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Indiana Trump and Cruz Voters Agree: Marlin Stutzman for Senate

While Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are duking it out in Indiana their supporters have quietly found one area and one candidate upon which they can agree: House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Marlin Stutzman for Indiana’s open Senate seat. 

You’d think with support from both Trump and Cruz voters Rep. Stutzman would be a slam dunk to win, but as our friend Dr. Susan Berry of Breitbart reported, Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell is scheming to Marlin Stutzmanslam the door of the Senate in Stutzman’s face, because the last thing he wants in the Senate is another conservative Republican like Senators Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. 

McConnell and his Big Government – Big Business allies at the US Chamber of Commerce are backing Rep. Todd Young. McConnell’s super PAC is backing Young and establishment GOP ally the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent $1 million to promote Young and keep out anti-establishment Stutzman. 

Stutzman, who voted against John Boehner for Speaker, has allied himself with the Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund, and now the Indiana Senate primary has become key for the GOP and its ability to hold onto its narrow majority. 

Former Indiana Rep. David McIntosh, head of the Club for Growth, said Young “is the establishment choice.” 

“Marlin is the outsider running in the race,” he added. 

Grassroots parents who have been fighting against Common Core in Indiana have also endorsed Stutzman reports Dr. Berry. 

Rep. Stutzman is taking it straight to Young in terms that both Trump and Cruz voters understand and appreciate. 

“They don’t want me to be the next senator from Indiana,” Stutzman told Breitbart’s Barry. 

“The D.C. establishment thinks that they can buy your vote,” said Stutzman. “They have chosen Todd Young to play as their puppet in this upcoming election.” 

“Todd Young is going to vote ‘yes’ for Mitch McConnell, and Mitch McConnell knows that I voted against John Boehner,” he added. “Todd Young is a yes-man.” 

In primary after primary where the outsiders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have won and together racked-up over 70 percent of the vote establishment Republican members of the House and Senate have cruised to easy re-nomination in Republican primaries. 

The open Senate seat in Indiana is one where the two leading candidates present a stark choice between Marlin Stutzman, the principled limited government constitutional conservative and Todd Young, the Big Government – Big Business Mitch McConnell yes-man. 

Whether you are a Trump or a Cruz voter, we urge our Hoosier friends to vote Marlin Stutzman for Senate in tomorrow’s Indiana Republican Primary, the last thing America’s limited government constitutional country class citizens need is another Mitch McConnell yes-man in the Senate. 

We urge our friends in Indiana to vote Marlin Stutzman for Senate in tomorrow’s Indiana Republican primary.

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