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Say It Ain’t So Mac

Rep. Mac Thornberry


Legend has it that as baseball great Shoeless Joe Jackson was leaving the courthouse after being indicted for throwing the World Series in the Chicago Black Sox scandal, a young fan tearfully said to him, "Say it ain't so, Joe," and that Jackson did not respond.

I had much the same reaction as that young fan after reading that under a bill moving through the House, illegal aliens would now be allowed to enlist in the U.S. military, and learning that my old Boss, Rep. Mac Thornberry (TX-13) Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, apparently supports the proposal.

The language is found in the National Defense Authorization Act, usually the largest and most important bill to move through Mr. Thornberry’s Committee. In Section 597, page 169, the bill, as it came out of Mr. Thornberry’s Committee, allows illegal aliens to serve in the armed forces of the United States.

It is the sense of Congress that a statute currently exists, specifically paragraph (2) of section 504(b) of title 10, United States Code, which states that ‘‘the Secretary concerned may authorize the enlistment of a person not described in paragraph (1) [of that section] if the Secretary determines that such enlistment is vital to the national interest’’. 

This language codifies for the first time that those illegal aliens amnestied under Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) may serve in the armed forces of the United States.

Now here’s the kicker; Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ-04) had an amendment to take care of this and prohibit anyone not legally in the country from serving, but the House leadership shot it down by refusing to make it in order when the bill went through the Rules Committee.

The Rules Committee, chaired by Boehner do-boy Pete Sessions, is where the House leadership exercises its will and, usually in the dead of night, rewrites bills to comport with establishment Republican orthodoxy or protect or reward some special interest.

Gosar’s amendment did not absolutely prohibit aliens from serving in the military, it simply said that there must be a finding that the alien was admitted to the United States lawfully and that allowing that individual alien to serve was found by the service secretary to be “in the national interest.” The most often used example being that the alien is fluent in an obscure language.

In submitting his amendment to the Rules Committee Rep. Gosar said, “It makes no sense to me that, at the same time the Army is downsizing and issuing pink slips to American soldiers, there are Congressmen who help illegal aliens deprive American citizens of military service opportunities. Congress serves as a body to check and balance the powers of the executive branch in accordance with the Constitution, not to aid the White House in violating the Constitution.”

And Rep. Gosar was not alone in advocating that only United States citizens and lawfully admitted aliens be allowed to serve. Gosar’s amendment had 20 cosponsors, including our friend Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia.

“At a time when we are drawing down our military forces, and unable to retain and promote the men and women who have so bravely served our country, it is irrational, demeaning and absurd to ask that we prioritize the DREAMers over our own service members,” said Rep. Brat.

Of course Rep. Brat is right, and what we can’t understand is why Rep. Mac Thornberry isn’t right there supporting language that will put Americans – and the Constitution – first.

I well remember attending a town hall meeting with Congressman Thornberry where he patiently explained to a young illegal alien who approached him about supporting the Democrats’ DREAM Act that he was sorry but it was against his principles to do so.

And I also well remember Mac laboring over amendments to FISA when he was on the House Intel Committee – he was committed to getting it right and upholding constitutional principles.

He’s one of the smartest guys out there on nuclear deterrence, the roots of the war Islam declared on the West, and a host of other national security issues.

Nor is Mac Thornberry a “squish,” he’s from an old Texas family and conservative principles are as deep in his bones as his family’s roots are in their ranch.

So what’s changed? Being in “leadership”? Buying into the idea that caving-in to the open borders crowd gets Republicans more votes?

If there is one thing Republicans should have learned long ago it is that they will never outbid the Democrats when it comes to bribing voters.

And when they do try to enter a bidding war for votes they inevitably lose more votes from conservatives who are disgusted with their lack of principle than they can ever hope to gain from those they are attempting to bribe.

Mac, immigration is the World Series for America’s future, and those who support proposals to legitimize illegal entry into the United States are throwing the game and heading for the same place in infamy that Shoeless Joe Jackson lives.

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Soveriegnty vs. new world order

Seems to me that far too many politicians on both sides of the isle have bought into the notion that citizenship and sovereignty are becoming meaningless in todays world view. This is one more nail in the coffin that was once the great nation of the United States of America, where will it stop, where will it end?
We are slowly sliding down that slippery slope created by president obama. The issues that congress continues to compromise on are giving the progressives what they are fighting for one bite at a time. Just what has the republican party succeeded at over the decades with all their compromising.
They have succeeded at so called free trade deals that has moved our jobs from the U.S.A. to low wage, none regulated countries. Free trade is not a one way street where the only country practicing free trade is the United States of America. We should be talking about fair trade not free trade.
They have succeeded at growing the immigrant population especially the hispanic community to the point where if it is not stopped they will become the dominant group in the U.S.A.
They have succeeded at increasing the immigrant population to force American citizens to compete with foreigners both legal and illegal for jobs in their own country.
They have succeeded at proving they are not listening to the American citizens by trying to stop donald trump becoming the nominee and perhaps the President of the United States of America. Perhaps trump will be a good President, maybe he won't only time will tell, but then that can be said of any person holding the position.
Until the republicans and for that matter the democrats begin to accept the fact that they were elected to represent the American citizens and not foreigners, that they were elected to protect the sovereignty of America and not slide down that slippery slope towards that new world order, one world government that the first president bush spoke of, America will never be the great nation we were meant to be.

Soldiers of Fortune

Since when is hiring illegal immigrants to fight in Americas' wars is acceptable to Congress or anybody else?

Veteran Roy Fredrichsen

Soldiers fo Fortune

The American military should not become the Foreign Legion of the 21st Century.
Apparently some Congress members and far too many American citizens have bought into the political correctness and accepted the diversity and inclusion where citizenship and Sovereignty no longer has any meaning.