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Establishment Loses 4 Out of 5 – Who Best to Defeat Hillary?

Last night the votes were counted in in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio and establishment Republican candidates were defeated everywhere but Ohio, where the establishment Republican machine took the unprecedented step of deploying the GOP state party’s formidable turnout organization to save their home state Governor – amnesty supporter John Kasich – from what looked like certain defeat a few days before the election.  

Winning Ohio, as The New York Times’ Alexander Burns pointed out, “is valuable only if it helps spur a larger shift toward Mr. Kasich across the industrial Midwest. So far, he has little to show for all the attention he has Hillary testifieslavished on the region. He finished third in Michigan last week and a distant third in Missouri on Tuesday. His best performance outside Ohio was pulling a fifth of the vote in Illinois — and again finishing third.” 

That’s not even a regional campaign, let alone anything remotely resembling a growing national wave behind Kasich. At best Governor Kasich is mounting an old fashioned one-state “favorite son” candidatacy that might earn him a prime time speech at the Republican National Convention, but will never power him to the White House. 

But the biggest loser yesterday was Florida Senator Marco Rubio – the latest “great white hope” of the DC Cartel and their allies on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley – who was vaporized in his home state of Florida. 

Donald Trump won every county in the Sunshine State, except Rubio’s home turf of Miami – Dade County. 

But Rubio was the author of his own destruction; the single policy that broke his campaign and his political future was immigration and his support for amnesty for illegal aliens.  

Rubio’s failed attempt to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws to grant amnesty to illegal aliens as part of the hated 2013 Gang of Eight bill was an unforgivable betrayal of the grassroots limited government constitutional conservative Republican base in his home state and in the national Republican electorate. 

But on Tuesday voters had their say and Rubio was sent packing after a humiliating double-digit loss of his home state.  

Donald Trump came away with the lion’s share of the delegates in yesterday’s primaries, but at an increasingly bloody price. 

In Ohio Trump served up what Mark Z. Barabak of the LA Times called “a smorgasbord full of scorn” against Governor John Kasich.  Kasich is a baby. Kasich is weak. Kasich is a loser. Kasich isn’t very bright. Kasich helped tank the economy as a Lehman Bros. executive. Kasich voted for lousy trade deals that have punished Ohio’s workers said Trump. 

“Your coal industry is dead. Your steel industry is dead,” Barabak reported Trump told an audience Monday night in Youngstown. “Your governor is totally overrated.” 

But this time it didn’t work: Kasich booked more than 225,000 votes than did Trump. Kasich won heavily in the Republican core of the Buckeye State while Trump won many of the poor and lightly populated counties on the Appalachian periphery of the state. 

The failure of Trump’s last minute rampage through Ohio where he spent Election Day attacking Kasich on Twitter even as his campaign had one of its most effective ads pulled because the disclaimer was incorrect showed some of the limits of Trump as a candidate and his campaign as a vehicle to defeat Hillary Clinton. 

For all the drama and attention focused on Trump and Kasich and Rubio the candidate that booked the second most votes and stands the closest to Trump in the delegate race – Senator Ted Cruz – got almost no media attention. 

As our friend Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots concluded after last night’s vote counting, as the Republican nomination process has progressed, it is clear that G.O.P. primary voters are asking themselves a baseline question: “Do I want Donald Trump to be the nominee, or not?”  

So far, roughly 35 to 40 percent are answering “Yes.” But the flip side of that is that 60 to 65 percent are answering “No.” So far, their votes have been split three ways, distributed among Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich. But now that Rubio has withdrawn, the race has narrowed further, and that creates an excellent opportunity for those who believe that Trump and his team are incapable of beating Hillary Clinton to coalesce around the one remaining candidate who has a chance to beat him – Ted Cruz.

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The anti Trump movement is working hard to cancel Trump's path toward the nomination. We realize the elite in the Republican Headquarters realizes they would lose much of their power if Trump wins. The same elite that that begged us to provide them with majorities in both houses. We did and what did they do with the majorities, absolutely nothing to stop the little tyrant who bullied the majority into giving him everything he asked in the budget.
Now the elite is claiming a victory in Ohio. Kasich was a siting governor in a state that he had pulled out of the doldrums, reduced their debt and provided thousand of new jobs. A Republican Governor to be proud of by his constituents yet he had to be saved by extraordinary work by the States Republican party. Only republicans could vote for him yet at best all he could muster was a ten percent victory over Trump who was murdered in the press by the MSM and torn to pieces by his own party elite. It would seem to me that wiser heads should realize Trump could very well be our standard bearer. When does the suicidal rants end and the party unite. We the people beg you to have party officials sit down in earnest with trump. Like Gengrich, establish some ten points we can agree on and let Trump work with them on these. God help us don't you realize what this great country of us is facing. This tyrant has on the edge of a cliff' Hillary would complete the fall and we would become a socialist state like much of Europe. As a retired Navy Commander retired after WW2, Korea and VietNam I do not want to die watching my Country abandon the blood, sweat and tears of our founding fathers that resulted in the finest government the world has ever sen