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Morton Blackwell for Virginia Republican National Committeeman

Virginia’s Republicans will hold their 2016 State Convention in Harrisonburg on April 29 and 30 and one of the most important things they will do is elect delegates to the Republican National Convention to be held in July. 

But perhaps THE most important thing they will do is elect their representatives to the Republican National Committee (RNC), and for those important offices we strongly recommend that Virginia Republican National Morton BlackwellCommitteeman Morton Blackwell be reelected. 

Since 1988, Mr. Blackwell has served as one of Virginia’s three members of the Republican National Committee.  He is now number four in length of service among the 168 members of the RNC.  

The post of Virginia Republican National Committeeman carries with it very little power:  One of 168 votes on the RNC and one vote on the Virginia Republican State Central Committee.  No reimbursement of travel expenses and, of course, no salary.  The job is pretty much what one makes of it. 

In our estimation Mr. Blackwell has made much of the opportunity serving in that position offers. 

He has worked hard to represent Virginia Republicans and their conservative principles and to hold the Republican Party and its leaders to those conservative principles.  News media frequently describe him as one of the RNC’s leading conservative members. 

At the RNC, Mr. Blackwell has focused largely on three things:

Making sure that the national Rules of the Republican Party, to the extent possible, have power flow from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.  Centralization may seem like a good idea, but conservative principles are best served when power flows from the bottom up. 

He has also earned a reputation as a national leader in political education and training.  Too often political consultants have grabbed control of party training and used that platform to recruit new clients, rather than to teach Republicans how to win. Blackwell, with some success, has fought for a focus on building the grassroots infrastructure of the GOP. 

Working to acquire from the RNC for the Virginia State Republican Party and our Virginia candidates as much financial support and cooperation as he can.   

In addition to being a longtime conservative movement thought-leader Mr. Blackwell is also an expert on the Rules and procedures of the Republican Party. 

Since 1988, Morton Blackwell has served with perfect attendance as Virginia’s member on the RNC Standing Committee on Rules and as one of the two members elected by our national convention delegations to represent Virginia on each Republican National Convention’s Rules Committee.   

Every experienced observer of the RNC would probably agree that Morton Blackwell is a strong influence on the national party’s rules process – even in those matters where his position has not prevailed, as was the case in 2012.   

The record is that Mr. Blackwell has fought vigorously for party rules which encourage a flow of power from the bottom up, rather than centralized rules where all power flows from the top down. 

At what could be a contentious open convention, where no candidate has a majority of the delegates when the convention opens, Morton Blackwell’s expertise on the Rules and his commitment to fairness and civility will be a much needed anchor to assure that Republicans leave their National Convention united and ready to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. 

We strongly urge Virginia’s conservatives to register for and attend the Virginia Republican State Convention April 29 and 30 in Harrisonburg and to vote to retain Morton Blackwell as Virginia’s Republican National Committeeman.

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