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CHQ 2016 GOP Vice Presidential Straw Poll

The choice Donald Trump makes for Vice President will make – or break – the deal he needs to conclude with conservatives to cement a winning populist – conservative coalition.

However, beyond saying he "wants a vice president who knows Washington, is able to deal with the Congress and could be viewed as somebody who could be president" Trump has given little indication who he might select as his running mate. What conservative do you think best fits the job description given for Vice President on a Trump ticket? Is there a conservative dark horse you want to write in?

Who will Trump choose for VP?

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vice president

I WILL TAKE THE JOB me and TRUMP yes WRITE in Michael Barrett I would be PROUD to serve with DONALD

I like Newt Gingrich

I like Newt Gingrich

I'm a Trumpster

I'm also not second-guessing Trump. He deserves to choose his own VP. I trust him.

Ann Arbor

Jeff 4 VP

Jeff Sessions will be a great Vice President for following reasons.
First, by virtue of his long service in the Senate, he will bring experienced leadership to the ticket.
Second, by virtue of his strong stance on key issues of principle, he solidifies the support of Tea Partiers and Constitutional Conservatives.
Third, by virtue of his populist appeal, Sessions will help bring over a great many centrist/Reagan Democrats.
Fourth, he brings regional balance to the ticket. The Republicans have not won an election in over 80 without a member of the ticket coming from the South/Sun Belt.
Fifth, He has a consistent conservative record across the board, with high ratings from NumbersUSA (98%) Conservative Review (80%) National Right to Life (100%) Americans for Prosperity (90%) ACU (94%) Heritage Action (82%) Eagle Forum (90%) National Journal (84%) Republican Liberty Caucus (81%) Club for Growth (87%)

Greg Abbott, Gov. of Texas

Good solid conservative. Has real management experience.

Perry - don't like that he forced immunizations on girls and he was connected to the company selling the drugs.
Palin - Like her but she has too much personal baggage.
Rubio - all over the place on immigration. Hell no.
West - YES or Sec. Defense
Jindal or Haley - Good guy but I can't ever see voting for an east indian. Yeah, i am a bigot that way.
Cruz - yes... didn't like the way he ran the last part of his campaign though.
Newt - too old to be follow-on president.
Paul - no way... too libertarian. another RINO of a different stripe.

Greg Abbot, Gov. of Texas for VP

Somehow I ended up with Abbott on my Facebook page. I am absolutely awed by this guy. He is patriotic, he is fiscally and socially conservative and he has management chops that most of these senators and congressmen will never have.

He should be a very serious contender. Unlike Newt, he won't be too old to run as president in 4 - 8 years. I predict 4... I would be surprised if Trump runs again. And, he isn't one of those Rollover Rinos.


LT COL Allen West and I like Dr. Ben Carson also... both are very intellegent men... conservative and Love Ameroica... the only women I'd suggest is Condi Rice... Please do not choose anyone that is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!!!

Trump VP

Lot's of fine people to consider and I love Newt but he has never been embraced by the masses and his straight at you style can offend.

The democrats outnumber the republicans so Hillary is going to be tough to beat. My best choice is Tim Scott, even though he just took a shot at Trump, he is excellent candidate and his skin color, hopefully might get some of Hillary voters to vote for Trump. You have to bring in some race card to try and beat her.

Strong on Policy, equally combative with the press


I, too, love Ted Cruz as the nearly perfect constitutional conservative, but the best fit for this battle for the soul of America is Newt Gingrich.

It seems the thinking readers here are trending the same way.

Rick Perry, Jeff Session, Allen West

All three of these men would be great VPs. The rest are either untrustworthy or don't have the ability to be strong and conservative, but also able to draw people together and be persuasive. I live in Texas and Rick Perry was an awesome governor.

VP choices

I agree , any of these three men would be capable VP's . It wouldn't hurt to have West with strong military expertise as VP, considering all the ongoing growing global threats we are facing?

No on Perry

I wouldn't vote for a guy that mandated every girl be vacinnated with a drug marketed by a close associate of his. Sounds like a Clinton to me. Otherwise he would be ok.

Never forget Number 17!

Learn more about Jim Gilmore, former governor of VA.
He is a great guy with policy experience in defense, economy, and more.
I covered his filing and a national security event in NH:

VP position requires different skill set.

If I was picking the President, it would be Ted. But as a VP to Trump, Newt is the best choice. He is incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, has more experience gaining consensus on Congress, and developes well thought out solutions that can really work.
The VP does not make policy but should be able to assist the President in seeing his policies implanted. I also don't expect Trump's VP to benefit from his coattails.
Finally, I would rather see Cruz spend 40 tears on the Supreme Court than a few tears in the WH.

"The mainstream media reported that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson was willing to contribute $100 million [2] to Trump’s campaign, but what wasn’t reported was the additional $200 million the establishment offered Trump in exchange for picking Gingrich, one of the first D.C. insiders to try and cozy up to the mogul."


The Trumpster would have to demonstrate profuse apology by opting for a constitutional conservative who would "keep him honest" when ensuring rule-of-law would characterize his efforts ... knowing that he couldn't fire him.

Pray Trump Picks a Good Godly VP

No one is announcing a VP choice before the Convention which is very sage advice. Let us pray that Trump picks a Godly VP, and one which will prove an asset to him as well as our broken country. Jeff Sessions is one such man in my opinion.


Read about Mr. Gingrich's "Contract With America." This is a very informative and a good reason to have Newt Gingrich as V.P.; he believes in America too as does Donald Trump.

Newt----NO NO NO

Newt's days are gone, He was part of Nafta and other things, old Rino

Not Newt

If Trump foolishly chooses Newt Gingrich, he signs his own death certificate.

Newt is a lifelong establishment politician. Either party will have an incentive to arrange an unfortunate accident happen to Trump. The two parties know they can't control him and Trump is spoiling their collective monopoly. Newt however, CAN be controlled and is a member of the CFR and will play the NWO political games for both parties.

The person Trump needs to pick for VP, is one who will be more of a threat to both parties if Trump is incapacitated or deceased. That is HIS life insurance policy! Someone who will continue on to complete Trump's goals without a hiccup.

Newt is waaay too old to follow on as president

Come on... I know too many of these old guys. Newt should be in the cabinet but if Trump goes for 8, then Newt would be about 80 years old. We need someone that can try for a follow-on 8.


People you have to get the book by Arthur R. Thompson, INTERNATIONAL MERGER by Foreign Entanglements. It's an easy read and so help me your eyes will be opened to what government officials are doing. Newt said USA in the WTO that's the World Trade Organization would hurt USA and then he voted for it. Please remember what NAFTA did to you under Clinton, and now some of these same people want us in the TTP and TTIP, it's NOT FREE TRADE, for the LOVE of GOD before we lose our Nation and FREEDOMS READ THIS BOOK!!


The Newt has repeatedly called for a single-payer healthcare system in his books.

Doesn't matter

We aren't electing VP to run the nation only to be the Segway between Trump and the Congress. Newt is the only person on the list who actually can get them to negotiate with Trump so he doesn't have to spend 4 or 8 years playing the Executive Order card. I don't care what Newt says in his books or promised in the past that is NOT his new job. his new job as VPOTUS is to do what Trump tells him to do and get it done. For that he will be awesome and we as a union will benefit. Dr D

I agree Newt for V.P.

Every time I see Newt,I think what a great VP he would make. My family agrees.

he is a spinning-chameleon...

...and untrustworthy [mirroring The Donald, in that regard].