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Indiana GOP Primary: Cruz is the Best Candidate to Beat Hillary

As Indiana Republican voters head to the polls today for their primary election for President there’s only one conservative choice on the ballot: Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. 

In Ted Cruz conservatives don’t have to wonder where he stands on the conservative cultural agenda or on battling the Washington Cartel – he’s been a consistent leader, voice and vote for limited government constitutional conservatism his entire career. 

Ted Cruz stands with youWe contrast that with his chief opponent, Donald Trump, who has not only flip-flopped on many issues of concern to conservatives, but is, in many respects, the poster boy for the degradation of American culture that conservatives believe is killing America’s soul and kind of crony government that spawned the Tea Party rebellion. 

Fealty to limited government constitutional conservative principles is a key consideration, but the most important choice voters will make in the Republican Primary is “who can beat Hillary Clinton in November?” 

And in that regard we also see Ted Cruz as the leading candidate and the only choice in today’s Indiana Republican primary. 

For those who don’t believe that Trump’s vulgar, crass and demeaning comments about women won’t be a crippling burden in a campaign against Hillary Clinton we invite you to view this video of a commercial being run by Democrat Conner Eldridge in the Arkansas Senate race against incumbent Republican John Boozman. 

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie documented in his book TAKEOVER, Ronald Reagan built his winning coalition by welding all the grassroots discontents with the Republican establishment into a new, and winning, conservative coalition. 

Ted Cruz is in the process of doing the same thing in this election and that is, says Mr. Viguerie, the only way to win the Republican nomination and most certainly the only way to defeat Hillary Clinton and win the general election. 

Prior to the rise of Ronald Reagan there were only two legs to the conservative coalition; national defense conservatives and economic conservatives. Reagan’s genius was to add cultural conservatives to that coalition making what had been a wobbly two legged ladder into a stable three legged stool. 

Ted Cruz is the only candidate in this year’s primary field who can repeat that feat. 

On national security Ted Cruz has quietly accumulated the endorsements and support of key conservative national defense thinkers and lawmakers, such as Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, National Review columnist and national security expert Andrew C. McCarthy and Representatives Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma (a decorated Navy pilot) and Sam Graves, both members of the House Armed Services Committee, and Representative Dana Rohrabacher, a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Chairman of its Subcommittee on Emerging Threats. 

Likewise, economic conservatives have embraced the Ted Cruz candidacy with Investor’s Business Daily calling Cruz’s tax plan “as transformative, intellectually dominating and economically and politically revolutionary for 2016 as Kemp-Roth was in 1980. Indeed, even more so.” 

What’s more, contrary to the specious charges of his competitors, Ted Cruz has a real record of accomplishment on economic issues. 

As Asheesh Agarwal and John Delacourt reported for PJ Media, Ted Cruz did a brilliant job at the Federal Trade Commission: “Cruz promoted economic liberty and fought government efforts to rig the marketplace in favor of special interests. Most notably, Cruz launched an initiative to study the government’s role in conspiring with established businesses to suppress e-commerce. This initiative ultimately led the U.S. Supreme Court to open up an entire industry to small e-tailers.” 

Anyone can propose tax cuts said economist David P. Goldman in a column for PJ Media endorsing Ted Cruz. It takes real know-how to cut through the regulatory kudzu that is strangling America enterprise. 

And former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, a self-declared "Ted Cruz guy" told Fox's Neil Cavuto, "He says what he's going to do, he does it, he's highly principled. He's a guy you can trust." 

As important as economic and national security conservatives were to the Reagan coalition, the grassroots energy in the 1980 campaign was largely provided by newly politicized and energized cultural conservatives – and that appears to be the same dynamic today. 

Ted Cruz has a Faith Leadership Team which now includes more than 200 faith leaders from around the nation. The campaign also has a National Prayer Team, led by Cruz Crew volunteers, dedicated to a focused season of prayer on behalf of the nation, Cruz, and his family and staff. 

And key Evangelical leaders, such as Iowa’s Bob Vander Plaats, the president of the Family Leader, see Ted Cruz as the only candidate who, like Ronald Reagan, is the whole package for conservatives. 

As the results of elections of the past demonstrate, when Republicans run as conservatives, as they did in 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000 and 2004 they win. When they go back on their promises to govern as conservatives they get thrown out of office, as President George H.W. Bush did in 1992 and the Hastert Congress did in 2006. And most importantly, when run as Democrats-lite, as they did in 1976, 1996, 2008 and 2012 they lose – big time. 

The lessons of those campaigns should persuade every conservative voter that Ted Cruz is the only candidate who can credibly run for president as a full-spectrum conservative, build a winning conservative coalition AND who can be trusted to, without question, govern according to limited government constitutional conservative principles. 

As Mr. Viguerie said in his endorsement of Ted Cruz, “What are you waiting for? In Ted Cruz conservatives have a candidate that’s everything we want.”

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