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CHQ 2016 GOP Presidential Straw Poll - #NeverHillary or #NeverTrump

Donald Trump is all but certain to be the Republican nominee for President. However, after a series statements causing confusion about where he stands on key elements of the conservative agenda, many conservatives continue to question whether or not they can support Donald Trump for President. Where do you stand on Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for President? Are you #NeverHillary or #NeverTrump?  

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On Trump

As a retired US Army Veteran with 43 years of honorable service from 1962-2005, I only wish Donald Trump would tell us veterans how he's going to protect and defend the very Constitution a lot of us gave some and some GAVE ALL for. I'm not a NEVER TRUMP person, but I'd just like to hear Trump mention our 'founding documents and founding fathers,' more. My hope and desire is that since Trump has already secured the necessary 1237+1 delegates needed, he'd switch gears but still take it to Hillary by including the Constitution, and the many positives of this Republic, when he speaks at rally's, from now on. Is that to much to ask? The ALL VOLUNTEER armed forces of the United States of America today are NOT politicians, diplomats, or peace keepers. They are IN THE ASS KICKING BUSINESS. Their sworn oath is to protect and defend the US CONSTITUTION with their lives as collateral. That mission is NEVER to protect politicians, your car, your house, your cel phone, or the restrooms you are forced to share with possible perverts etc. They ALL volunteered to kick ass for the US Constitution, so you didn't have to. Isn't it about time America wakes up and starts taking care of its VOLUNTEER armed forces and veterans? They are possibly the ONLY VOLUNTEERS within the US government that actually does the job you pay them to do. So instead of throwing them under the bus, throw ALL the Progressive politicians from both parties out this November 8, 2016. Then you won't have to feel guilty when you: "Thank Us For Our Service."

AMEN Brother! I to am retired

AMEN Brother! I to am retired Army I also believe Trump needs let all of us know and hear that he stands to defend the US Constitution and the Amendments especially the 1st and 2nd. I also believe that term limits need to be voted in for ALL polititions. Yesterday morning on Fox News was a video of Ellen DeGeneres interviewing Hillary Clinton. I could not believe it when I heard Hillary say that Donald Trump needs to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Are the people that are supporting her that stupid to believe she is the right person to be the President of this Great but FAILING Country (The United States of America). Do those same people think she should not be accountable for her miss use of emails and classified materials. That a General was fired for miss handling of classified materials. Lets not FORGET BENGAZE and THE lives she FAILED to support and protect. Now, Hillary Clinton is vowing to effectively destroy the 2nd Amendment if elected President. If the 2nd Amendment is destroyed soon after will be our 1st Amendment. Do they want 4 more years of Obama that's what will happen if Hillary gets in. I sure as hell hope not. My vote is going to TRUMP!

Trump is NOT the problem

Sadly, a large number of citizens have no real understanding of the spirit of America - simply because they have not been taught.

The blame goes to our Universities’ Education Departments with their Marxist educated professors teaching our K-12 teachers.

Get rid of these professors, fire many of our current teachers if they refuse to be reeducated, and the Democrat Party will be almost eliminated in 12 years because our schools will be graduating lifelong learners who will know what it means to be an American.

John Wagner
Ann Arbor

Thank you John. That is

Thank you John. That is exactly correct. Our federal government has usurped their authority and taken over the entire country's school curriculum. The progressive agenda have dumbed down the three Rs, cancelled Civics and rewritten American and World History. In its place, they have used the school hours indoctrinating several generations on non-existent climate change, multi-culturalism, LBGT lifestyles, anti-religion to set the stage for America to be "transformed" into the future North American Union on its way to convert to the NWO.

Our schools, media, courts and government have been brainwashing the masses that we have Civil Rights, but NOT Constitutional Rights. Civil Rights are GIVEN by government, or are temporary privileges, while Constitutional Rights are unalienable human rights that come fro our creator and can never be taken away. Constitutional Rights are PROTECTED by our Constitution, not created by it.

WE THE PEOPLE - Last Chance

Voting for Donald J. Trump who appears to be a WE THE PEOPLE Representative may be our last chance, our last stand, to redirect our Government back to the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This Vote for Trump is WE THE PEOPLE (S) responsibility as much, or more ly so, as it is Trumps. WE THE PEOPLE must ALL stand up, gather all like-minded voters, and VOTE.

Re: Trump

I am for Trump. People better Unite behind him or Hillary will be the President and this will be the end of America.

Ted Cruz should be the

Ted Cruz should be the Republican candidate, unless the Supreme Court rules him ineligible.If he is not eligible to serve as a natural born President, then President Obama is ineligible to serve in office by the same ruling.

Make America Great Again


I'm voting for TRUMP ! A TRUE PATRIOT !!

MAGA is as Trite As It Can Be But Also As POIGNANT AS CAN BE !

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ! OBAMA has almost destroyed USA !

Trump is not a Conservative nor was loser Romney & loser McCain !

Trump is a pragmatic problem solving American who has spent 50 million vs 750 million from Never Trump Hysterics.

All Trump is , is a straight Shooting Business Man Who Has Worked With UNCTUOUS POLITICIANS for his entire career & Created An Empire.


He is the Father of 4 Wondferful Children & has 8 Grand Children That He Will Defend With his Life If necessary As Will All Grandparents !


I am amazed that so many conservatives are being conned by Trump. He is a con man and a fraud. He is the most vile individual to ever run for president on the GOP ticket. He is not qualified by knowledge or temperament to be president. He flip flops on the issues more than a slinky toy. He is not pro-life or pro-marriage. He has praised his far left wing sister as someone who would make a good SCOTUS appointment. Then he said he was kidding after he took so much heat for making that statement. He has praised Planned Parenthood and stated affirmative action was a good thing although he now claims to oppose it. He supports eminent domain for private use. He has attacked Bible believing Christians and real conservatives, and he is neither. No thank you. There is no lesser of two evils between Clinton and Trump. They are both evil. A vote for either is not an option for me. I will vote write in or third party. What this election has exposed is just how many in the "conservative" media are anything but. It has exposed a lot of things. What a shameful display by so many.

What you bring understand

You have to ask yourself why so many business people have done business over and over again with Trump. He is a man of his word. He has a reputation in the business world of NEVER going against what he promises someone. That's why people who lost money with him invested with him again. They all had a net gain.

Also ... We are at the end of the road. The establishment in both parties have sold us out. We are living in a socialist oligarchy. If you don't understand that, then you are missing the big picture. Which apparently your are.

Everyone will 'get with the program' when Trump gets in, or he will start handing out indictments ... in both parties. Members of both parties as well as the SCOTUS ... all of them ... are above the law. All sorts of groups are afraid of losing their power.

We either have a quiet revolution based on the constitution or we risk a violent revolution. That's why the commun...I mean demoncrats want to take all guns always.

Trump vs. Churchill

My boy (or girl), You need to learn a little history. Please read:

Churchill and Donald Trump Compared.

1. Churchill recognized that England’s Parliament did not legislate, it merely legitimated. Similarly, Trump believes the same kind of diminution of power exists in our US Congress. As a solution, he has vowed to abolish unnecessary administrative departments, thus restoring Congress’s Constitutional obligation to legislate.

2. Churchill advanced the idea of the need for a Social Welfare state. He believed that such an idea is written in nature, and that a wealthy modern society must use a small part of its wealth to help those who suffer from misfortune and/or serious poverty. Trump has stated the same.

3. Churchill is correct in his belief that our greatest threat is nuclear annihilation. Like Churchill, Trump also understands that the threat of nuclear proliferation to tyrannical nations in which terrorists are complicit could easily destroy multiple American cities in multiple coordinated blinding attacks.

4. Churchill spent his entire life thinking and talking about “mass effects.” All such “mass effects”-ideas comprise the major part of Trump’s campaign speeches. For example: Immigration, Education, Social Welfare, Controlled Borders, Free Trade, Health Care, Rule of Law, and the Weakness of Our Military as well as Local Security. [Did I miss any?] In short, Trump, shares many of Churchill’s “mass effects” views.

5. Churchill believed that despotic governments must never be trusted, never negotiated with, and never traded with. Trump echoes this same belief... and, I might add, with a certain resolve not seen in others.

6. Churchill believed that freedom is so precious that like-minded free peoples must work together to guard it. He further believed that when these free peoples are threatened by military despotism, they must unite with overwhelming military force. He further believed this was the best way to prevent war. Trump has echoed this belief repeatedly, often using the word “unify.”

7. Churchill believed that one should exercise caution about going to war, as well as devise a plan that justifies the expense. Trump has also expressed such caution.

8. Churchill believed that government should side with the people. He said repeatedly, “Trust the people.” Trump has echoed this same idea many times.

9. Churchill believed that human drones must never dominate a country, and neither should bureaucrats. Trump obviously shares this viewpoint. His solution is to bring jobs back to America for everyone capable of doing work.

10. Churchill believed that powers over local activities should be exercised locally. Trump has also advanced this opinion, at least in one area - that education should be controlled locally.

11. Churchill’s views on constitutionalism were the same as those of our American Constitution. Trump promised Phyllis Schlafly before she endorsed him that if he won the presidency he would not violate our US Constitution. Phyllis believed him and so do I.

12. Churchill believed that ideologies lead to despotism. He stated instead, that he was guided by wisdom. The media and others have often stated derogatorily that Trump does not have any ideology. It must be concluded then that in light of all of the above beliefs held by both Churchill and Trump, that wisdom is one of Trump’s attributes, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Churchill’s days.

13. Americans should remember Churchill’s memorable words in his last major speech before leaving office, “never flinch, never weary, never despair.” Trump’s life seems to reflect this belief


I can sympathize with your feelings but you are living in la, la land if you believe there will be a third party this election season. From all accounts anyone wanting to run on a third party would have had to start months ago in order to get on all 50 State ballots and be effective.
Second there is always a lesser of two evils. The object here would be to insure that the republicans keep the House and Senate and increase the numbers in each.
That is the only way to control Trump. Even if the republicans were to keep the House and Senate and increase the numbers if they opposed hillary clinton and ever had reason to impeach her they would not do it for the same reason they never impeached obama. mcconnell and the fear factor would be in play, he is always in fear of being blamed for something, can't impeach obama he is the first black President, well how would he view impeaching the first women President? In the view of mushy mcconnell it would scare the hell out of him and he would never touch it, trump would be a whole lot different.
The only issue that mcconnell has stood his ground on is the current Supreme Court nominee and only because he does stand on firm ground on the issue.

The Second Coming

Let's be honest. Not Ted Cruz nor Donald Trump is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Clinton just might be the anti-Christ, though. :>)

We thought Obama already had that covered, but...

Newspaper confirms Obama not the Antichrist

Obama the Anti-Christ?

Regardless of any publication telling us that Obama is NOT the anti-Christ underscores the left's need to disqualify their man as historically the worst president in American history.

Obama can't be the Anti-Christ because one would have to be Christian to be an anti!

Obama is a Muslim. And seeing how Allah has nothing to do with God, Jesus or anything Heavenly, one could come to the understanding that if anything, Obama is Lucifer's bro.

Donald Trump

I believe he has the best interests of the country at heart. He may not buy into every tenet of the Republican Party. So maybe because of that he can get both sides of the aisle working together to actually make America great again. Aren't we all getting tired of the bickering and stalemates?

Yes, he changes his mind on issues. That is what intelligent people do when they obtain new information.

We need to unite behind this man, or risk living in a socialist, entitled country.

Absolutely correct! I don’t

Absolutely correct! I don’t buy into every tenet either. I also do NOT buy into promising one thing to get elected and then not follow through and do nothing when they are. That is what has been going on in the republican party AND the democratic party now for decades. Obama promised everything most Americans wanted to hear and then did nothing he promised. One of the best examples is transparency. In 14's election the republicans promised they would stop the funding for the amnesty executive order by obama. Then funded it. Everything they promised to do regarding obama’s illegal executive orders they failed to follow through on. Consequently, trust is gone in both parties. We are now governed by a bunch of crooks. A man is only as good as his word if his word is no good HE is no good! Anyone who will lie to you will steal form you. Therefore, they are “crooks.” Most all of them think they deserve respect, they are wrong they do not. Respect is earned not automatic!

If someone does not straighten out this government soon the people will and that “may” not be pretty and could be deadly. Especially for those in government! Freedom loving people can only be pushed and prodded so far before they begin to push back.

Right now people are demanding Donald turn over his taxes for fear he is hiding something knaveries in them. Taxes divulge very little other the years income and expenses. To the best of my knowledge there is no legal requirement to release taxes. There is a requirement to release a financial statement and he did that last year.

However, obama released nothing about his past no college records no history whatsoever. No one complained. Most in congress still don’t!

WA Primary Mail-In Ballot - My Vote

I cast my vote for Ted Cruz. But now I'm pretty much resigned to the likelihood that, barring an indictment against Killary, the only choice will be Trump vs. HRC. I certainly don't want some DC cartel RINO running, and yeah, I've seen people say that even Cruz falls into that category.... I would vote for Trump if I thought that was the only way to keep Killary out of the White House. But honestly, I still see Trump as a white Obama. I hope I'm wrong!

I had a big laugh reading that Biden said he would have been the best president!

The Constitution

You are very wrong about Trump. He has nothing to gain by being President except saving America and Americans. Why can't you see that? It doesn't matter about his taxes or if he raises them. It doesn't matter about whether or not he raises minimum wage. He will do what is best for the economy. It doesn't matter what happened in his personal life 25 years ago. It doesn't matter about his income taxes. It doesn't matter about anything except what he wants to do for America. I believe he was sent by God. Why else do you think that he was born with the midas touch. Don't you see God's hand in it? Don't you see God's hand in his winning thus far? I certainly can and I do. I believe God sent Trump to us. God works in mysterious ways, and I can see his hand in Trump. Wish these neverTrump and whoever's would shut up. I am a white American with a degree in legal studies. I have a high IQ. And, I do not believe in the left's view that America was the root of all evil in the world. I won't apologize because I am white. God made me white. I will not bow down to the milquetoast personalities of Hollywood. Yes, I want to ban Muslims from America. Yes, I want to ban illegal immigrants from America. Yes, I want to see Hillary in prison. Yes, I want to see Obama impeached. Yes, I believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. I believe all of our American heros should be honored. I don't want to change the mascot of our country, our flag, nor anything that is American. I still love American pie, and I will always love old Glory. I support law enforcement. I believe that we are a nation of laws, but these strange laws the Obama administration is making are not legitimate laws as far as I can see. I hate liberalism because it is not true liberalism. They do not like anyone. They only want equality straight across the board (except for themselves, who are the elite). They want a slave nation. I was born American and I was born to be free. I have lived free and I will die free. No liberalism bull for me! Go Trump! Make America great again, and make it free again.

How Are "Wrong" About Trump?

Call us skeptical, but persuadable, on Donald's Trump's candidacy and to that end we encourage debate among conservatives about whether or not to support Trump. Please see these to article for a taste:

A Case for Donald Trump, Part 1:

Dear Mr. Trump: We Vote For Eternal Principles, Not Self-Interested Politicians


He is the only candidate that will be able to protect us from political correctness.


I support Trump because he is the only person on the planet not afraid of being politically INCORRECT!

Ethical? Trump?

Ask those scammed out of $$ by Trump University how ethical Trump is!

Irrelevant, especially since

Irrelevant, especially since there are only a very few making claim they were scammed. No one put a gun to their back and told them that they needed to pay up or else suffer severe consequences. It was a mentorship, not a University. He's being sued for semantics?

Think of all the people,hard

Think of all the people,hard working "Americans" scammed everyday paying taxes for all these immigrants and uneducated people having babies just to stay in the system and keep getting benefits for sitting on their ass's because they'l never get a job.

Donald Trump is an ethical man with morals and is human

People do not trust because of 1. They are afraid to believe the best in others. 2. They think others think like they do, i.e., if they are immoral or cheaters or greedy, others are thinking the same way. 3. They are hardened by their own lives and are sad, very sad, inside. 4. They think they are god.

Probably other things too.

This Straw Poll

One problem with this straw poll is that I am "NeverTrump," "NeverHillary" and "Someone Else" simultaneously and equally. What is the distinction among these choices?

I think #NeverHillary implies

I think #NeverHillary implies that you don't support Trump, but you would vote for the devil himself if the alternative was Hillary Clinton. (Well, OK, some folks would dispute that, but the point is that you're going to support the man with the "R" by his name no matter what.)

#NeverTrump is your way of voicing the fact that you not only support someone else, but will never support Trump under any circumstances.

Someone Else implies that you're not necessarily #NeverTrump, I guess.

Anyway, that's the way that I interpret it.

A change is needed

Enough of the status quo, we don't need another politician in office or a lawyer, they are self serving. Trump is neither he is our only American, true American to run for office. And he speaks for me and millions of Americans just look around. All the politicians in office should all be replace and with term limits, END THE COUNTRY CLUB ,,,For the new self made corrupt millionaires in office. Just think on a 200,000 sallery for their part time work, how did they all became millionaires ? I say enough and America wake up!!!

I'm not voting for either

I'm not voting for either Hillary or Trump. Hopefully, Ted Cruz will get back in the race.

Voting for Cruz is a Vote for Hillary

Voting Cruz is a vote for Hillary. If Cruz would play his cards right he'd be in the VP short list. What if Cruz is tapped for VP? Would you write in someone else...your logic evades me. I've voted for 40 years and learned you have to vote for the lesser of two evils to even remotely keep stability in our country. Trump isn't a great religious leader, but then neither was Reagan, and it worked well enough. Keep the faith.

What Have We Got To Lose?

It seems to me that what we have in this election is the known and hopeless and the unknown but hopeful.

The many bad points of Hillary Clinton are fairly well known, with more negative information being revealed with every news report, at least on conservative radio.

Her position on the Second Amendment and immigration are more than enough to vote for Trump to prevent her from being elected.

Can there be any doubt that if elected she would be even worse than Obama?

In regard to Trump, I can empathize with him. I started my own furniture manufacturing company in 1970. I had not attend the "standard" high school. Instead I enrolled in a trade school where I learned to be a very competent single point tool machinist.

The significance of this is that I had no manner or degree of "business" education. In order to be successful I had to continually revamp how I managed my business, production employees, office staff and customer relations.

My point is that I was not a natural born business person, however, by applying my ingenuity I was able to build a very successful business, that is, until the government of California continually reduced the lacquer we could spray on our furniture.

I see a very similar situation with Trump; he is not a professional politician. He has no experience in what he is doing. This is not a bad thing. His lack of "training", and his independence causes him to think for himself in order to determine what would be best for the population of our country. I think he is somewhat confused in how to explain what he intends to do when elected.

For one thing, we all need to realize he cannot do much of what he has been talking about without the support of Congress.

What have we got to lose by voting for Trump? If Hillary is elected everything bad will continue to get worse. If you do not want to vote for Trump, and you do not vote at all, your sitting out will constitute a vote for Hillary.

I think we have no significant option, actually, no option at all. I urge all of my group members to vote for Trump and to urge all your family and friends to vote for Trump, if for no other reason than to prevent Hillary from being elected.


I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone