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Final Betrayal: Ryan Republicans Join Obama as #ToiletTerrorists

We’ve asked this question before: Is there any group in the conservative coalition that Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republican establishment have not betrayed? After last night’s vote to codify Obama’s extra-constitutional “guidance” mandating that men must be allowed into the showers, dressing rooms and public toilets used by women, the answer would have to be "NO," there’s no issue left upon which Ryan and his servile underlings have not betrayed America’s conservative majority. 

About now someone is going to say “hold it” you’re being unfair, because Paul Ryan didn’t vote for the amendment from Democratic Rep. Sean Maloney (NY-18), that codified Obama’s executive order 13672 Paul Ryanmaking transgenderism the law of the land.   

Ryan trying to absolve himself of responsibility for last night’s vote is as shameless a lie as you will ever hear from any politician. 

Obama’s executive order, promulgated in July 2014, the precursor to the recent threats against North Carolina’s recently passed privacy law, instructed bureaucrats to sever contracts with companies that don’t follow the Obama mandated sexual identity agenda.  This could include companies that don’t allow men into female bathrooms in their private corporate offices.  The Maloney amendment to the $37.4 billion FY 2017 Energy &Water Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5055) codified that unilateral act into law. 

Speaker Ryan controls the House Floor process completely; no bill or amendment gets to the floor without his approval by being “made in order” by the Rules Committee. 

And you will recall that in another betrayal by the Ryan Republicans, just ten days ago conservative Representative Paul Gosar’s (AZ-4) amendment to prohibit illegal aliens from serving in the military failed because the House Rules Committee refused to make it in order for a vote on the House Floor.  

So why make a Democratic amendment that betrays the fundamental cultural conservative principles of the Republican Party in order? 

As our friend Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review pointed out in his excellent reporting on last night’s vote:

GOP leaders are forever blocking key conservative initiatives and legislation in order to violate the GOP platform; certainly they can block an anti-religious liberty transgendered amendment from Democrats to protect the integrity of the GOP-controlled House.  Could you imagine Democrats allowing an amendment to pass on an issue that violates their very essence while they are in control of the chamber?  

GOP leaders are always twisting arms to get conservative members to vote for bad bills.  Somehow we are to believe they were impotent in ensuring “moderate” members (what is moderate about transgenderism?) adhere to the party’s platform? 

The reality is that Paul Ryan has long been a supporter of ENDA (Employment Non Discrimination Act), the legislative vehicle for enshrining transgenderism into law and mandating adherence to its dogma on private businesses.  That is why he’s been absent in this fight.  Moreover, Republicans have failed to allow a single anti-religious bigotry bill to the floor since the illegal gay marriage decision was issued by the Supreme Court, despite the ubiquitous threats against private businesses, states, and private property.  Clearly, whipping against this vote was not a priority. 

The passage of the Maloney amendment coupled with the news that Ryan has agreed to bailout Puerto Rico and the announcement that the budget deficit is projected to expand to $544 billion, $105 billion above last year’s levels, prompts us to answer with an emphatic NO! the question, “Is there any conservative principle or constituency in the conservative coalition that elected Ronald Reagan and won the historic elections of 2010 and 2014 that Capitol Hill’s Republican leaders haven’t betrayed?”  

Consider the following facts about what the Capitol Hill Republican “leadership” has done on the agenda of each of the three legs of the Reagan coalition.  

Economic and Fiscal Conservatives:  

Despite record tax collections the past few years, the government has run a deficit every year that Republicans have had the majority under Speakers Boehner and Ryan.  

In 2010 federal revenue was $2.1627 trillion; in 2017 revenues are estimated to be $3.7550 trillion – and Capitol Hill Republicans are on track to double 2010’s tax collections by 2020, so much for the Republican Party's long-held goal of starving the Leviathan. 

While national defense and national security outlays are down from 2010, outlays for the Department of Health and Human Services are up by about a third ($854.059 billion in 2010 to an estimated $1.145 trillion in 2017). 

As our friend Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government observed in a recent article, “the U.S. economy performed worse over the past ten years than at any time since the Great Depression, and at the same time, our nation’s debt to GDP climbed from 63.9 percent to 103 percent.” 

National Defense Conservatives: 

While Pentagon spending does not necessarily correlate to an improvement in our national security it is at least an objective metric that can’t be spun, and it has steadily deteriorated since 2010. Despite the failure of Obama’s national security policies in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, Libya, Ukraine and Eastern Europe and the Western Pacific – China theatre of operations defense spending is down by $80 billion (from $666,715 billion in 2010 to $586,834 billion in 2017). 

And on the national security policy front Capitol Hill Republicans aided and abetted Obama’s worst and most dangerous decisions; the Iran nuclear weapons deal and his creation of two more failed states, Libya and Syria, in the heart of the Muslim world. 

Without the treasonous actions of Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee the Iran nuclear weapons deal would have never met the constitutional threshold of two-thirds consent and passed the Senate, sanctions on Iran would not have been lifted and Iran would remain a pariah state with a hobbled economy. But with Republican help Obama has lifted sanctions on Iran, granted it access to the benefits of normal trade and made it the regional hegemon in the Middle East. 

And the same goes for Obama’s disasters in Libya, Syria and Iraq. Without the enthusiastic support of Republican Senators Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsey Graham there would be no “bipartisan” air cover for Obama’s failed policies. As it now stands, Capitol Hill Republican leaders can share the blame with Obama and Hillary Clinton as Islamist armies destroy what little is left of western-leaning political support in the Middle East and North Africa. 

In President Reagan’s day the prescribed requirement for the aircraft carrier inventory was fifteen, it was then dropped to twelve; today we have only ten carriers available, down from eleven when Republicans took over in 2010. The ship that would bring the number of carriers available back up to eleven, the U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford, is behind schedule and over budget. 

Cultural Conservatives

The videos detailing how Planned Parenthood engages in the ghoulish practice of trafficking in human baby body parts shocked millions of Americans and engendered quick promises from Capitol Hill Republicans to strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood. 

The result of all this outrage and those promises? 

The end-of-year CRomnibus did not defund the Title X family planning or teen pregnancy prevention programs or include policy riders that would prevent Planned Parenthood from accessing federal health care funds, allow states to exclude Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers from their Medicaid programs, or allow employers to block their employees from receiving insurance coverage for abortion. 

According to the Heritage Foundation, the data shows that Planned Parenthood Federation of America remains the country’s largest abortion provider with affiliates performing more than 300,000 abortions per year, which amounts to approximately one out of every three in the country. 

No freedom of conscience legislation has passed protecting health care and insurance providers from being forced to fund abortions. 

And on the education front, the federal Department of Education received a $1 billion-plus increase in funding, plus passage of the massive 1,000+ page ESSA. 

House Speaker Paul Ryan forced through the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) conference report — by a 359-64 margin — reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  Ryan’s actions were a repudiation of the Republican stance to abolish the Department of Education and return power to local districts and parents. The biggest loser in what Congress has done, said grassroots education activist Erin Tuttle, are the kids. “Those little kids sitting in schools counting on us, counting on Congress to do what’s right for them. It makes me angry.” 

And in another betrayal of the conservative grassroots, the bill, Tuttle said in an interview with our friend Ginni Thomas of The Daily Caller News Foundation, did not end Common Core.  

“Wiggle room” was added to text language, Tuttle explained, that belie the claims of GOP sponsors that they limited federal power. Besides, the American Principle Project has said, “the highly prescriptive requirements for dictating standards, assessments, and accountability systems” are still in the bill, regardless of what standards are named. 

More spending, but not on the core constitutional responsibility of the federal government to provide for the common defense. A deteriorating national security posture and a rapid degradation of America’s military capabilities, intrusive and extra-constitutional federal interference in education and other powers reserved by the Constitution to the states, and the complete abandonment of any pretense of governing according to cultural conservative principles are the legacy of the past decade of Republican “leadership” on Capitol Hill. 

“Is there any conservative principle or constituency in the conservative coalition that elected Ronald Reagan and won the historic elections of 2010 and 2014 that Capitol Hill’s Republican leaders haven’t betrayed?” Clearly the answer is NO, and without new leadership in the House and Senate Republican Conferences the betrayals will continue. 

List of Shame of Republicans Who Voted for the Maloney Amendment


Brooks (IN)




Rodney Davis 










Heck (NV) 

Hurd (TX) 
















Rooney (FL) 







Walters, Mimi 

Young (IA) 

Young (IN) 


George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's A veteran of over 300 political campaigns, he served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle and as spokesman for now-Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Mac Thornberry. He has served as a staffmember or consultant to some of America’s most recognized conservative political figures, including Governor Sarah Palin, Jack Kemp and Jesse Helms. He is a member of American MENSA and studied international relations at Worcester College, Oxford. 

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paul ryan the pretender

paul ryan SHOULD BE FORCED OUT OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE just like boehner was.

Sexual Identity Conservative vs. liberal

Sorry the issue of sexual identity is not or should I say should not be a question of Conservative values or liberal values it is a matter of physiology, of fact of what is present or not present on the human body.
In 99+% of the time a person is born with the physical attributes of a male or a female a few are evidently born with both.
If it is important to include those who were born being one sex but feels like they are the opposite sex and have not had the surgery then perhaps it is time to have a separate bathroom for those people.
As a male I would feel uncomfortable if a women came into the bathroom because she said she feels like a man. Maybe she does or maybe she is just a pervert. But as long as she IS a female she does not belong in the men's room, nor does a man belong in the women's room.

More from the NUT HOUSE or the White House

This is female discrimination pure and simple. Who are this administration or this congress to judge for women that it is fine for men to join them in their lavatories, changing rooms, and other private areas? For whatever reason the individual has for wanting access to these areas designated for women only, the answer is an emphatic NO! This is unconscionable and a definite violation of women's rights.

Vote these people out of office at every opportunity. The female legal constituents should be outraged and on their soapboxes. Why is that not happening? Disgustingly stupid legislation and something we should all hold Rat Ryan and the republicans who voted with him accountable for. And hold this administration running the nut house these days along with their dem lemming supporters accountable too. Vote em all out.