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CHQ 2016 GOP Vice Presidential Straw Poll Final Pre Convention Choices

The choice Donald Trump makes for Vice President will make – or break – the deal he needs to conclude with conservatives to cement a winning populist – conservative coalition.

However, beyond saying he "wants a vice president who knows Washington, is able to deal with the Congress and could be viewed as somebody who could be president" Trump has given little indication who he might select as his running mate. What conservative do you think best fits the job description given for Vice President on a Trump ticket? CHQ readers have narrowed the field, now you decide?

Who will Trump choose for VP?

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Let Newt be Chief of Staff

or an advisory position in the cabinet. Most all of the names above could be put in cabinet positions.

Christie would be an excellent pick for Attorney General. And I'd like to see John Bolton as our Secretary of State...what a monumental change that would be from the past several in that position! Rudy Giuliani should be in charge of straightening out the Homeland Security department.

Jeff Sessions would make a superb Supreme Court appointee to fill the Scalia vacancy. Since RBG has said she will move to New Zealand when Trump takes office, it looks like there will be two immediate openings on the Court to fill. I also have read that Clarence Thomas is thinking about retirement...that will bring up #3. Strong on constitutional law should be the top consideration...along with strict enforcement of our CURRENT immigration laws.

Is it true that all federal judges have to submit their resignations when requested by the president? I seem to recall that Clinton did that when he took office. It would be an excellent opportunity to clean house in the court system and have law and order restored. Wrist slaps should be a thing of the past. Law-abiding citizens are tired of witnessing lawbreakers being let off with no punishment. It doesn't help when governors (MI and LA lately) say 'closing down major highways in protest isn't a criminal offense' - that certainly ought to encourage the protesters to get out on more highways since there is no fear of punishment.

We need strong law and order...plain and begin to Make America Great Again!

Thanks for returning the write-in option! :)

But I think you're missing a "Senator" from Santorum's entry. :)

And I'm unclear why you have Cruz listed twice?

And why you have two options (Cruz/Cotton) on one vote?

Still Newt

Newt's the best negotiator for getting tough choices through Congress, and has broader appeal than Santorum who manages to come across as holier than thou.

I'm sticking to Newt as my first choice out of this bunch.
I'd take Pence as #2, but that religious freedom waffling did him a lot of harm nationally.
I don't believe that either Donald or Ted could bring themselves to make nice after that campaign, so I believe Cruz is out.

If you're upset with Pence's waffling on religious freedom ...

... as am I BTW, how in the world can you be for Newt?

He has waffled and crossed the aisle on every issue and with every Dem from Pelosi to Paul Ryan. (Yes, Ryan has helped the Dem party platform more than the Repub platform for quite a while now.)

And in the age of TV, two old rich white guys fulfills all the stereotypes for low-information voters - of which there are far more than informed voters - of GOP candidates going back for a long while now.

Informed voters know that Nixon should have beat JFK by a wide margin, and if radio were still the only medium back then, he would have, since everyone who listened to the first televised debate thought Nixon won. But everyone who watched on TV picked the young, glamorous JFK.

Two old white men, no matter how qualified, will not work.

Not with one woman on the other ticket.

And certainly not with two, should Hillary pick Elizabeth Warren.


He is a Idiot.
100% pure Idiot.
I am being nice when I write that.

I've always liked Santorum.

I've always liked Santorum. However, he is so low key that you don't really know he's there.

Wait! You forgot Cruz in your list

Rick Santorum would be a good choice, but Rick doesn't have any delegates to bring to the table. I would hope Trump picks Cruz as his running mate, assuming his delegates support Trump's presidential nomination. Such an appointment will, of course, automatically insure Cruz will be sued in almost every state over his nbC qualification, and, thus, force the SCOTUS to address this issue.* Either way, Trump becomes president and the nation gains an understanding of just what an Art. II, Sec. I, Cl. 5 natural born Citizen is for generations of Americans to come. With any luck, the case will be carried over and through Trump's election and the selection of the 9th SCOTUS Justice and Cruz would be removed from office. I am not sure how the procedure for replacing a VP is accomplished, but Rick would be a good replacement VP for Trump.

I got dibs on Georgia!

* Statutory Citizens of the United States at birth are not ipso facto Art. II, Sec. I, Cl. 5 natural Citizens of the United States by birth.

Forgot Cruz

I think omitting Cruz from the possible VPs is alright. Rick Santorum might not have any delegates, but he has all the qualifications needed to be vice president or president. He has extensive knowledge of foreign affairs which is sorely needed to get our country back where it should be in the world. He supports the "average" citizen, returning jobs to the U.S., stopping the influx of illegal aliens... I could go on and on about his qualifications, but I'll just say one more thing. With Rick Santorum, what you see is what you get. He is exactly who he says he is.