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Presidential Horse Race 2016: After Orlando, can we please focus on the two-person race?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Donald Trump has been struggling the past few weeks, searching for a way to regain his leg-up on messaging for the general election now that he’s secured the Republican nomination.

Sunday morning’s heinous terrorist attack in Orlando provided Trump all the reason he needed to refocus the Awful Hillarycountry’s attention back on an issue where he speaks from authority.

Naturally Trump wasted no time in announcing his thoughts on what happened in Florida.

Robert King of the Washington Examiner reports, “Donald Trump doubled down on calling for a ban on Muslims, attacking Hillary Clinton for welcoming migrants from Middle Eastern countries if she becomes president.

“Trump also said in a statement Sunday that if Clinton refuses to say the words ‘radical Islam’ then ‘she should get out of the race for the Presidency.’ Trump has previously called for a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S., a policy that has earned condemnation from many in both parties.”

Though I haven’t really heard (or looked) about how Hillary Clinton reacted to the events, I’m guessing it’s some form of “the actions of one man do not reflect negatively on the peaceful Muslim community and we must continue to resist the bigoted calls of Donald Trump and the Republicans to ban all Muslims from entering the country.”

Trump’s call to examine the issue is not playing politics with tragedy, either. Every sane person knows it shouldn’t take another San Bernardino, Orlando or Boston to realize terrorists are now lying in wait here in America and it is simple common sense not to encourage more to come here through a ridiculous immigration policy cloaked in humanitarian terms but is really just like laying out a welcome mat for patient terrorists.

Obama has already tried to switch the focus to gun control. It’s really hard to fathom how divided the country is when it comes to a simple understanding of our own security. Only leadership is going to conquer ignorance in this case.

We would hardly expect a rational response from the Democrats. The real question is how #NeverTrump will react to the reality check. Putting Hillary in charge for the next four years would be more dangerous than ever. It’s time we wake up to the fact.

And let’s not forget Libertarian Gary Johnson said just last week in a very untimely interview that the threat of radical Islam is “overblown”.

The disgusting attack in Orlando provides #NeverTrump a convenient means to alter their direction. Let’s see if they take it.

Now more than ever, #NeverTrump must accept the things they cannot change

Speaking of #NeverTrump, I’ve got to hand it to them in one sense. They have to know in their hearts they’re going nowhere but they still don’t give up.

I’ve compared their situation to camping out in a prison cell that they refuse to leave. The lock is picked, the door is all-but open and the guards are looking the other way but they won’t get off the cot and exit the building. By now, the irrational #NeverTrumpers are probably considering the last potential act of civil disobedience to draw attention to their cause … a hunger strike.

Perhaps Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol should throw a big #NeverTrump banquet with no food to get their message across. When the introductory music stops, they can jointly announce “We won’t eat until Donald Trump is removed from the Republican ticket.” Think of the media coverage such an act would generate...maybe even a daily countdown on the evening news.

But seriously, at some point they all need to admit 2016 is an outlier year and accept there are just two choices now: The Donald and Hillary… and then go have a cheeseburger.

A vote for anyone but Trump (or no vote at all) helps Hillary win. Period.

One interesting development that came out late last week was a piece by #NeverTrump leader Erick Erickson, who claims he’s been talking to a lot of folks and Republican power brokers are giving Trump two more weeks before they purge him in favor…drumroll please…Scott Walker.

Erickson writes in The Resurgent, “If Trump can go the next two weeks without unforced errors and can do interviews along the way without embarrassing himself or the party, his nomination is assured. Trump has to be able to go out, without the Teleprompter, give speeches, and also give press interviews. If he hides in a bunker for the next two weeks, he will damage himself with prominent Republicans and donors. They need to see that he really is growing up and toning down…

“But if Trump cannot control himself and exercise self-discipline in the next two weeks, the Republican convention is going to spiral out of control and look to a savior. That savior is most likely going to come from Wisconsin. It will not be Paul Ryan, but Scott Walker.”

Erickson was seriously ill recently and I’m beginning to think this whole #NeverTrump thing has not only affected his health but his rationality.

Simply put, there’s no way the elites will depose Trump and put Scott Walker in his place – especially now, after Orlando. Granted, I’m not privy to the same “sources” Erickson is consulting, but I do believe I have common sense on my side.

I realize the Republican establishment, led by Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus are probably having a near-meltdown over the loose-tongued Donald Trump representing their party in November. Trump won’t be tamed and at best, takes their “advice” as a suggestion rather than an order.

Trump isn’t beholden to the party at all and that fact is eating at the insides of the GOP top brass. He’s resisted raising money for the party (a bad thing, by the way), won’t “apologize” for what they view as insensitive and even racist comments, and is still mainly focused on stealing news cycles away from them and Hillary Clinton by promising to deliver an anti-Clinton exposé speech this week (we’ll see if Orlando changes those plans).

About the only sign recently that Trump is willing to change at all was the presence of a teleprompter at his victory address last Tuesday. But even then, you could tell just by watching his remarks that Trump added a lot of his own emphases to whatever words were projected onto that tiny little clear screen.

Even when Trump reads a prepared speech, “The Donald” is still very much in attendance.

At the same time, while it’s true Scott Walker rescinded his support for Trump last week over the Mexican judge flap, there’s no evidence he did so as a precursor to stepping into Trump’s shoes as nominee when The Donald is forcibly removed.

In his piece, Erickson also adds Ted Cruz would need to be onboard with such a plot. Inserting Cruz into the mix adds yet another variable. As I argued on Friday, I believe Cruz wants no part of this “coup” business because he’s smart and knows there’s no popular groundswell of support for it.

If the People aren’t behind it, it is not going to work.

All of this talk about ditching Trump at the party convention is being stirred up by a collection of establishmentarians and the #NeverTrump folks who reflexively jump on every off-the-wall remark Trump says in order to say, “See, I told you so!” and reopen their crusade to once again find an alternative.

As I’ve suggested in the past, these worriers should take the Serenity Prayer to heart:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.


Amen indeed.

Carly Fiorina embodies the real legacy of early suffragettes

As she always does, during her victory speech last Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton made hay out of the fact she’s the first female major party nominee for president. To Hillary and the abortion loving leftist feminist movement that is her base of support, the fact she has two X chromosomes gives her some sort of righteous power to make sound and rational decisions in the political arena.

The only problem is a lot of women aren’t going along with Hillary’s narrative, including Carly Fiorina. The former presidential (and vice presidential) candidate set the record straight on what the original feminists would have thought of Hillary.

Dan Spinelli of Politico reports Carly said, “’So many of those suffragettes would have disagreed strenuously with Hillary Clinton, but they also would have defended her right to disagree with them,’ Fiorina told a gathering of conservatives in Washington, referencing a video released by Clinton on Tuesday that featured some of those early women's rights activists. ‘I bring this up because unfortunately feminism is no longer a term that’s used to enable or empower women.’”

Far from empowering women, Clinton merely enhances the notion women can only advance by playing the gender identity card. When Obama (in his endorsement video) called Clinton perhaps the “most qualified” candidate ever, what are those qualifications really based on?

Hillary first achieved national fame and wealth by virtue of her husband’s political career. She won her New York Senate seat because she had been First Lady. She ran for president because of her last name and then was given the Secretary of State appointment by Obama as a consolation prize after losing the nomination in 2008.

Since resigning from the State Department after Obama’s first term, Hillary’s been busy defending her horrible decisions while in office and setting up her second presidential run.

Would riding the backs of prominent men to get where she is today have made the original feminists proud?

I think not. No one would even know who Hillary Clinton is today if not for Bill. She’d just be another bitter whiner contributing to Planned Parenthood and complaining about the non-existent glass ceiling.

On the other hand, Carly Fiorina’s unique life story is the true embodiment of the “feminist” ideal. She’s successful on her own and is a much better role model for American girls. I hope Donald Trump will take her background into consideration when contemplating the personnel for his administration.

I still think she would make a terrific White House Press Secretary. Talk about fireworks…

Mitt Romney’s losing it over Donald Trump

Finally today, yet another sign the #NeverTrump contingent is coming unglued comes in the form of the recent desperate behavior from none other than Mitt Romney himself.

The 2012 Republican nominee hasn’t called for a hunger strike as I suggested above, but it’s clear the strain of being force-fed Donald Trump as the GOP standard bearer this year is becoming more than Mitt can stand.

He’s even resorting to cutting into the 2016 Republican field for failing to stop Trump.

Alex Isenstadt of Politico reports, “During a question-and-answer session with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer before around 250 Republican donors gathered here for the Romney-hosted Experts and Enthusiasts summit, the former Massachusetts governor said this year’s group of primary candidates misplayed their hand. By spending months attacking each other and ignoring Trump, he argued, they made a severe tactical error that allowed Trump — who Romney has criticized as a ‘con man’ and a ‘fraud’ — to escape unharmed…

“Romney reserved particular scorn for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who Romney endorsed late in the primary process.”

Isenstadt added Romney appeared to tear-up when discussing Trump’s takeover of the party.

It’s more than a little curious Romney would start blaming the 2016 field for Trump when there were so many “rumors” about him getting back into the race that he’s consistently denied – but usually with some sort of “maybe if…” attached.

The fact he’s now attacking the purest conservative in the field, Ted Cruz, shows Romney was never sincere himself in stopping Trump. If he and other establishment figures had rallied to Cruz early instead of maintaining an ongoing bro-mance with the amnesty-disqualifying Marco Rubio, Ted may have had the support necessary to compete with Trump, especially in the first few voting states.

Far from being the one to blame, Cruz’s strategy allowed him to get pretty far into the process when EVERYONE was pretty much against him.

And lastly on Romney, what about the will of the voters? Blame the players, but not the fans? Romney gave credit to Trump for tapping into voter “anger,” but didn’t give credence to Trump’s message in winning over the hearts of the People.

The voters chose Trump because he was seen as the non-politically correct outsider who would actually do something to break the gridlock in government. He’s hardly a savior, but someone who would at least attempt to address the systematic rot at the heart of Washington.

I felt Ted Cruz would have been a better choice. But Trump won. He’s the one going to be on the ballot with the truly awful Hillary Clinton. Why can’t Romney and the #NeverTrump movement acknowledge it?

If they did, at least they could stop getting emotional and start getting to work.

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We Must Refocus Our Attention on the Two Person Race

The Liberal media is again trying to focus our attention away from the elections and focus on so-called Orlando massacre that killed gays in a night club.
This is nothing but propaganda by these Islamic terrorist groups to put fear in the American people. I agree with Mr.Donald Trump that our security
is at risk because of some Muslims coming into the U.S. from high risk countries that sponsor terrorist activities. That's why Hillary Clinton wants to become President so that she can turn this country into an Islamic State and enforce Sharia Law which will be very bad for America.
When Mr. Trump becomes the next president he will strengthen our security against these Islamic terrorists groups by destroying their support network and training centers to keep us and our ally Israel safe from these terrorists groups.
Mitt Romney and the" Never Trump" are not for Trump because they want to appease these terrorists groups and work with the Democrats to continue supporting these terrorists groups which Republican Conservatives are strongly opposed to.


Proof once again we can't coexist, with Muslim terrorist, their agenda is to over populated and take over. What part does our so call government don't understand, and Hillary and the government legal system should step aside and let the FBI prosecuted Hillary and all those involve,