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It’s About Who Can Beat The GOP Establishment AND Hillary

Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump - Ted Cruz

Much was made during the early phase of this Republican primary election cycle about who qualified as an “outsider” and which candidate was most likely to break the Washington Cartel that has corrupted the national Republican Party’s Capitol Hill leadership to the point that it is almost completely disconnected from its grassroots limited government constitutional conservative base.

But now that outsiders Senator Ted Cruz and billionaire Donald Trump have emerged as the top two vote getters the argument should shift from who is going to break the Washington Cartel to who is going to break the Washington Cartel AND beat Hillary Clinton in November.

And in that contest Senator Ted Cruz is clearly the best choice because, although we continue to like much of Donald Trump’s message, the messenger has, through his own lack of discipline, damaged himself to the point that we doubt his ability to recover.

According to a March NBC/Wall Street Journal poll 47% of female Republican primary voters cannot see themselves voting for Trump.

Just over half of Republican women said they could support Trump in that NBC/WSJ poll. That's significantly lower than his GOP rivals, but it might be enough for Trump to secure the Republican nomination.

But that's only half the battle. If Trump becomes the nominee, there's another number from that poll he'll have to contend with: 70 percent of women overall have an unfavorable view of him.

"It's not just that people don't like him a little bit — it's that there is such a strong number of strongly unfavorable women," Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson told NPR.

In 2012, Barack Obama bested Mitt Romney by far less -- 55 percent to 44 percent -- among female voters according to NBC reporter Carrie Dann’s analysis.

According to the NBC/WSJ poll Trump's favorability with women overall is a dismal 21 percent positive/ 70 percent negative.

With men, it's 28 percent positive/ 59 percent negative.

And that was before Trump’s undisciplined shoot-from-the-lip comments about punishing women who have an abortion.

"When you are looking at trying to win the White House and you're struggling so much with a majority of the electorate, which is what women represent, it makes it just very difficult to envision a clear path to the White House for someone like Donald Trump who has taken an already difficult situation for the GOP and made it significantly worse," Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson said to NPR.

Don't expect Trump's statements on women to go away anytime soon. They are likely to show up repeatedly in attack ads, said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake.

Asked if they would prefer to see a Democratic president or a Republican president regardless of who the nominees are, 52 percent of female voters chose the Democratic option while 36 percent chose the Republican option. That's a net advantage of 16 percentage points for the Democratic candidate said NBC’s Carrie Dann.

But plug in the names "Hillary Clinton" and "Donald Trump" and the gap gets even wider.

In that hypothetical matchup, just 31 percent of women said they would choose Trump, while 58 percent said they would choose Clinton. That's a net advantage of 27 points for Clinton.

Donald Trump consistently has a 20-odd point gap in support between men and women. A gap he has acknowledged he needs to do something about, but so far has lacked the discipline to address in any meaningful way.

In contrast, Senator Cruz is “an authentic conservative Republican with a discernible government point of view” as establishment Republican wise man Ed Rogers put it.  And, unlike Donald Trump, Ted Cruz has slowly, but surely, expanded his base and built a coalition that is the basis for victory against Hillary Clinton in November.

And it shows in the polls: Fox has Cruz beating Hillary Clinton by 3, while Trump loses to her by 10.

Crushing the Washington Cartel is only half the job. Trump has proven that he is great at tearing down the old order, but his lack of discipline has alienated key elements of the coalition necessary to defeat Hillary Clinton and win the election. We urge conservatives and populists to vote Ted Cruz in the Wisconsin Republican Primary and beyond.

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Trump 2016

I am 74. I think I understand folks who are just fed up with the baloney we have been fed election after election. The Establishment just needs us to give them the house, then the senate, then the Presidency. Pretty soon they will break every promise they made and explain that in the real world, those things just can't happen, or the nasty Democrats wouldn't let them, or what we really need is not what we want, just trust the Ruling Class, and we will be OK.

I voted for Reagan, both Bushes. I held my nose and voted for McCain. I held my nose and voted for Romney. I helped fund Senators and Congressmen. I write letters to them. They say they considered my opinion and decided to vote for the good of the people instead.

Trump has said a lot of stupid things. We gave Obama a pass on learning how to be President, even though it was OBVIOUS that he was Anti-America. Donald may be a Charlatan, and we may be sorry when we elect him. You know what? - I have seen a number of "Sorry" candidates get elected. I want to give this one a chance. He may actually improve the sorry condition America is in!

Trump's apparent lack of discipline

I agree that Trump has been undisciplined at times and especially over the past two weeks. However, this cannot be his real persona as there is no way he could have built his organization and projects by being undisciplined. Just look at the way his children behave if you want to see the real Trump.

Trump is the only one of the three who has built anything, hired people and pushed projects through countless regulatory agencies. I would rather go with a proven success to clean up our mess rather than chance our future on unproven candidates.


Trump is the only one who has shown any GUTS!

Who Can Beat The Establishment and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is gaining momentum among conservative voters and is well in the position of defeating Hillary Clinton in November to become the next president of the United States. He's going to win all the debates because Hillary Clinton doesn't have anything to offer the American people she's going to continue Obama's policies and the liberal agenda. Secondly, She has the Benghazi issue to deal with which will make her a threat to America's security.
Mr. Donald Trump is ready to lead this country into prosperity and roll back on Obama's policies. Secondly, he will be a leader who will not give in to the establishment and Democrats because he's bound by conservative principles and is going to rein in on the Washington DC bureaucrats that is ruing this country.
Donald Trump has what takes to beat Hillary Clinton in November because he's a businessman and leader who's going to make America great again.

Trump for President

Richard, there is no way in hell that Cruz can defeat Hillary in the General Election. He may not even make it to the convention. Kasich is as good as out. It's better to read Trump's white-papers regarding his policies. They can be found online and are not replete with lawyer-type gobbley-gook. Why is it that the Republican establishment is against lower taxes, a secure border, re-doing health care, and turning the education of young Americans over to the States? One need only ask, is there something rotten in Denmark? For the big-boys in the RNC to state that it would be better to have Hillary as President, than Donald J. Trump is beyond the pale. I have been a life-long Republican, a financial supporter of the Republican Party. In addition I was an elected official in the State of Washington, two terms and received over 80% of the vote in our general election. I shall not leave the Republican Party, it has left me. Sincerely, Bill Sowles.