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Cruz Gets It Right On Securing Muslim Neighborhoods

After the recent Muslim terrorist attacks in Belgium Senator Ted Cruz issued a statement calling for stepped-up police patrols of Muslim neighborhoods in America.  

For this entirely sensible suggestion Cruz was immediately attacked by a long list of Islamic terrorism apologists, Democrats and Leftists, starting at the top with President Barack Obama and Democratic Cruz patrol Muslim neighborhoodspresidential candidate Hillary Clinton and ending at the bottom with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the street-peeing Mayor of New York Bill DeBlasio

Just in case Obama, Clinton and DeBlasio missed this fine detail about the recent Muslim terror attack in Belgium, the epicenter of this violence against Western civilization was Molenbeek, one of the most notorious of Europe’s allegedly non-existent Muslim no-go zones. 

No-go zone is really a little bit of a misnomer because the Belgian police do occasionally go there, but only to conduct shootouts with Muslim terrorists and pick-up the pieces after a terrorist incident. Otherwise, Molenbeek is the province of hate-preaching Muslim clerics and criminal gangs. 

While the Molenbeek connection to Muslim terrorism was apparently a surprise to Mrs. Clinton and President Obama it did not come as any surprise to those of us watching what is happening in Europe and trying to prevent it from being imported to America. 

As Leo Cendrowicz of the UK Independent reported back in November of 2015:

Molenbeek has been connected to almost all of Belgium’s terrorism-related incidents in recent years. Moroccan national Ayoub el-Khazzani, who opened fire with a Kalashnikov on a high-speed Thalys train in August had lived in Molenbeek. French-Algerian Mehdi Nemmouche, who killed four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels last year, spent time in the area. And the two suspected terrorists killed by Belgian police in a shootout in the eastern town of Verviers in January were from Molenbeek. 

The gangs, anti-government preaching and anti-western hate have gotten so bad and the problems are now so serious, that it is hard to find police willing to bother tackling them.  

“We don’t officially have no-go zones in Brussels, but in reality, there are, and they are in Molenbeek,” says Brice De Ruyver, who spent eight years as security adviser to Belgium's then-Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt. 

So, what should American law enforcement and domestic security agencies do to prevent the creation of such terrorist “safe spaces” here? 

And what would be the cure for the existence of Muslim no-go zones that breed and offer safe haven to terrorists? 

How about for the police to go there as Senator Cruz suggested? 

However, such a sensible course of action was quickly labeled “Islamophobia” by CAIR. 

Hamas-linked CAIR is, as our friend Kyle Shideler of the Center for Security Policy pointed out in the Federalist, notorious for urging Muslim community members not to talk to law enforcement and the organization never met a law enforcement effort against terrorism it didn’t oppose. 

CAIR officials have even threatened Muslims who work with law enforcement, with one-time CAIR chapter leader Cyrus McGoldrick warning that “snitches get stitches” in Twitter posts documented by Shideler. 

And as Shideler documented, CAIR doesn’t only oppose U.S. law enforcement patrolling Muslim neighborhoods; it opposes U.S. law enforcement even knowing where Muslim neighborhoods are, which is why it bitterly fought and successfully killed a Los Angeles Police Department project to map the demographics of Muslim neighborhoods. The LAPD intended to use the project to conduct outreach and better understand community needs, not to profile, but CAIR and its allies nixed the plan anyway. 

To the extent law enforcement must be “empowered” to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods (as it does literally all other neighborhoods in America), it’s because of the constant effort by CAIR and its allies to disrupt and eliminate counterterrorism efforts. Such disruptions include successfully pressuring New York’s Mayor DeBlasio to abandon a successful NYPD intelligence program because it targeted a number of mosques, even though the NYPD was able to demonstrate that the surveillance targets were the focus of legitimate investigations involving criminal and terrorist activity

If CAIR continues to prevail what we will have in America, as Belgium, France and the UK have, is isolated, unassimilated Muslim communities alienated from law enforcement and the wider American society, totally reliant on Islamist groups like CAIR for representation to the outside world.  

Ultimately, CAIR’s end goal says Kyle Shideler, and a goal happily facilitated by the policies of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Mayor DeBlasio we would add, isn’t preventing American Molenbeeks, but rather creating them.  

Ted Cruz’s call “to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized” isn’t “Islamophobia” it is, in the face of the lessons of Molenbeek, Belgium, only common sense.

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Limited muslims, af any, need apply

Islamics/muslims are not really compatible with our western way of life. They should stay THERE and we should try to ignore them and focus on keeping ourselves very strong. To think this way is perfectly normal. It's an existential thing. Have you looked at the Middle East lately (of course you have). Have you ever seen such a widespread cultural wasteland? They are animals and actually do belong in the desert sleeping with their camels. The old truly great civilisations that used to exists there are centuries gone, and their demise seems to have begun when Mohammed gained traction - the Arch Hypocrite of the ages. The USA should strictly limit any and all muslim immigration. And if things are so great there why do they come here in the first place? A simplistic but appropriate question. This is a hurray for me and screw you world, so let's keep our wits about us. We already have enormous problems with the idiocy of illegal Latin America immigrants. Huge problems. Problems that must be fixed.

I believe Ted Cruz has hit

I believe Ted Cruz has hit the nail on the head. We Really need to monitor those people badly. It don't matter how they feel, the stupid president feels or anything. They are dangerous to America and we need to know what they are doing.


This was done before...after 9/11. Hello! We need to call a spade a spade whether it is politically correct or not. True blooded Americans are not going to take this pc crap. Grow up!

Islamophobia? No...just plain ignorance.

For a bunch of educated folks, the current administration and their liberal lackeys are simply ignorant. Why in the world would the US Government fund the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and the numerous other alphabet soup intelligence agencies to collect information to create usable intelligence if we do not use it? Many years ago as an infantry platoon leader in Germany during the Cold War, I learned that reports from my squad leaders were extremely important and that when coupled or grouped with information from other sources and analyzed by commanders at all levels and additionally processed by intelligence analysts at all levels intelligence was developed and tactical decisions were made to accomplish the mission.

When the next 9/11 occurs everyone will wonder why in the world we did not see it coming and why in the day of having beyond state of the art information collection and intelligence production capabilities did we let it happen. Oh, but I forgot we have a democratic presidential candidate, former Secretary of State who has no concern for the security of the US. How many former service members have been reprimanded, disciplined or forced to out because they accidentally left a classified document on their desk unsecured, let alone broadcasting State business into unsecure cyber space. Go figure.

They all need a class in Leadership 101 and learn to do the hard "right" over the easy "wrong." I applaud Cruz for his willingness to be a leader and for having the gumption to honestly, without fear of backlash to be able to speak the truth!

I also thank God we still have America and our Constitution, and in these days especially the 2nd Amendment where when the government fails and America's security may become compromised my safe is full.