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Conservative Leaders Demand Trump Disclose Hidden Tax Returns

A group of the conservative movement’s top leaders, including CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, have issued an open letter to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump demanding that he voluntarily release his recent tax returns. 

Trump taxesSaying “the American people have a right to know that the man or woman who would lead them is beyond reproach in matters of personal finances,” the group makes the point that, “If you will not make your returns public we can only assume, at this point, that you are hiding something. Something which, if revealed, could seriously damage your quest for the White House.” 

Here is the full text of the letter and signers to-date: 

March 7, 2016  

Dear Mr. Trump, 

It is standard practice in the political process for a presidential candidate to release his, or her tax records. The reason is simple: the American people have a right to know that the man or woman who would lead them is beyond reproach in matters of personal finances.  

Candidates shouldn’t be prodded to do this; they should do so on their own, at the start of the campaign, so the voters know exactly where the candidate stands on this issue. Sometimes, however, it’s necessary to demand those records be released. Failure to do so leads to questions about honesty, trust, integrity — and impropriety. 

You have not released your returns voluntarily. Presidential candidates began releasing their returns consistently starting in the early 1970s. The other major candidates in this election, including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton have all voluntarily shared their most recent tax returns with the American People. You’ve been challenged to do so by others and still you refuse. 


One would think you’d rush to release your returns. In every single speech you deliver, in seemingly every interview you provide, you boast about your wealth, repeatedly claiming you are worth $10 billion.  You boast of the “tens of thousands of jobs” you’ve created. You boast of the incredible success of your business empire, pointing to one enterprise after another as examples of your personal successes. 

One would think you’d wave those tax returns in front of the American people triumphantly as validation of all these claims. Yet you are doing the opposite. You’re keeping them from the public. 


The fact that you are being audited is all the more reason to release your tax returns. The American people have a right to know about the problems which triggered the audit. It points directly to the issues of honesty and integrity.  

Now we learn you are embroiled in at least one major lawsuit, suggesting personal fraud on your part with Trump University.  

We call on you to release your tax returns immediately to clear the air regarding these issues. 

If you will not make your returns public we can only assume, at this point, that you are hiding something. Something which, if revealed, could seriously damage your quest for the White House. 

The American people not only have a right to full transparency from someone who could ultimately go on to be the leader of the free world, but they also have a duty to fully vet someone who will hold so much power. 

If you have nothing to hide, release your returns as the other candidates have done. Otherwise we and the growing number of concerned patriots with whom we join our voices will regard you with even more distrust, disdain, and suspicion. We will work tirelessly to prevent you from ever stepping foot into the Oval Office.  

L. Brent Bozell III 

Morton Blackwell 
Conservative Leadership PAC 

Richard Viguerie 
Conservative HQ.Com 

David McIntosh 
Club for Growth Action 

Jenny Beth Martin 
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund 

Ken Cuccinelli  
Senate Conservatives Fund 

Ken Blackwell 
Former U.S. Ambassador 
United Nations Human Rights Commission 

Jason Jones 
Pro-Life Filmmaker and Human Rights Activist

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You really need to step back. You had your chance and all your eliette friends. The people have given you a chance and you don't listen to the common people. So none of you really belong. So say something that means something or keep your trap shut!.

Trump's Tax Returns

If you concerned "conservatives" had paid as much attention to Obama as you are to Trump, we wouldn't be in the mess that we are today. Obama locked up everything about his background and I don't recall you "conservatives" lifting finger to uncover who he really is. Back off! The Trump said he would release tax returns at the appropriate time and I think he will. Keep screwing around and we'll end up with Hillary.

tax record

I could spend all day writing here about how hypocritical this article is and how many miss representations / miss guided inferences there are in the letter. Talk about honesty, Cruz has already had his mothers information sealed why ? Mitt didn't supply his taxes until September that is 6 months from now, sure didn't see any demand from you there.
I want to see all eight of the signers to this letter disclose their tax returns for the last ten years in an open letter to the public, audit or no audits. After all you need to prove to us that you are really upstanding citizens of the United States of America as you claim to be. -If you have nothing to hide, release your returns. Otherwise we the growing number of concerned patriots will regard you with even more distrust, disdain, and suspicion....

Trump's tax returns

These so-called conservative "leaders" should be tarred and feathered just as the Royalists wimps were by the original Tea Party Liberty Boys. We all know that whatever Trump reported is more honest than what Hillary didn't report on her tax returns.

It is remarkable that these arrogant heads of deceivingly named organizations, who live without working off the grants and contributions to these NGO's, are actually attacking the front runner--who has the support of more Republican voters than any other candidate. They must all be part of the corrupt establishment that sneaked through last Fall more gimmes to the Wall Street speculators and bankers.

Give me a break--These eight free-loaders are now on my DNG list--Do not give any more money to them--Like the govewrnment. they are part of the problem!

Openness, schmopenness. The

Openness, schmopenness. The facts don't matter to Trumpkins.

Tax Returns

I understand that nothing was made of the tax problems of other Candidates. Why is it necessary to single out Trump. A great deal has been made of alleged interviews of 15 workers doing construction work for
trump. It has been stated that some, no number disclosed, were illegal aliens. My question is this, do you believe that Trump interviews every employee of construction crews and does the actual hiring?

Release of taxes by Trump

Did you require this of Romney before he was nominated?

Tax Return

Trump's personal tax return is not going to show the number of employees at all his properties or enterprises.

It will not show his net worth and probably not the current appraised value of all his property.

Of all the things to worry about I don't think should be on the front page.