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CHQ 2016 GOP Vice Presidential Straw Poll Top Choices

The choice Donald Trump makes for Vice President will make – or break – the deal he needs to conclude with conservatives to cement a winning populist – conservative coalition.

However, beyond saying he "wants a vice president who knows Washington, is able to deal with the Congress and could be viewed as somebody who could be president" Trump has given little indication who he might select as his running mate. What conservative do you think best fits the job description given for Vice President on a Trump ticket? CHQ readers have narrowed the field, now you decide?

Who will Trump choose for VP?

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Trump VP

Jim Jordan for VP because Trump needs Ohio to win. Plus Jordan has an "A" rating at conservative review. He's articulate and presents himself well.

Newt would be better served as Trump's Chief of Staff to deal with Congress.

We need to keep Sessions in the Senate where the vote for Supreme Court Justice will be needed.

Santorum is a nice guy but MEH.

And while I'm at it here's a few more:

Sheriff Joe as head of Homeland (I would actually get rid of Homeland and leave it to the FBI)
Sheriff Clarke as FBI Director
Rudy Gulliani as Atty Gen
John Bolton as Sec of State
Ben Carson as Surgeon General
Alan West or Jack Keane as Secretary of Defense
Chris Christi as Inspector General
Alan West or Jack Keane as Head of the Veterans Admin.
Supreme Court: Andrew Napolitano
enough for now.

VP Choice

I think Condelesa Rice Would be a good VP choice on 2 accounts...Blacks and women...and her background in government


Sarah Palin is my VP Choice! She would bring a lot to the ticket!

Trump's VP

Colonel Alan West

VP pick

None of the above. Trump needs to pick either Cruz or Rubio to heal
the party and he needs Florida, plus Rubio is more likeable, so I pick

likeable rubio?????

In my book rubio is not likeable.
I guess you agree that we need to give amnesty to 11+ million illegal alien invaders who came into our country and take jobs away from American citizens.


write in Marco Rubio

Trump's Four Remaining Possible Vice-Presidential Picks

 There are four contenders left on Trump's short-list, that are purportedly under consideration (by Trump) to be chosen as Trump's Vice-Presidential running mate!They are: (1) Sen. Jeff Sessions; (2) Newt Gingrich; (3) Rick Santorum; and (4) Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4).Please feel free to let your 'voice' be 'heard' ... by voting for the one you would see as the best choice for a Vice-Presidential running mate (out of these last four remaining)!P.S.: Personally?  I chose the greatest and most honorable, trustworthy (and truest) conservative among them (i.e., Sen. Jeff Sessions)! 

Correction: CHQ's 4 remaining choices ...

...NOT Trump's 4 remaining choices.

We do not even know if any of CHQ's four remaining choices are even on Trump's last 4 remaining choices.

Personally, I don't think they are.

But if folks want to vote on CHQ's 4 remaining choices, go for it. I'm still waiting for the write-in option to be returned.

Vice President pick

Rick Santorum is not the best pick for VP. Actually Jeff Sessions should be the Number 1 Pick as Donald Trump's Vice President. Jeff Sessions is a honest person and a very intelligent leader. Santorum is on the take.

VP Pick For Trump

I'm with you...Jeff Sessions is the best man for the job, and would be one who would court Evangelicals very well indeed. Good solid Conservative, good family man, with good moral values.

Still Gingrich

The only other person who'll take of the press with gusto and a little more finesse than the Donald.
The man who can put legislative deals together.
The man who is accustomed to navigating a hostile house or senate.

I's still rather see Cruz as VP, but acknowledge that bridge is pretty well burned.

Pick Gingrich

Gringrich has backed Trump when others would not. He has the Washington experience to help Trump through the maze.

More conservative than Romney isn't enough

Santorum didn't win many friends among true conservatives during his last run, and he exploited his sick daughter for sympathy votes.

I call him "Sanctimonium" because he lays the piety on a bit thick.

I realize Viguerie is looking for the best fit amongst a poor bunch, but this one just doesn't appeal, and I looked quite carefully in 2012.

Choice for VP--Arkansas Gov. Hucklebee

He would give many Christians as well as others who are confused by the left wing false tellers.

Huckabee was driven out for good reason

He's a nice man and a great TV host, but being Christian isn't enough.
Raising taxes and fees on Arkansans while pretending to have lowered them disqualified him the first time he ran for president, and was the reason that Iowa wouldn't even look at him a second time.


I would also recommend Sessions, but I think he can be far more help to President Trump where he is in the Senate.

Vice Presidential Pick

Personally I would like to see out of the names listed, Rick Santorum.

Best Choice is not Listed

Why isn't Lt. Col. Allen West listed? A real American hero who like Trump doesn't pull punches. He is my real 1st choice!

Stay Well, Safe, Free & Brave!McBP3

None of the above

And why did you take away the write-in option?

Incidentally, Santorum IS a big government Republican. Read his "It Takes a Family."

His family values include a federal government program opening a bank account for every baby born in the USA and the feds depositing a small amount of $ until the child reaches 18, to "teach children about the value of savings."

Erm, no. Just ... no.

And to those who say he can help win PA?

Did he not lose his senatorial reelection campaign in 2006 by 18 points????

I really wish both politicians and politician enablers would come back to the Real World of Real People taking Real Votes and reading the Real Words of said politicians.

VP choice

Rick Santorum would be a great choice for VP, he has the legislative experience Trump needs, plus he will get the Evangelical votes needed to get Trump elected. He got 11 million votes in the 2012 primary, and would have beat Romney if he had stayed in past the Pennsylvania primary.

I agree rick santorum would be a great pick

I think rick and mike huckbee would be excellent pick,you do not know what you talking about I live in arkansas and mike did a great job you got to remember he was the first repulican always were democrats they even nail his door shut from the inside so he could not even get into his office,he is a grea christian and his wife Janet would be a great first lady,he always stood as a christian and never waver,when he keft office after 10 and half year he left good old boy Beebe 950 surplus money you are never ggoing to find a perect person

Republican VP choice...

How about Sarah Palin? That would stop Hillary Clinton from using the woman card and will make the Donald tone down on the so called women issues of his.

Trump VP Pick - Santorum

If Donald Trump would choose RICK SANTORUM as his VP, it would be a great choice, for the reasons you listed. No one else has the experience Santorum has to get things done. No one else has the conservative, pro-life, pro-marriage record that Santorum has. He's trusted by conservatives and would ease a lot of anxious minds who are not trusting Trump's rhetoric.

No one else has campaigned authentically on the blue collar message. Rick Santorum OWNS this message and even wrote a book on it. He hales from a grandfather who was a coal miner, a LEGAL immigrant who came t the US the right way. Santorum gets that American workers should come FIRST. All immigration policies should be good for America. He's unafraid, courageous, bold. He's feisty, a fighter, a man who has had national exposure, already been vetted, and was the 3rd highest ranking member of the US Senate. He was the author of welfare reform and an authority on Islamic Terrorism and his foreign policy experience and wisdom is unmatched.

He's the one to UNITE the Republican party and Donald Trump is smart enough to recognize a gold mine when he sees it.

Just a wise choice, Trump

Just a wise choice, Trump said he was looking for someone who could work with congress.

Sen Santorum would be an

Sen Santorum would be an exceptional choice for VP! He is better than any of the other choices out there if you ask me!

Santorum for VP

Santorum for VP

Rick Santorum has been my

Rick Santorum has been my choice since 2008 election.
I commend Donald for considering him for a running mate.
A wonderful choice.
Thank you.

i'm from pa...

...and consider Rick to be a liberal-spending Virginian who, when I confronted him during the GOP's NE-USA Conference a year ago in Philly, refused to support freeing Jonathan Pollard.

He's preferentially GOPe, and he's not constitutionally LIMITED-GOVERNMENT conservative.

Reinforcing the Executive Branch's dictatorial power-mongering isn't desirable, and his touting welfare reform [of which i heard him speak a quarter-century ago] plus his devotion to his Bella [of which he has incessantly spoken over the years] do not humanize his strongly "It takes a Family" posturing.

He is for constitutionally

He is for constitutionally limiting big government. I've heard him speak about cutting out government several times. Your attack on his love for his child is ridiculous.

his voting record supports big-government...

...and insertion of Bella into his stump speeches is overbearing.

I also don't appreciate his aloof bearing, snooty mien, and inability to explain-away his having avoided PA-taxes for his kids [years ago].