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Speaker Paul Ryan's Budget Makes Major Contribution to Trump Campaign

Establishment Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has released another budget deal, and in doing so has provided another major in-kind contribution to the Donald Trump for President Campaign. 

According to the Heritage Foundation’s analysis the House Budget Committee now proposes to hike spending by $30 billion above the level established by the Budget Control Act and $57 billion above last year's budget. 

Mitch McConnell Paul RyanLast year’s budget you may recall was so bad that it sparked the conservative rebellion that led to then-Speaker John Boehner’s eventual resignation. 

And grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives are already outraged at this year’s spending plans. 

“We’re not there yet” said conservative Rep. Mark Meadows regarding the spending levels currently being pushed by House GOP leadership. In talking with constituents in his home state over the past two weeks, Meadows said many of them are very skeptical of Washington’s continued push for more spending. 

No Kidding? 

But, as a practical matter, Ryan, a former chairman of the House Budget Committee, knows he doesn’t need a budget. The two-year fiscal deal that his predecessor, John Boehner, negotiated before stepping down set the overall federal spending level for the next fiscal year, noted CNN in its reporting. 

And for once CNN got it right. 

As South Carolina GOP Rep. Mick Mulvaney, a fiscal conservative who has been pushing for deeper spending cuts, told CNN “part of the reason that many Republicans are balking (on the budget) is not just because of the number but because we see it being meaningless.” 

He told CNN that during his tenure in Congress, not one appropriation bill has been enacted into law. Instead, he complained that members vote year after year on stopgap spending bills or a “cromnibus” that rolls several bills and policy changes into massive legislation. He’s holding out some hope that the GOP-led Senate can pass appropriations bills that he and other House Republicans can consider so Congress can return to the regular process on annual spending bills. 

That “return to regular order” is a promise both Boehner and Ryan made upon assuming the Speaker’s gavel, but it was a promise quickly broken, as those of us who opposed Ryan predicted it would be. 

Conservatives continue to stress that they never liked the deal Boehner cut, didn’t vote for it, and without a guarantee that they get major cuts to mandatory programs attached to a must-pass bill, they are reluctant to back a budget on the House floor. 

“Boehner called it cleaning the barn, Paul Ryan called it a crap sandwich, now we’re supposed to vote for it? That’s quite an ask,” GOP Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia told CNN. He blamed Senate Republicans for stalling action on a budget to help protect some of those facing tough re-election races from having to take some tough votes. 

Brat told CNN that not passing a budget sends the wrong signal. “Conservatives are upset at us, and the American people are upset at us,” he said, and said the only way Republicans can impact the Obama administration’s policies is through the power of the purse. 

Establishment Republicans, increasingly desperate to derail Trump’s candidacy, seem completely unable to understand how they have made Trump’s rise possible, or what has sustained his campaign through a series of comments and personal attacks on his fellow Republican candidates that have induced outrage in America’s establishment media and country clubs – and standing ovations and record-breaking crowds at Trump rallies across the country. 

To simplify it for Speaker Ryan (and Mitch McConnell and all the lobbyists on DC’s K Street) Trump is winning because he’s running against you, not President Obama, not Hillary Clinton; he’s running against your failure to put so much as speed bump in the road of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. 

And every time voters see Speaker Paul Ryan on TV claiming “we got a lot of good stuff done” Trump picks-up another point or two in the national polls. 

And why wouldn’t he, when Ryan and most other GOP leaders have failed to produce one thing that they promised voters in 2014? 

The good news is that Trump’s rise as a commentator and critic of the Republican establishment’s failure to confront Obama has also fueled Ted Cruz’s rise, and with it a series of mature, well-thought-out conservative prescriptions for how to undo the disasters perpetrated by Obama, Ryan and McConnell. 

The only remaining question for conservatives and Republicans to answer is whether they choose the incendiary and unpredictable commentary of Mr. Trump or the proven limited government constitutional conservatism of Senator Cruz to represent them in the contest against Hillary Clinton in November.

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Betrayal of GOP members by it's leadership

The Republican establishment has betrayed it's party members dozens of times. By controlling funding they could have stopped ObamaCare, illegal immigration, out of control welfare. The list goes on and on. They have funded and by that approved EVERYTHING Obama has done. How could they expect us to continue to support them? They don't and won't get it because they think they know best. We will vote to throw them out.


I want a TRUE outsider. Cruz is not. TRUMP is for the people. He is the only one saying what WE the PEOPLE are saying. The rest just piled on when they saw the results.

Donald Trump

It is NO Surprise that One RINO Idiot, Paul Ryan, would Support another RINO Idiot, Donald Trump!

We need to clean house of ALL RINO Idiots, who are helping to Destroy the U.S.A.!

Budget donation to Trump

Given how hard the GOP and RNC are working to deny Trump the nomination, the only conclusion many of us will take away from this "gesture" is that they are trying to make him beholden to them if he gets into office. It looks and smells like a bribe. The people are watching every move made in this election cycle and we are not liking most of what we see. I think upcoming elections are going to be as eye opening for the party elites as what we have learned about you has been for us. We voted you in to represent us and some of you actually do, but those who have decided they know what we want better than we do, have told us to sit down and shut up and called us stupid and uneducated will find out how many of us do know enough to vote out those who no longer listen to us or represent us and vote in those who will.

A Little Too Literal

The reader may have taken the headline a little too literally. There's no money (that we know of) in the budget for Trump, the point of the article is that every time establishment Republicans like Speaker Ryan break their promise to cut spending it "contributes" to the grassroots anger fueling Donald Trump's insurgent campaign.

A little to literal

Absolutely correct.
Unfortunately the aristocratic political elite still does not get that point.
They believe they can continue to weather each storm that comes along and the people will accept it and just move on. They have a real surprise in store for themselves. Maybe not this election but not too far off, it may be too late for a third party this election cycle but Ross Pero proved it was possible. In four years if enough honest politicians decide to break away from the two party system then there could be great change.