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Trump vs Cruz Battle Must Not Break the Conservative Movement

The Eagle Forum, founded by First Lady of the Conservative Movement and our longtime friend Phyllis Schlafly, has probably generated millions of man hours in support of conservative causes and candidates since its beginning during Mrs. Schlafly’s battle to stop the ERA.  

Many conservatives were surprised and disappointed that Mrs. Schlafly was the first national conservative organization leader to endorse Donald Trump. 

Phyllis SchlaflyMrs. Schlafly’s groundbreaking 1964 book, “A Choice Not an Echo,” was a foundational text of the modern conservative movement and a prescient analysis of how the Washington Cartel controlled the levers of political power to the detriment of country class Americans and constitutional liberty; fifty years ago the book made the case for the rise of outsider candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. 

We prefer Senator Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee for President for the many reasons stated in Mr. Viguerie’s endorsement of Senator Cruz, but respect Mrs. Schlafly’s view.  

Mrs. Schlafly, with her base in St. Louis, Missouri, has long been a powerhouse in state politics in Missouri and Illinois. Her support was likely a major factor, if not the deciding factor, in Trump’s narrow win over Senator Cruz in the Missouri Republican Primary. 

Now, news has broken that since Mrs. Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump the Eagle Forum has been riven with internal dissension to the point that a group of the organization’s directors, outraged by Mrs. Schlafly’s endorsement of the decidedly non-conservative Donald Trump, were contemplating an attempt to oust Mrs. Schlafly from the leadership of the organization she founded. 

The result has been the abrupt firing of long-time staff, and an internal brawl that has broken the unity of one of the conservative movement’s most effective grassroots organizations, potentially sidelining the Eagle Forum in the most important political cycle since 1980. 

Unfortunately, the brawl at the Eagle Forum is playing out in other organizations, from Republican county precinct organizations, to conservative policy organizations and think tanks, to journals and publications conservatives and populists have turned the Trump vs Cruz primary into a series of vendetta-like bloodlettings more worthy of a Mafia leadership succession battle than the coalition-building necessary to find the best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in November. 

The natural beneficiaries of the bloodletting between the conservative and populist wings of the anti-establishment coalition are the Republican establishment and the Far-Left who seek to maintain and expand their power by undermining constitutional liberty and continuing the crony economic policies that have devastated America’s country class for two decades. 

Our friend Patrick J. Buchanan made this point incisively in his recent column, “Lock Out the Establishment in Cleveland!”

Trump and Cruz, though bitter enemies, are both despised by the establishment. Yet both have a mutual interest: insuring that one of them, and only one of them, wins the nomination. No one else. 

And if they set aside grievances, and act together, they can block any establishment favorite from being imposed on the party… 

Pat Buchanan later said of a Trump – Cruz alliance, “I think that ticket would set the country on fire.” 

Right now, the establishment’s goal is to sow as much chaos as possible in the lead-up to the Republican National Convention so that no candidate reaches the magic number of the 1,237 delegates necessary to win the nomination on the first ballot.   

We urge Donald Trump and Ted Cruz delegates to be smart about what is happening, keep their eye on the prize, which is defeating Hillary Clinton and dismantling the establishment stranglehold on our country, and to follow the lead of their compatriots in Tennessee by forming an alliance to ensure that the Republican National Convention nominates a conservative – populist ticket.  

Such an alliance would not guarantee a Republican victory, but like 1980 it would create the most competitive coalition of voters to defeat Hillary Clinton, and with a victory in November it would break the Washington Cartel’s stranglehold on America and preserve constitutional liberty for future generations. 

Click the links to read our four-part series on what conservative should do if Donald Trump is the leading candidate at the Republican National Convention. 

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So Schlafly isn't conservative enough for her own organization?

What's a person have to do to be considered conservative then? If she isn't a conservative, then I don't know who is.

I'd assume that if Mrs. Schlafly put her support behind Donald Trump, she did it for conservative reasons. My guess is she feels the GOP has lost touch with grassroots America and that Trump is the best shot at recapturing that. I disagree with that assessment if so, but I understand where she is coming from. She has been very vocal in recent years on how conservatism is practically non-existent among the younger generations of Americans. I can see her supporting a sea change away from the current Republican party as is.

This is what YOU 'in the know'

From Part 4: ..."Mrs. Schlafly posited in 1964 that only by breaking the unseen powerbroker’s hold on power in Washington and the state capitals could conservative governance be achieved – and as the Reagan Revolution of 1980 and the Tea Party wave elections of 2010 and 2014 failed to bring about permanent change and government according to limited government constitutional conservative principles, she was right."...

refuse to accept...but is the VERY thing that WE the PEOPLE have recognized from the beginning of Donald Trump's campaign. I am reminded of what Sheriff Clarke said this morning on F&F - the president is always talking about the lack of 'compromise' - however the only 'compromise' he understands is when others capitulate to HIS plans, otherwise out comes the pen and phone.

The American voters have spoken loudly and clearly, yet you and others are determined to ignore us - to brush us off as if we were nothing but pesky flies. We truly understand that what has been presented as acceptable by the establishment in the past has not worked...IS not working...and CHANGE is needed to save our country! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different is time for the GOPe to accept responsibility for the major losses of the past elections. Remember Eric Cantor...

It was truly a bad scenario when gutter politics took over - there was no need for the picture battle - nor any of the other personal schoolyard taunts. There is no place in the White House for a man who likes to wear his faith on his sleeve, yet speaks of his opponent in the most un-Christian-like manner, always in a most offensive sanctimonious tone. We want to hear about POLICY - NOT personal attacks!

Too much hateful commentary has taken place for my desired ticket - Trump/Cruz 2016 = Trump for 8 and Cruz for the next 8 to get America on the right track once again.
Therefore, there is ONLY ONE candidate who will make America Great Again and he will be receiving votes from this house and votes from many family members and friends.