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CHQ 2016 GOP Presidential Straw Poll - #NeverHillary or #NeverTrump

Ted Cruz's announcement that he is suspending his campaign after his loss in Indiana means Donald Trump will likely hit 1,237 delegates before the Republican National Convention, making him the presumptive Republican nominee. Where do you stand on Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for President? Are you #NeverHillary or #NeverTrump?  

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Barry Soetoro, the Non-Citizen

Remember, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, an undocumented, illegal, alien usurper has been a fake president for 7 years!
The Republican "establishment" has allowed this to happen! They all know this fact and are committing treason according to their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution!

Voting one's conscience

After years of voting for the "Lesser of two evils" I am resolved to not do that again. Voting for evil is voting for evil and that is currently the case for this Conservative!

I will be casting my vote for Gary Johnson (unless Mr. Trump "dazzles" me with a "Contract with Conservatives") spelling out precisely how he is going to save our Constitution and the Republic! If he can adequately satisfy my "distrust" of his petulance, his juvenile schoolyard bullying and his recent "soundbite" campaign strategy, then he may get my vote.

Otherwise, I will not vote for him under any circumstances! I will also withdraw my Republican membership because of the feckless and irresponsible Republican leadership. The failures of McConnell, Boehner, McCain, Graham and now Ryan have opened the way by giving us this "Trump" tragedy! If they did their jobs as we expected them to do, we would not be speaking of Trump now! That is a fact, like it or not!

As I see it, the party left me, not the other way around.

For what its worth!!

Donald Trump

Our country has been handcuffed by partisan bickering and stalemates for way too long. I believe that Donald Trump truly has the best interests of our country at heart. We need to start voting on candidates based on the issues, not on their political party.

As for the way he sometimes changes is mind on issues, that is what intelligent people do when new information is presented. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

We must unite now behind Trump, or risk losing our precious country and constitution to a lying, cheating, murderous empire. A third party candidate is the last thing we need now.




Too many whiners. Mr.Trump or Cruz had very much the same agenda just different personalities. And the establishment did not like either one. Now as Trump brings it home even this Editor has a problem with the people's choice. I am so disappointed in the conservatives these days. I like Cruz too but Trump more. My views have changed and I am so disgusted in the lack of support for the people's choice in the conservatives. I expected more from them than I did the rinos. But both rinos and conservatives in this final round have proven to be divisive and that does include you, Richard.

Trump Thuggery Campaign

There's several things that can happen between now and the convention. There was an article where Roger Stone threaten to publish all delegates names and room numbers for trumpobots to call the make sure they voted for trump during the convention. It didn't stop there. Several delegates received phone calls and emails threatening harm not only themselves but their family if they did not vote for trump. This is downright thuggery and though it may or may not have come by direct orders from trump, his people and kookaide drinking followers made the threats based on his type of anger-driven campaign. Delegates should stand together on this one item to disqualify trump as a presidential contender. Two, there is a possibility that another candidate will be name as an alternative for the GOP. And since another presidential candidate has come forward for the America's party, Tom Hoefling, who stands for God given unalienable rights and the Constitution, I think it bares seriously consideration as an alternative for the lesser of two evils. Trump is a liberal democrat and is running a thug-based campaign. To me, that disqualifies him and I'd never vote for the hildebeast.

Post-Primary UNITY ? Only thru Trump concessions to the Cruz Na

I echo Richard's sentiments. What is really needed is probably Cruz on the ticket. Secondly, like in the pre-1970s we need a rigorous platform debate between all the sides. Its up to the Trumpsters and Cruz nation to expose the frauds (as if we don't already suspect or know them) in this process. Crus should trade his support for : 1) Trump commitment to be anchored to the Constitution first and foremost and no nonsense on this pledge---I want him to say the words---"If elected, I will govern the nation as President according to and anchored to the Constitution--a power-limiting document as the best way to return the nation to greatness; 2) A Flat tax incorporated into his wobbling tax proposals; Note he carves out a special class of business like affirmative action for businesses (ala Etch-o-sketch Romney; RINO Progressive traitor McCain before him, and then the Rockafeller wing of the GOP--Dole, Simpson, Frisch/Hastert and then the Bushes and Rove/Card/Christie, McConnell /Boehner RINOS policy types and never centers on the individual citizen (who doesn't own a business) who pays taxes and fees to the unseen leviathan; 3) If no Cruz, allow Cruz , Lee and Sessions to be sole inputs into the next SUP Court Pick; 4) Firm commitment on the wall, on illegal immigration and a new-imigration moratorium for ten years; 5 ) Trump agrees to overturn all Obama extra-consitutional behavior and degree coupled with the investigation and possible criminalization of all Obama Executive activities after the fact--this is like 46 impeachable actions or those by EPA DOJ; 6) Trump commitment to US energy independence in 10 years using all 7 forms of energy resources (Coal and Oil and Nat. Gas and fracked gas as first and foremost because of our vast natural resources in these followed by clean coal, shale oil, coal gasification; Farben-style synthetic fuel, new eco--green fuel and of course and new commitment to safe Nuclear power---in total, if anything a new national security declaration of an energy crisis and then a complete (NASA like MOON mission driven) best and brightest Scientific commitment to a Los ALomos like--"Manhattan Project" for US energy independence and future export in energy 6) A Complete reversal of all Obama and DOJ voting rights issues and claims and a full-throated installation of voter ID as Federal law and DOJ guidelines for all states to adhere; 7) Investigation and impostion of a RICO statue if need-be to declare both Obama DOJ and all political use of illegals (DEM and GOP ) as Voter Fraud and lastly 8) First day agreement to rip up and negate the following international concords: Obama's Iran deal and bail out; UN 2000-2001; All Climate change accords; reimpose the former language of the former "Tom Connoly" Amendment concerning US sovereignty and agreement to make international reservation or exemption for US from various international accords; Begin peace treaty talks with North Korea ending the de-facto armistace existing since 1953; a complete rewriting of the NATO treaty placing the US as the backup defender to actual European self-funded and armed defense; Similarly, a re-creation of former CENTO and SEATO multilateral defense accords; Lastly and critical as policy from day one----a complete denunciation and exposure and reversal of all "rules of Engagement currently at play throughout the US military transforming them into realistic total war "Shoot to Kill" and self-defense authorizations. for all our military personnel to follow and safeguard themselves. Finally A commitment from Trump to challenge and replace Mitch McConnell as Majority leader replacing him with Jeff Sessions or Cruz himself. In a perfect conservative world, if we can I would get Trump to openly support what is Mark Levin's Article V Conventions of States /Constitutional Amendment process also Then and only then I, much like many many others and the Cruz supporters, would feel much more comfortable and secure in voting for Donald Trump.

Post Prmary Season.

Run on sentences are bad, run on paragraphs are even worse.

The people have spoken .. now

The people have spoken .. now the establishment needs to get over it.

Yes, Democrats have spoken

Some Republicans and Conservatives have spoken but Truth be told, so have a great many Democrats who have weighed in on Trumps bandwagon! Soros donates $700,000 to Kaisich! Why? Because he (Kaisich) was the instrument for getting rid of Cruz, not Trump. Seems to be a little collusion there doesn't it? Who do the Dems really hate and fear most? A Constitutional Conservative with a track record or, a recently minted, faux Republican Conservative more in line by past history with the Clinton's and the Democrats rather than the Republicans.

Please point out where I am wrong!


After all is said and done, Hopefully there will be a Conservative in the White House that will stand for the Constitution and the Rule of Law...After Trump Walks Back on the issues that got him in the driver's seat, Everyone will wish that Ted Cruz had gotten the nomination instead...I, for one, am still hopeful that the Convention will oust Trump and that the Constitutional Candidate will succeed in beating Hillary...That candidate is Cruz, NOT Trump...I Really hope America will come to her senses and realize the mistake they have made in nominating a liberal in conservatives clothing...

[email protected]

Make America Great Again!

Go Donald Ttrimp

I do not see why anyone in their right mind would vote for anyone but Trump in my opinion he is the only viable candidate. he has successfully run huge corporations and that is all being president of the United States is we are like a huge company.


The above questions only matter for someone that utilizes reason and philosophical consistency to guide their choices in politics, or in life for that matter. The first principle identifies the fact that politics is a war of emotions, not well reasoned arguments. Nobody cares about the past life of Donald Trump or even what he says now because the narrative is too intoxicating. Americans care about winning, and he has established a grand story that positions himself as the winner. But he will never be the winner in my mind

Trump may surprise you!

If he is elected you will change your mind. He will get the job done and un do all the bad things the former has done!!!

I am glad that I am an

I am glad that I am an American and I am entitled to my own opinion. I do not see any other choice than Donald Trump he is a winner and deserves to be the president. he says exactly what is on his mind and some people just cannot handle the truth

2016 Election

I supported Senator Cruz because I believe that he was the only one willing to fight for the Constitution of the United States of America. I believe like everything else he did during this campaign he dropped out looking to the future.
Now we are faced with a choice between hillary clinton and donald trump. In all good conscience I could never vote for hillary clinton, she should be in jail right now not running for President of the United States of America.
I do not believe there is time enough for a third party to get on the ballots of all 50 states. So we are left with donald trump. Odd thing is I believe that Senator Cruz agreed on many issues with donald trump. He tried to take the high road in the beginning where trump sunk to the bottom which energized a lot of angry American voters.
I agree with trump on many issue most of all the issue of immigration, but trump is really an unknown as to where he really stands. Many people I have talked to about this support him solely based on the comments of
"build the wall and deport them". Unfortunately most people will only hear what they want to hear and leave off that which they do not connect with.
We will build the wall, a great wall, with a big door, so when we deport the people who are here illegally we can bring them back legally. Most people hear the "build the wall and deport them", they do not hear or just ignore the part about brining them back legally.
That is fine if you are one of those who are only concerned with the illegality of those coming here without permission, or over staying their visa. But if you believe that the immigration program is broken and we are allowing too many foreign working to migrate here, taking jobs away from American citizens, not assimilating and attempting to change who we are whether it be our culture or our language then what trump is saying is problematic.
I watched trump on Bret Baer last night and every question he answered he answered with at least 2 different positions. This is worrisome.
But if the only two choices are trump or clinton. Let's hope he has a great choice for his V.P. and I will hold my nose, vote for trump and hope he holds to his positions. If not then maybe he might be the first American President impeached and removed from office leaving the V.P to carry the torch.

Trump Impeached???

With ALL the Impeachable Offenses that our Current POTUS pulled off and DIDN'T get Impeached for, which was a HUGE Mistake on the part of Congress, what makes you think Trump could be Impeached if he Doesn't perform as he says he will...He has Already Walked Back on some of the Issues, and I think he Bullied his way to be the Presumtive Nominee...He Talked a good game, but I believe the American people are going to be SORRY for getting behind this Clown...He is a Democrat at heart, and we're going to find out, TOO LATE, that it was All an ACT to see if he could Actually pull it off...Our way of life is going to Change in America, and I DON'T think it will be for the Better...But we shall see...

Trump Impeached

You are correct that with all that obama has done he has not been impeached, but that is because the republicans are spineless and afraid of that they will be accused of being racist by impeaching the first black President.
trump isn't black so if he oversteps his bounds and BOTH PARTIES get to a point where they have had enough and trump backs off on the issues of the wall and immigration enforcement and the people get to the point of realizing that trump is a fraud then and only then would the time be right for him to get impeached.

Donald Trump

Trump is not a young man and his behavior choices have been on display for a couple of decades now. People were as fooled by him as other people were by Obama. Trump has been unfaithful to wives, which indicates serious character flaws, as well as showing a man who is severely self centered and immature. Those are traits you don't want your president to have. Any man who can't keep their covenants to their wives can NOT be trusted to keep their word to anybody else. Furthermore, Trump is no constitutionalist and has never exhibited a strong patriotism that I've ever observed. I love our country and I love our country's history because it shows a good people who were willing to keep trying to create a good world for their descendants. Americans have never been perfect, but neither are any other peoples. I do not want to turn America over to somebody who has demonstrated that he puts his own wants and desires ahead of people he has given his oath to. I want a president who genuinely wants to serve his country and who has consistently shown throughout his life that he loves his country.

Donald Trump

Good luck with getting a president you want. I do not like Trump either. But,the fact must be acknowledged that we are facing a choice of taking a chance on Trump or electing a socialist (Hillary or Bernie)who will FINISH the destruction of America started by Obama, without ANY doubt. On just ONE single issue, the appointment of Supreme Court Justices by the new president, the stakes in this election could not be higher. Trump may screw it up but a Democrat president will only elect partisan Democrats who ignore the constitution and existing law to advance the Democrat agenda like the ones now on the Court. If you care at all about America and keeping your freedoms, Trump is the ONLY choice. You MUST vote and urge all who you are able to influence to vote as well.


If your son or daughter lost their life due too inaction on someone's part who had authority to act but didn't, would you vote for them. Especially after they said, "What difference does it make?"

NOW, think about it! Would you really?

Remember, with that person as president the next such thing could hit much closer to home!!!

Most impportant election of my time

NEVER HIL-bill!!!


Never slick willies fillie!

What Will It Take For Me To Vote For Donald Trump?

It's pretty obvious this poll shows that Donald Trump is in trouble. I believe in the CONSTITUTION, not in political parties, or individual politicians. I retired from the US Army after 41 years of 'honorable service' defending that Constitution under 7 different Commanders-In-Chief from 1962-2003. WE veterans and active military protected ALL of the Constitution and Bill of Rights - WE didn't pick and choose your rights for you. What will it take for me to vote for Donald Trump? He'd better get to work persuading us active and retired vets, he's really worthy of our sacrifices. As of Tuesday, when Trump was named the presumptive GOP party candidate: Donald Trump is AWOL, because he's never even mentioned the Constitution during his campaign. To me, after 30 days from Tuesday, Donald Trump will become a DESERTER (according to the UCMJ - veterans know what that is - you become a deserter after 30 days of being AWOL and are dropped from your units rolls) for dishonoring those in uniform: "Who Gave ALL".

INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM & LIBERTY ISN'T FREE. The price paid for them was high and clearly visible here: mansions of the lord - YouTube who PAID-IN-FULL.

This Poll

It has only about 200 respondents. It doesn't say anybody is in trouble, because it pretty much can't be considered a mirror of anything other than a fraction of CHQ readers. I wouldn't even call it a mirror of them.

What will it take...

Thank you for serving! Eloquent response to the question.

Conservative Party

I was never political until this election cycle. I've never before vote in the primaries, but this year I am involved and although TED CRUZ 2016 has suspended his campaign, I'll still vote for him in my state primary election next month.
If it is at all possible a 3rd party should be created to include people who no longer fit in the Republican Party or the Democrat Party.

Conservative Party

I just finished saying to my husband that it would be Biblical justice for Ted Cruz to continue to pick up votes and delegates and for DJT to fall short!!! At any rate, we could use a run by a third party for those who just can't knowingly vote for outlandish dishonesty,corruption and arrogance of power--Constitution-be-damned!

Up in the air on Trump

I am a Conservative and Cruz supporter. If Trump wants my vote, he has work to do to persuade me. However, with Trump doubling down on, "I don't need Conservatives to win", I am not sure he is up to the task. I want answers to policy issues as well as, what is he going to do to uphold and protect the Constitution, is he going to repeal every word of Obamacare, is e going to reel in the EPA and get rid crippling rules and regulations hindering businesses and how will he return and protect my personal freedoms and liberties? I will not compromise my conservative principles to elect someone that does not respect those principles. I want substance from Mr. Trump, so far all we've gotten are insults and hot air!!

Pray for Donald Trump

I've made comments on this site, but have seen them disappear. Although I'd like a better candidate to run on the Conservative side, it is Donald Trump as the Nominee. He is far better than Hillary for lots of reasons. Hillary = Socialist. Donald Trump = Capitalist. The trouble with the Republicans running against him is they used all kinds of fodder to wreck his chances of winning, but no matter the fodder, he won. Now he has put in charge of his VP Pick, a man of conviction by the name of "Ben Carson". I wanted Ben Carson for President, so this would be the next best thing. Go to Donald Trumps website and see where he stands on the issues. He's for explanding trade for US Manufacturing, which has been squashed by USA Trade Deals which have devastated the economy and manufacturing in USA. Hillary will expand the deficit of trade negotiations, so all of our jobs will be outsourced.
Pray that Donald Trump will become the man God wants him to be. Pray the Rosary for Trump.

Cruz in 2020 or 2024

P.S. Remember, Reagan came extremely close to securing the nomination in 1976, but the RINO's succeeded in slipping in Ford instead. But Reagan won in 1980. George H. Bush served only one term because he went back on his promise of "no new taxes." Trump will suffer the same fate if he goes back on any number of his promises, especially immigration.

Hold your noses and vote for Trump

The survival of Conservatives and even our dreaded Republican Party depends on one issue, and one issue only: Legal and illegal immigration and AMNESTY. Trump will become the most reviled politician in history if he goes back on him immigration promises. Yes, he may try to walk them back a bit, but it was his foundational issue and promise that won him the most converts. If Hillary gets elected, it's open borders forever, starting with legalizing not eleven, but 25-30 million current illegals, and who knows how many more to come. With Trump as president, at least there's hope Ted will run again. Hopefully Trump will make enough of an ass of himself, Ted will be back in 2020. Worst case scenario, 2024. But if Hillary wins, and finishes the job Obama started, America will be completely and forever transformed. The Republican Party, or any new "Conservative Party" will NEVER have a chance of electing any future presidents. Socialists and communists will control the House & Senate forever. I loathe Trump. He is a sleazy, lying, ego-manic, but ... if you want to teach him a lesson by denying him the presidency, you will doom America permanently. All those Republicans who stayed home rather than voting for the Romney RINO gave us Obama. Do you really want to give Hillary carte blanche with America? Do you want to insure the next four supreme court justices are clones of Ginsberg and SotoMayor or worse? No .... we will not get the man who would become the greatest president of the 21st century (just yet), but .... let's not make it impossible for him to get another chance in 2020 or 2024.

Trump and Fox News

If Trump is the only viable alternative to a Democrat, then Trump it will be. HOWEVER, there are alternatives to Fox News. I have stopped watching them. I feel betrayed by Fox and it will take years to get over it if I ever do.

Fox News

I totally agree about FOX. None of them even tried to hide the fact that they were all out for Trump. He is an embarrassment to watch speak. He lies. He is the bully that we try to get out of our schools. He is teaching kids to be a bully. After all, it will make them millions of dollars just like Donald.
I hear people are going to CNN because they hired some strong conservatives. I haven't checked it out yet.

anyabody to beat Hillary

there is alots of things I do not like about trump I would like to see him stronger in social issues

Pray for Donald Trump

Pray for Donald Trump, as he's not CFR and not a Globalist, which is why he's been attacked by the Left. If he was a Leftist they wouldn't have attacked him. I too would like to see him stronger on social issues. Pray he'll pick a God Fearing Vice-President, which will assist him in this journey path to saving America. Prayer is greater than anything we can muster.

Pray for Trump!!!

I agree. Could not say it better. Best possible answer!

Time to come together to beat

Time to come together to beat Hillary. Staying home will invite Hillary's win!

Republican Nominee

As psychotic as I believe Trump to be, Hillary is pure EVIL! She is incapable of anything but selfish desires for power, wealth and self agrandizment. She is a criminal. She is responsible for the loss of many lives. She doesn't care for anything or anybody but herself! This country means nothing to her. Like the president that we now have, I believe her to be a Marxist. Bernie Sanders socialistic dreams are nothing compared to what she would like to do to us!

Trump's insane attacks against all who have tried to gain the GOP nomination are disgusting. Not even being satisfied to make up lies or have his cronies at the National Enquirer, the trashiest so-called newspaper printed, make up ridiculous stories about Cruz, they have even gone after Heidi Cruz, their children, and even Cruz's father! Not being satisfied with calling Cruz a liar for quoting Trump's very words, he has incited violence among his followers. Trump is the biggest liar ever next to Hillary. She does not know how to tell the truth!

I will have to plug my nose and take antinausea medicine to do it, but I will vote for Trump. But only because Hellary is Evil Incarnate!


#NeverTrump #NeverHillary

Joshua 24:15 "And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; […] but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

Voting for Truth

Psalms 10:7 His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue is mischief and vanity.

There is another candidate in this race from America's Party, Tom Hoefling. He stands for our God given unalienable rights and the Constitution.

Christians, we are going through the winnowing. Please remember a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

NeverTrump = AlwaysHillary

You vote for Hillary if you don't vote for Trump. Those are the facts which you'll have to live with. You don't have to like the man, but if you listen to his policies which he plans to bring forward, it won't hurt America. Hillary is worse than anything you can imagine. There is hope for Trump, whereas Hillary sold her soul to the devil long ago.


I will not feel guilty if I don't vote for the scumbag that a country full of imbeciles voted for who we know as much about as we did Obama. Doesn't anyone vet people anymore. If you think he will build a wall on the border, you are sorely suckered in. And the only thing he will do for healthcare is to make it single payer system, his words. And he will do nothing to stop the persecution of Christians in this country, who don't believe we should have to cowtow to homosexuals & transgenders. I do not rely on Washington DC to take care of me. That is God's job as long as I am doing my best to take care of His business. I will vote for Trump when God tells me to & I doubt that will happen. My family & I made it through 7 1/2 years of our wannabe King just fine & we will make it through however many years of whoever gets elected this time. If anyone should feel guilty, it is the Christians who voted for Trump without vetting him & seeing actual videos of him saying the things he believes in. When Cruz would bring up those things that came straight from Trump's mouth, Trump called him a liar. Lying Ted. But the real liar in the room is Donald Trump. How he must be laughing at how easily he snowed this country, just like Obama did.

Who should win?

Not Hillary. Trump is the man for at least 4 years. Eisenhower is not available. So let's just get this swing to the right done and be merciless about it. Just like the left has been.

Trump is the winner

Trump is the winner...get over it. If you want this country to have open borders, with millions of Mexican and South American aliens flooring over our borders with their hands stretched out for taxpayer-funded benefits, just stand there and watch Hillary win.

trump is the winner - ha ha

david you may be in for a rude awakening. Right now trump is deciding who he will pick for his Vice President. The names that are being tossed around are very disturbing. rubio, kasich, and others who have opposition views to trump on the issues of building the wall, deportations and trade.
Many who know trump for over 40 years all say that once it becomes official that trump is the nominee he will move to the center left of hillary clinton on the border, immigration and trade.
So let's keep an eye on who trump get's to be his Vice President and if it is someone who has an opposite view on these issues as himself then you will know exactly what he will do if elected, and you aren't going to like it.


I'm not sure how things work but if Cruz is suspending his campaign, doesn't that mean that the delegates have to stay with him for at least the first vote at the convention?
I think that Hillary will win in the end because Trump is just as bad & people will not vote for him. I know that I won't. I think a lot of people were afraid that he would be 3rd party if he lost to Cruz. Looks like 8 more years of Obama, no matter which one wins. Hang on to your pocket books when he makes health care a single payer system. He has made no secret that it is what he wants. And he will appoint a liberal judge like his sister. And transgenders will be allowed in girls bathrooms & locker rooms.


Trump isn't conservative !!! I will not vote for a liberal who says he has conservative values. He LIES! I am not a low info voter and can't vote for someone who is clearly a FRAUD candidate.

With Cruz out

With Cruz out, I can't vote for any of the 4 still standing... Just can't do it