 

If a three for four hat trick is Jennifer Rubin’s idea of “going in reverse” it looks like Rubin’s pals in the Capitol Hill GOP’s feckless leadership are about to be crushed by the Trump juggernaught’s rear bumper. 

(BTW we’ve still never figured out what Ms. Rubin did in Republican or conservative politics before joining the Post’s staff that qualifies her to comment on politics “from the conservative perspective.”) 

The problem with all of these establishment Republican consultants and the suckers that are pumping millions into their pockets in the hopes of defeating Donald Trump is that they are completely out of touch with what grassroots conservative voters want out of this election. 

Grassroots limited government constitutional conservative voters  want to defeat Hillary Clinton and her policies – and they long ago figured out that if they vote for establishment Republicans like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush they still get Hillary Clinton’s policies on same-sex “marriage,” funding for Planned Parenthood, amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders, more spending, more Muslim immigration and more inconclusive wars in the Middle East. 

It’s not just the candidates and their public personas and their incompetent campaigns that are being rejected – it is the whole establishment Republican package of people and ideas that grassroots Republican and conservative voters don’t want. 

Given that the truth of that conclusion has now been proven over and over again (outsider candidates Trump and Cruz winning all but two of the GOP primaries and caucuses to-date) in a rational world where the Republican Party actually stood for a set of principles shared by its grassroots adherents the question should be “who best to unite the GOP coalition and defeat Hillary Clinton in November?” 

But Washington insider politics is not a rational world; it is a world driven by the desire to get and keep power and influence, no matter how small, and to have your way, voters and the future of your country be damned. 

And to have their way and grant amnesty to illegal aliens, open America’s borders to more immigrants (legal and illegal), accept same-sex “marriage” and special rights for homosexuals, fund Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in dead baby organs and to engage in inconclusive nation-building wars and interventions around the world is what the inside-the-Beltway Republican political class wants. 

Thus, what’s good for the inside-the-Beltway Republican political class and the policies they want is exactly the same thing that is good for Hillary Clinton and the policies she wants. 

So, they get what they want whether the Republican candidate for President wins or loses. 

That is why the Washington Republican establishment, and the vampires like Liz Mair who live off it, are focused on “stopping” Donald Trump, instead of building a winning Republican coalition to defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election. 

It’s time to make this Republican primary about the goals of America’s grassroots limited government constitutional conservative voters, not the self-interest of the inside-the-Beltway political class, who plan to win no matter who is elected.  

As we’ve outlined in a number of articles, such as CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s endorsement of Senator Cruz, and “Ted Cruz is the Only Alternative to Donald Trump,” and Mr. Viguerie’s “Only Two Things Can Stop Donald Trump” we think the best person to defeat Hillary Clinton, and her policies, is outsider Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. 

If the Republican establishment really cares about the future of this country and wants to win in November it is time for them to end the #NeverTrump campaign, get Rubio and Kasich out of the race, and join us in backing Ted Cruz and taking up the #NeverHillary campaign.

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Who's in, Who's Out?

Agree that Rubio and Kasich should bow out. Beyond that, back off the anti Trump antics and let the voters tell you who they want.

Dirty tricks

The so-called "dirty trick" in Iowa amounted to Ted Cruz's staff AND Marco Rubio's reporting a CNN story, and a very lengthy one at that. Cruz apologized for his staff jumping the gun and Rubio quickly removed his tweet. If people are worried about dirty tricks what about: Trump announcing on tv in Nevada that all his opponents had given up on the state and were gone while it was widely known Cruz was talking to voters waiting in line; the shoving of a female reporter by Trump's campaign manager and Trump denying it; consistently and falsely calling Cruz a liar; the insults against Ben Carson, which he still insists he just repeated from Carson's book; encouraging rally attendees to fighting because he approved. We have enough problems with division in this nation without encouraging voters to punch each other when they disagree.


Is it so hard for CHQ to do as they say others should do? Telling others to stop bashing fellow Republicans - while doing it themselves - STOPPING that practice would be a GREAT way to start!

Let the VOTERS tell you who we want! I was for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump from the getgo...however, the dirty tricks pulled in Iowa convinced me once and for all that we need an OUTSIDER. It is that plain and and it is that simple! So what is it that you folks don't get?

Please don't tell others to stop bashing while you continue to do is not becoming to such a fine organization. The persons we want to 'stop' are HRC and BS, both Democrats - you know, the 'other' party! It is disgusting for this lifelong Republican to witness the abuse and negativity by one Republican toward another Republican that has been taking place these past months.

Remember what Hillary has said? Republicans are the 'enemy' - Remember what Obama said 'when they bring a knife to the fight, you bring a gun' - Witness all of the socialist/communist ideas coming out of the Sanders campaign - it is Democrats we want stopped!

It is NOT Donald Trump's words that are bringing the protesting is $$$ from the Democrats and GOPe who are determined to bring down the leading Republican candidate. Disgusting is too mild a word to describe what the American people are witnessing. Please do not ignore us...we are not 'stupid' as Professor Gruber has been videoed saying...we are concerned citizens of the United States of America! A REPUBLIC 'of the people, by the people, for the people' - NOT a government run by people who will do anything to maintain their power.

Dirty tricks

The "dirty trick" from Iowa was Cruz staff members AND Marco Rubio staff sharing a CNN story (and a rather lengthy one at that) Cruz apologized for his staff jumping the gun and Rubio quickly removed his tweet. If you really need to go down this road what about Trump announcing in Nevada (on tv live) that all his opponents had left the state when Cruz was prominently talking to people in the voting lines? Or calling the senator "lying Cruz" all the time or encouraging people at his rallies to get physical if they needed to or his campaign manager pushing a young reporter almost to the ground and Trump denying it ever happened.
I'm sure the rally in Chicago was disrupted for nefarious reasons with the help of Democrat money and it is something the other side will have to confront with wisdom. But this nation is too divided already and we certainly don't need anyone on either side encouraging violence.


Cruz can't beat dragon lady!