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Muslim Terrorism In America: See Something, Say Nothing

Our friend Philip B. Haney, a founding member, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Customs & Border Protection (CBP), who retired honorably July 31, 2015, yesterday testified before Senator Ted Cruz’s Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts to explain just how deeply the Obama administration’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) antiterrorism program has been See Something Say Nothingpenetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Phil Haney is the author of the must-read book See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government's Submission to Jihad that we strongly recommend to CHQ readers. If every American read Haney’s book Hillary Clinton and a number of willfully blind Republicans, like Speaker Paul Ryan, would be defeated in landslides. 

Haney’s testimony before Ted Cruz’s subcommittee focused on three issues:

The “Great Purge” of Department of Homeland Security counter terrorism records (and personnel) instigated by Muslim Brotherhood agents of influence and conducted by DHS Secretaries Janet Napolitano and Jeh Johnson. 

The names of some of the Muslim Brotherhood organizations and agents of influence Obama has brought into our counter terrorism agencies and operations. 

The connection between these organizations and individuals and, among other incidents, the deadly terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California and Orlando, Florida. 

Haney testified that the first “Great Purge” began October 15, 2009 when he was ordered by DHS HQ to 'modify' linking information in ~820 TECS subject records (most related to the Muslim Brotherhood network in the U.S.), i.e., to remove 'unauthorized references to terrorism.' TECS (not an acronym) is the updated and modified version of the former Treasury Enforcement Communications System. 

TECS is an information-sharing platform, which allows users to access different databases that may be maintained on the platform or accessed through the platform, and the name of a system of records that include temporary and permanent enforcement, inspection, and operational records relevant to the anti-terrorism and law enforcement mission of CBP and numerous other federal agencies that it supports. 

What Haney was ordered to do was delete the “dots” connecting the 820 or so elements of the Muslim Brotherhood network in the United States. 

No more Memoranda of Information Received (MOIR), no more TECS records, no more research on these known Muslim Brotherhood network elements.  

At the exact same time that this was going on testified Haney, a controversial “Inaugural Meeting” occurred on January 27-28, 2010 between American Muslim leaders and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, hosted by the Department of Homeland Security, The Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (DHS-CRCL).  

The inaugural meeting was controversial said Haney, because several of the individuals who attended the invitation-only two-day conference in Washington, DC were known affiliates of two of the same MB front groups that were named as Unindicted Co-Conspirators in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial (i.e., ISNA and MPAC), while a third invited group, the Muslim American Society (MAS), is also a known MB affiliate.  

Then, in the Spring of 2010, at least six individuals with known affiliations to MB front groups, including Omar Alomari (MAS and several other MB-linked organizations), Mohamed Magid (ISNA), Mohamed Elibiary (HLF leaders), Dahlia Mogahed (CAIR, ISNA, MAS & MPAC), Nadia Roumani (American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute AMCLI), and Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Arif Alikhan (MPAC & the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California ISCSC), were appointed to the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group, which was convened under the authority of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). 

By the Spring of 2010, testified Haney, DHS had come to the point that a Customs and Border Patrol Officer was literally removing linking information, the “dots” on Muslim Brotherhood-linked individuals from TECS, while the Administration was bringing the same individuals into positions of influence, to help create and implement our Counter Terrorism Policy, both in the domestic arena, and in the foreign policy arena (as evidenced in our overt support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Syria). 

NOTECHQ readers will recall that Obama and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham all supported anti-American Muslim Brotherhood member former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi over pro-American General al Sisi during the popular uprising that ousted Morsi

Perhaps the most chilling part of Haney’s testimony was his explanation of how on November 15, 2011 he began a temporary assignment at the National Targeting Center (NTC). A short time later, he testified he was assigned to the Advanced Targeting Team (ATT), where he worked exclusively on the Tablighi Jamaat Project, which was quickly upgraded to an 'Initiative,' (i.e., a global level case). 

However, on March 15, 2012, seven lawyers and three high-level DHS administrators met with management personnel at the NTC to express concern for the focus on Tablighi Jamaat, which is not a designated terrorist group, and they said, given that the group is not a designated terrorist group DHS may be discriminating against them, simply because they are Muslims, and thus violating their civil rights and civil liberties. 

Notice the circular logic of Obama’s Homeland Security administrators; we can’t investigate a possible terrorist group, because they have not yet been designated as a terrorist group! 

Haney testified that by July 2012 the Tablighi Jamaat Initiative is “taken in another direction,” (a government-speak euphemism for being shut down). This was done despite the fact that:

[1] in 9 months, the DHS had conducted 1,200 law enforcement actions, 

[2] Haney was formally commended for finding 300 individuals with possible connections to terrorism, and  

[3] 25% of the individuals in Guantanamo Bay had known links to Tablighi Jamaat. 

A month after the Tablighi Jamaat Initiative is “taken in another direction,” testified Haney, the Institute of Islamic Education (IIE) case was entered into TECS. This is the case, says Haney that links directly to both the San Bernardino terrorist’s mosque, and to the Orlando terrorist’s Fort Pierce, Florida mosque. 

However, on September 21, 2012, just a month later, the Second Great Purge as Haney calls it occurred. All 67 records in the Institute of Islamic Education (IIE) case are completely deleted (not just modified) from TECS. 

And even more astonishingly, Haney is in essence purged himself – he was relieved of his service weapon, his access to TECS and other programs is suspended, his Secret Clearance is revoked, and he is sequestered for the last 11 months of his career with no assigned duties. 

Phil Haney was investigated eight times during the Obama administration. Three of those probes ran simultaneously. The government also refused to allow him to see the files relevant to his case and the shuttering of the Tablighi Jamaat investigation. He was forced to obtain them through Freedom of Information laws.  

Haney says emails among the State Department, Homeland Security and other agencies told the real story – the purported civil rights of Muslim foreign nationals overrode the security and quality of life of ordinary Americans who could be killed in a terrorist attack on a Christmas Party or at a night club.  

Now, to understand the damage these purges and influence operations have done to our efforts to counter Islamist terrorism in America, fast forward to the terrorist attacks on San Bernardino and Orlando and an interview Phil Haney gave to WND’s Greg Corombos in the wake of the Orlando Muslim terror attack:

So while FBI Director James Comey says there was no basis to continue the investigation after [Orlando Muslim terrorist] Mateen insisted his pro-terrorist statements were just angry falsehoods expressed in anger to his co-workers, Haney said a few hours of work on Sunday not only proved Mateen was not a lone wolf but his network of influence can be tied to the San Bernardino terrorists. 

After learning that Mateen was affiliated with the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce (Florida), Haney quickly discovered a statement from the center’s imam confirming that Mateen worshiped at the mosque. He said that connection is important to establish before unraveling the rest of the thread. 

“I always follow the same process,” he said. “There are individuals, and there are organizations. They are inseparable, and one always leads to the other.” 

Haney then discovered the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce is affiliated with the Sharia Board of America. 

“Then I find out that the Sharia Board of America is directly linked to an association called the Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation,” said Haney, who then found the foundation was linked to a very familiar group. 

“I’m now realizing I’m about to touch a case that was related to the San Bernardino shootings, the case that the records were deleted from by my own government and a case that was related to the Tablighi Jamaat Initiative that I worked on at the National Targeting Center.  

Ultimately, the Tablighi Jamaat case was shut down by the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security out of concerns that the civil liberties of Muslims would be infringed.” (emphasis added by CHQ) 

But Haney said the trail keeps going, as Rahmat-e-Alam is affiliated with the Darul Uloom Chicago. 

“Now we’re overlapping with the San Bernardino case because the mosque in San Bernardino was called Darul Uloom Islammiya,” said Haney. 

But there’s more. 

“It turns out that the Darul Uloom Chicago organization, which is a madrassa, is directly related to the Islamic Institute of Education case that I worked on as an active-duty officer,” he said. 

“All of it goes back to the Tablighi Jamaat case that I worked on at the National Targeting Center,” Haney explained. “There was only one degree of separation from the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce and that entire network that I worked on back in 2011.” 

If Haney could connect that many dots in an afternoon, why couldn’t the federal government do the same? 

“Did the FBI have access to any of that information? I don’t know,” he said. “Did the [Customs and Border Patrol organization] affiliates have access to this information? Yes, they did. Did anyone put the picture together? It doesn’t look like it.” 

Haney stressed that these links are critical and meaningful because affiliation for Muslims is hugely important. 

“In Islam, there is really no such thing as a lone-wolf individual. In Islam, the sense of community and family is an overriding awareness of everyone,” Haney said. 

Fidelity to the Quran and the Hadith are other pillars of Islamic life, but he said the Islamic approach to homosexuality also cannot be ignored here. 

“There is a fourth component and that the cultural, traditional worldview, that is violently opposed to homosexuality throughout the Islamic world,” he explained. 

But none of that is enough for the government to remove its blinders with respect to radical Islam, according to Haney. 

“They had concerns about civil rights and civil liberties of these individuals, by the way, who are foreign nationals,” Haney said. 

How did the priorities get so mixed up? Haney said it all goes back to one moment. 

“Things really started going sideways after the Holy Land Foundation trial in November 2008, when it was irrefutably proven in federal court that groups like Council on American-Islamic Relations, Islamic Society of North America (and) the North American Islamic Trust were to support for Hamas. That point is the turning point in the history of counter-terrorism,” Haney said. 

“At that point, the administration had to make a conscious decision, whether to act on that law enforcement-based evidence and go forward and shut those groups down or ignore it and create a new policy, And that’s exactly what they did,” he said. “So people like me, who focused on those groups, ran headlong into the administration’s policy. Many of us suffered because of it. 

The threat of Islamic terrorism, says Phil Haney, does not just come from a network of armed organizations such as Hamas and ISIS, who are operating 'over there' in the Middle East. In fact, branches of the same global network have been established here in America, and they are operating in plain sight (at least to those of us who have been charged with the duty of protecting our country from threats, both foreign and domestic). 

The threat we face today - that continues growing, despite the willful blindness of those who insist on pretending otherwise - are not the tactical methods of violent extremism, terrorism, or even operative verbs such as Jihad, but rather, the historical and universally recognized Islamic strategic goal of implementing Shariah law everywhere in the world, so that no other form of government, including the U.S. Constitution, is able to oppose its influence over the lives of those who must either submit to its authority, become second-class citizens, or perish.

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Dereliction of Duty to Peaceful Muslims and Infidels

Combine Haney’s material with the Benghazi Report and the Republicans have a serious club to wield against the Democrats and Clinton.

From the Benghazi Report, an important line of questions are still unanswered: Who were the perpetrators of the attacks on the Benghazi diplomatic compound and the CIA annex? Where are they now? If they are not dead, why are they not in U.S. custody?

Indications are that many more than ten people were involved from an organization named Ansar al Sharia. One person, abu Khattallah has been captured and is being tried in a court in the United States, but the Department of Justice is not seeking the death penalty. His status is the only one specifically given in the Benghazi Report. The names and locations of the others are not identified.

These questions are important for the safety of American’s everywhere. Making an example of the perpetrators, by depriving them of their liberty and life, should teach the important lesson that Americans, especially diplomats, are not to be harmed, ever. Besides that, President Obama and other administration officials promised to not rest until they were brought to justice.

The administration officials have provided at least ten more reasons to seriously doubt their veracity. And with Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, and Guantanamo Bay, clearly, the Obama Administration continues to be delusional about the necessary measures to protect Americans from bad guys that want to hurt them. It is not a stretch to think that Obama believes that protecting Americans from attacks by bad guys is not an important part of the President’s job. It seems he is more interested in preventing Americans from keeping and bearing arms, and from deriding Allah’s Prophet, Mohammed (pbuh), or one of his followers, whether or not they are Sharia supremacists.

This may have the makings of a “dereliction of duty” case, especially if Andrew McCarthy’s representations are valid about immigration and the “grand jihad” strategy. Maybe Republicans in Congress will take up the challenge, inshallah. It would give them something on which they could agree with Donald Trump.

It should not be hard to make the case that the Obama administration, abetted by the Democrats, is intentionally endangering the lives of peace loving Muslims all over the world, along with infidel Americans. The books are already written. They just have to intelligently read passages from them, out loud. On second thought, they probably will need help from some good speech writers.