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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Day two of Republican Convention makes Trump official

Just one day after what the media depicted as utter chaos at the Republican National Convention, order was “restored” in Cleveland on Tuesday and Republicans got about the business of officially nominating their presidential ticket and continuing the barrage of truth against Crooked Hillary Clinton.

While the convention’s second day lacked the media sensation of the first, it still had its high points.

Republican conventionAnd whereas Monday night’s program largely lacked a tangible Republican establishment presence, the party elites were out in force on Tuesday night, headlined by Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Ryan, at least, could scarcely hide his misgivings about the party’s presidential nominee by barely mentioning Trump’s name.

Susan Ferrechio of the Washington Examiner reports, “House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has struggled to align himself with GOP nominee Donald Trump, on Tuesday called on the party to unite behind him in order to defeat Hillary Clinton and end Democratic control of the White House…

“Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, who ran as the GOP vice presidential candidate alongside Mitt Romney in 2012, told the crowd it was time to put their differences aside in order to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the White House.”

Ryan and his establishment friends mostly stuck to the “let’s defeat Hillary” theme, which I have a feeling is going to be the rallying call for the balance of the campaign from the establishment. In that sense it really isn’t all that different than Mitt Romney’s “defeat Obama, don’t elect me” premise from four years ago.

That’s okay, Donald Trump will do more than enough talking about what he intends to do to make up for the establishment’s lack of content and backbone.

So will Trump’s children, who are becoming a major presence in the nominee’s quest to Make America Great Again. Daughter Tiffany and Donald Trump Jr. spoke on Tuesday night, following up on wife Melania Trump’s solid performance from the previous evening.

Tiffany spoke first, delivering a sweetly worded tribute to her father who supported her and gave her confidence to go out and do great things without fear.

Later in the evening, Donald Trump Jr. brought down the house with what many commentators said was the best speech of the evening. Establishment media talkers will probably lean towards Chris Christie’s all-out criminal “prosecution” of Hillary Clinton, but I think the nominee’s oldest son scored more points with the folks across the country.

“We didn’t learn from MBAs. We learned from people who had doctorates in common sense,” Donald Jr. said in arguing his dad is first and foremost a practical man who cares a lot more about results than he does about pedigrees.

Another effective testimonial to Trump’s character was delivered by LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis, who relayed a story about how she played a round of golf with Trump where he inspired her to not only excel on the links, but also to pursue her dreams in business.

And most importantly, not to allow the male-dominated world to stand in her way or use it as an excuse.

Ben Carson spoke near the end of the program and made a few quips about the primary process while advocating for Trump’s election. The soft-spoken former neurosurgeon isn’t long on words but the people love him.

All in all, a very nice program.

As part of the “establishment strikes back” theme of the evening, other elites to take turns at the speaker’s podium (besides Ryan, McConnell and Christie) were House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senators Ron Johnson and Shelley Moore Capito.

Lastly, Tuesday night’s theme was “Make America Work Again,” which was introduced by none other than Dana White, President of the mixed martial arts organization Ultimate Fighting Championship.

White’s clearly a tough guy, just like Donald Trump. White talked about how Trump encouraged him to build his business and has kept in touch over the years despite not having any connection to White’s business and obviously no financial interest.

I can’t help but think if Trump is elected president, a lot more people will be “working” again. And the campaign goes on to achieve just that.

It’s official: Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee

After a year’s worth of campaigning, over a dozen Republican debates and televised town halls, tens of thousands of miles traveled, millions of words spoken and countless dollars spent, Republicans finally have an official presidential nominee.

Think about it…all of that just to remove the word “presumed” from “nominee.”

After the roll call of the States early Tuesday evening, Donald J. Trump finally surpassed the magic 1237 delegate vote threshold to take the top spot in the GOP. Trump’s home state of New York put him over the top, with Donald Trump Jr. at the microphone dedicating the victory to his dad.

It was only fitting, perhaps, that Trump’s best political friend, Senator Jeff Sessions, placed his name in nomination to start the festivities.

Jonathan Easley of The Hill reports, “Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions officially nominated Donald Trump for president to huge rounds of applause at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Tuesday.

“Sessions, who is Trump’s top ally on Capitol Hill, lauded the billionaire as a disrupter who has tapped into the unease felt by Americans across the country.”

The state by state vote went surprisingly smoothly with no major or prolonged disruptions from any of the various state delegations. Their votes went largely according to the results from the primaries and caucuses, meaning there was no pressure to cast all the votes for Trump alone. Even home state Ohio quietly gave its 66 votes to sore loser absentee Governor John Kasich and everyone moved on.

The final tally included 1725 votes for Trump, 475 for Ted Cruz, 120 for Kasich, Marco Rubio had 114, 7 for Ben Carson, 3 for Jeb Bush and 2 for Rand Paul.

Jeb Bush had nearly unanimous backing from the party establishment and ended up losing to Trump 1725 to 3. All the negative ads in the world couldn’t elevate Jeb. No wonder he didn’t show up at the convention.

I see no problem with each state voicing its own preferences for each candidate. In years past, candidates were pressured to release their delegates in the name of party “unity.” That was always a phony concept, so this year was kind of refreshing, really.

With the nomination now safely in Trump’s hands, it also spells the official end of the #NeverTrump movement, the loosely defined group formed at the beginning of March to oppose Trump at all costs. They gave it a good run but there just weren’t enough of them to stop the Trump train.

While a few establishment politicians and conservative media figures remain on the sidelines, most have recognized that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is going to be president next year. When given those two candidates as possibilities, the choice is easy.

For better or worse, Donald Trump is the official 2016 Republican nominee. It’s time to unite behind him and Mike Pence (who was also officially approved by the delegates) in the effort to save the country from certain ruin under Hillary Clinton.

Trump was not the first choice of over half of us, but he represents our point-of-view now. With any and all alternatives officially out of reach, Trump’s the guy.

#NeverTrump’s reaction to the establishment’s heavy-handed rules move was over the top

There’s little doubting the newsworthiness of the dust-up over approving the convention rules on Monday afternoon when #NeverTrump forces combined with a group of seasoned conservatives seeking primary rules reform (for the 2020 nominating process and beyond) to force a pause in the convention program, but some of the media coverage went a little (or a lot) over the top in insinuating complete chaos ensued.

If you listened to the talkers, it’s almost as if the convention ended right there and half the people stormed out.  That’s hardly the case. In reality, the delegates eventually left the floor, the band played and the TV cameras showed a mostly empty arena until people started filing back in for the evening slate of speakers.

Life and the convention went on. It was almost like the incident was forgotten.

Despite this fact, some members of #NeverTrump were back at it on Tuesday with dire predictions of doom for Republicans because they dared to sidestep the coup and nominate Trump.

Erick Erickson of The Resurgent writes, “It will be hard for the GOP to attack the Clinton scandals when they have nominated Trump. It will be hard to say Clinton did not live by the rules when they ignored their own rules.

“The United States of America will not end as a country, despite rhetoric to the [contrary]. But it will now be lost as a beacon of freedom for at least a generation. The creeping tide of socialism will overwhelm our institutions and the American church will all but go into hiding.”

The church must go into hiding…all just because the Republican Party chose Donald Trump?

Erickson went further by boldly proclaiming that the GOP “elected” Hillary Clinton on Monday. That’s a mighty brash prediction considering the voters who would be most upset by what took place probably weren’t even watching the proceedings occurring during the lightly viewed afternoon portion of the schedule.

In fact, it was so blatantly obvious the media was going out of its way to fan the flames (by showing the same clips over and over) that the story lost its import…it became boring.

Sure, the media continued with reports about the confusion all throughout the evening, but they basically just depicted a bunch of people holding up their arms or shouting at the chair rather than the bloody mutiny that was described by the media talkers.

After all, this was a fight over convention rules, people. No one outside of the political realm really understands or cares about such things (whether they should is another matter entirely).

#NeverTrump was not going to succeed in stopping Trump’s nomination even if they had gotten their way and received a roll call vote on the rules. I haven’t seen a single piece of evidence that indicates the anti-Trump forces were anywhere near the number of delegates needed to dump Trump.

To say otherwise is just living in a fantasy world. They just wanted to make trouble and get on TV. Mission accomplished.

And contrary to #NeverTrump’s assertions, it is NOT written in stone that Trump is going to lose to Hillary, because as more people are tuning in to what the Democrat nominee is all about the more they’re turning away from her.

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post reports, “It's hard to overstate just how bad Clinton's numbers are. And a new Washington Post-ABC News poll is the latest to suggest they just keep getting worse — so much so that they are in some ways about as bad as Trump's.”

Seeing as it’s the Washington Post, Blake was quick to point out Trump’s extremely poor polling numbers in his own right, but argued the election likely won’t be determined by a popularity contest anyway, since both candidates are so universally disliked.

So in essence, November’s outcome will boil down to a change versus status quo election. I wholeheartedly believe one, Trump’s numbers will continue to improve over the course of the fall campaign and two, undecided voters will go heavily against Clinton when the time comes.

Others seem to agree – at least that Trump has a very good chance to win. Victor Davis Hanson (in National Review) even offers ten ways Trump can beat Hillary, concluding with, “We have a long way to go till November 8, and the odds are still with Hillary’s establishment money, influence, power, and media. There will be dozens of Trump meltdowns and gaffes to come and always more slams at ‘crooked’ Hillary.

“And never count out what narcissists like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama — or Vladimir Putin — might do, or Obama’s Chicago-like warping of the electoral process. Nonetheless, for a variety of reasons, an unlikely Donald Trump has become a liberal’s worst nightmare, not so much for what he says or represents, but because he still could win — and win in a way, along with the Congress and the prospect of a new Supreme Court, that we have not witnessed in 80 years.”

We are truly living in extraordinary times. #NeverTrump missed its chance to do something about Donald Trump long ago.

For his part, Trump is evolving as a candidate and the speakers from the first two days prove the party is a lot more united around Trump and the Republican agenda than the media would like Americans to believe.

Hillary Clinton is an awful person and an awful candidate. Americans will continue to realize this…and in the end, at least in the electoral sense, it won’t matter a lick what rules decisions went down on Monday, July 18.

Crooked Hillary will announce winner of Democrat Veepstakes day after RNC concludes

Finally today, Republicans will just barely be heading out of Cleveland after the conclusion of the Republican convention on Friday when Crooked Hillary Clinton will try to wrestle the media’s attention back to her corner by making a big announcement.

Kelly Cohen of the Washington Examiner reports, “Hillary Clinton is expected to announce who her vice presidential running mate is on Friday...

“Clinton will be campaigning in Florida on Friday. There was already widespread speculation that the presumed Democratic nominee would be making the announcement at the week's end.”

Media talkers will now be trying to find schedules of those on Hillary’s short list to see who’s going to be in Florida on Friday. The excitement is palpable, isn’t it? Not.

Oddly enough, the Democrat convention begins (in Philadelphia) the following Monday, giving folks only a few days to chew on Hillary’s new running mate and to try and forget about Donald Trump and the damage done to her candidacy inflicted through four days of bashing the likes of which the world has rarely seen.

I’m sure the Democrats will lay it on pretty thick about Trump and Republicans during their event as well, though with the specter of Hillary and her crooked dealings right over their shoulders, it’s going to be a pretty tough sell to make anyone look worse than their own candidate.

In terms of Hillary’s VP choice…does it really matter who it ends up being? Here’s a prediction: it will be a human being, be extremely liberal, want to keep Obamacare, speak out for transgender bathroom rights, justify legalizing millions of illegal aliens, favor universal same-sex marriage, defend mass Muslim immigration and lastly and most importantly, want to kill as many unborn babies as possible, preferably paid for with federal tax dollars.

Donald Trump kept people on their toes for weeks concerning his own running mate options. At least in the Republican Party you have somewhat differing views on a multitude of issues. Not so in Democrat-land, where everyone’s a socialist and college tuition should always be free.

Hillary will certainly try to make a splash with her selection, knowing her opponent is a master of media coverage and will take back a good share of attention just by tweeting out his opinions.

With two more days of the Republican convention to go, Friday seems like a long way away. Hillary can have her secret and keep it too…no problem here.

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2016 Presidential Campaign

I sincerely hope that Donald Trump will begin to run a cohesive campaign based on bringing a clear message to all Americans and really reduce the name calling.
We hear the progressive s accuse the American people who oppose the progressive agenda as being islamophobic, being nationalists and protectionists. These accusations must be hit head on.
First, lets begin with the issue of being nationalists, if being a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN citizen is considered as being a nationalist then count me in that group as opposed to those who want to be members of the one world government where national identity is no longer recognized or even exists.
Second if protecting the nations economy and identity for the benefit of our nation and our American citizens is a mortal sin then again count me in for the same reason.
Third if wanting our sovereign nation to be safe from being subjected to the possibility of being attacked by radical islamic terrorists who enter our country under the refugee program or even as a legal immigrant is seen as islamophobic then we as a free nation are doomed to a life of terror and the possibility that we will have to face the decision to convert to islam or fight for our own security in our own country.
Seems to me that if the discussion begins to move in the direction of inclusion rather than diversity or in other words division there is plenty of points to be made by Donald Trump regarding just these three issues that could be used to persuade the independents and perhaps even some in the minority community to vote against the progressive movement.
I would like to hear Donald Trump point out that the diversity that the progressives push on us has caused the division between us. The hyphenated Americans vs. the Americans, those who choose to be American and part of the American society vs. those who want to separate themselves as part of the American society.
I would like to see a campaign ad showing a nicely suited person sitting in the spotlight on the MSNBC news show while Chris Mathews is being told he is being replaced by an illegal alien who will work for less and then ask Chris Mathews how he feels about increased immigration under the H1B visa program and amnesty.
There is so much that can sink the progressives during this election if only the republicans can step up to the plate and show the American citizens the truth about our current predicaments.