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My Meeting With Donald Trump - Part 1 of 4

Donald Trump


Last Tuesday, as was lightly reported in the news media, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump conducted a series of meetings with cultural conservative leaders, activists and thinkers.

I was privileged to serve on the steering committee brought together by Bill Dallas, leader of United in Purpose, who, along with the leaders of, organized the meetings.

Tempting as it was to rush my initial thoughts and comments out to the pages of CHQ, I wanted to let what I saw and heard sink in a little before I went public and shared with you my take on the meetings.

One point I think that is important to make on the front end of my comments is that, while the news media portrayed the events as Donald Trump meeting with “Evangelicals,” the meetings at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square included about 1,000 individuals representing most of the conservative movement’s cultural conservative organizations, interests and issues.

Thus, the meeting included Conservative Catholics and a broad cross section of pro-family, pro-life and traditional values advocates. Virtually every cultural conservative organization, interest and issue was represented in the large town hall-style meeting. 

However, given the breadth of the interests in the room, obviously not everyone was going to get their specific question answered or their narrow issue addressed.

So, what was my overall impression of Trump and his command of the conservative agenda, especially the cultural conservative agenda?

I’d say that my overall impression was that, like Barry Goldwater in 1964, Donald Trump is going to run as himself; he didn’t come in the room and pander or tell us what we wanted to hear.

He spoke in generalities and “open and educable” would seem to be the best general descriptors of Trump’s demeanor during the large meeting and in the smaller meeting he conducted with the members of the steering committee.

Those attendees who were looking for Donald Trump the secular businessman to make a “road to Damascus” conversion and before our eyes morph into Donald Trump the cultural conservative warrior were no doubt disappointed.

I had no such expectation, however what Trump said gave me confidence that supporting him is the right thing to do.

Why? Because this election is now a binary choice: Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump.

So, it is to Trump that right-of-center voters will have to look if our country and constitutional liberties are to survive.

And make no mistake, this election is about the survival of the country that Donald Trump has promised to make great again.

Obama, Hillary Clinton and their far-left allies have increased the tempo of their assaults on constitutional liberty and the external threats to our national security and domestic tranquility have grown ever greater.

Does Donald Trump think and speak like a longtime movement conservative? Of course not.

But after meeting with Trump I find it very strange indeed that many of the same individuals who decry Donald Trump’s deviations from conservative orthodoxy were quick to try to explain away the Romney family’s support for Planned Parenthood and other decidedly anti-conservative organizations and institutions.

If you think Trump can’t be trusted or that he won’t fulfill his promises I say grow up and get in the real world – no politician, including Ronald Reagan the greatest president of my life time, fulfills 100% of their campaign promises.

The question is not will Trump bat 1000?

It is will Trump try to undo the damage eight years of Obama and a feckless GOP Congress have inflicted upon America? And the undoubted answer to that is YES.

For those who say they are #NeverTrump because “Donald Trump is not a conservative” on this and that issue I’m curious as to what version of conservatism they subscribe to – the George W. Bush version that says Islam is a religion of peace and led us into an apparently endless and inconclusive war in the Middle East, or the Donald Trump version that says defeat radical Islam wherever we find it?

Or maybe it is the Paul Ryan version of conservatism that says we should fund Obama’s extra-constitutional amnesty for illegal aliens, the Planned Parenthood Industry of Death and a grotesque list of crony government raids on the taxpayers for things like “green energy” and bailouts of Puerto Rico?

Many of Trump’s establishment critics, such as Paul Ryan, seem to reject even a conversation about the threat of radical Islam. They are all about the econometric model of open borders that is supported by both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and far-left racial interest groups, and they have no interest in cutting spending or limited government, because government power is how they enforce their elitist views on the rest of us.

Donald Trump may not speak with fluency the language of the Bible or of the great modern conservative movement thinkers like Russell Kirk and William F. Buckley, Jr., but he is clearly on the side of country class America on the key issues of rebuilding our economy, ending unlimited legal and illegal immigration, fighting and winning the war Islam has declared on the West and ending the culture of political correctness that is stifling religious liberty and common sense.

Before I met with Trump I thought that when one examined the views of many of the Republican and allegedly conservative #NeverTrump holdouts they are a lot closer to Hillary Clinton and the rest of the DC elite than they are to the views of the millions of country class citizens who turned-out to support Donald Trump in the Republican primaries.

Everything I saw and heard from Donald Trump at the Marriott Marquis reinforced that view.

On June 3 I posted a column on CHQ headlined “Sorry Friends, If You Are #NeverTrump Then You Are #4Hillary” and suggested that readers who were having trouble bringing themselves to vote for Donald Trump look in the mirror and recite the following list:

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton appointing three or four Supreme Court appointments.

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton appointing hundreds of Federal Court Judges.

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton stripping me of my Second Amendment rights.

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton using the power of the IRS and other federal agencies to terminate my First Amendment rights and the First Amendment rights of other Conservatives.

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton expanding Obama’s open borders and unlimited immigration policies.

And, I’m OK with Hillary Clinton deciding the outer limits of my freedom of conscience and whether or not I can worship God and raise my children as my conscience dictates.

I know Hillary Clinton is unalterably opposed to conservatives on those six questions and after meeting with Donald Trump I’m more confident than ever that he is with us on them.

Can Donald Trump breakdown the details of bills conservatives support in this year’s Congress or recite lengthy passages from the Bible like Ted Cruz? No, of course not. But this is now a binary choice: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and in that choice the future of our country does not allow conservatives to be neutral or indifferent.

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Presidential Election Polls

I've been hearing a lot about how Trump is sliding in the polls. If very many other people are like me, they quit voting in the polls after all the other candidates were eliminated in the primary. Now, the only polls I encounter asking me to vote between Hillary or Trump are in spam emails, which seem to link me to websites that want to harvest my email address so they can sell it to other spammers. So, I don't vote in those polls. I think this might be a valid reason why Trump's poll numbers are down; some of us who support him and fully intend to vote for him aren't able to legitimately show our support.

The Future of an Indepentdent free America

Many have pointed out that the future of our country is held in the outcome of this Novembers elections.
Do we as American citizens choose to remain a Sovereign nation made up of American citizenry or choose the path that president obama and the likes of hillary clinton have laid out for us where citizenship is meaningless and we are just pawns in the economic world created by he chamber of commerce and the business community.
One only needs to look into the visions created by those who believe that foreigners have equal rights as American citizens to understand the danger we all face to our future.
Unfortunately there are those in both parties who have joined in the plan to turn the United States of America into an employment office where citizenship is not a requisite to be employed but more of an obstacle "see the sign that says Americans need not apply". paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are two such Aristocratic political elite hacks who believe that immigration both legal and illegal is something that the American citizens must blindly accept and put up with.
These politicians are correct about one thing, they like to point out, to remind us the American citizens that the hispanic community is the fastest growing group in America, too bad someone doesn't have the brains and the back bone to point out that the only reason the hispanic community is the fastest growing group in America is because they are intentionally flooding the country with both illegal and legal immigrants and giving hispanics the priority in line.
The next fastest group is the muslims and they are even more dangerous to the America that we all grew up in.
One thing that Donald Trump MUST do when he gets elected is to forget the notion of eliminating the department of Education, he MUST use it to turn back the hands of time and use it to teach our children the truth about the American history, our form of government, the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.
Yes we must even if we have to hold our noses vote for Trump because the battle cry must be never hillary, never one world government. We must follow the example of Great Britain and choose our own freedom our own manifest destiny.

In reply to The Future of an Indepentdent free America

You make some excellent (correct) points here.

What is going on now in America is not politics it is a take over of America by the communists and even the RINO’s are assisting in the completion of the obama transformation. I knew the republican party had been infiltrated much like the democratic party but did not know it was to the point it seems to be. Donald Trump is the only person who can save this Constitutional Republic. That is exactly why so many oppose him. He is upsetting their apple cart. When he wins there will be no more business as usual. Just the fact some republicans are willing to vote for hillary is enough to make such a determination. It is difficult to accept but sadly it does seem to be true.

Graft and corruption has permeated the whole country it seems. Surely if hillary is elected a civil revolutionary war will break out. Not only will she be a third term of obama she will be much worse. Because she can be with the supreme court openings. If such a thing does happen it may not end in our lifetime. Americans will be fighting the nation of Islam as well as the supporters of the transformation. If they do get to that point of controlling America they WILL rule the world.