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Did Ted Cruz Commit Political Suicide By Not Endorsing Donald Trump?

When Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican National Convention, and refused to endorse Donald Trump for President, he set off a political firestorm.

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, an early supporter of Ted Cruz for President went so far as to say Cruz committed political suicide on national TV. Click here to read Mr. Viguerie's column on Ted Cruz's speech at the Republican National Convention. 

However, many CHQ readers have strongly disagreed saying that, even though Ted Cruz went back on his pledge to support the Republican nominee for President, he stood on principle.

Please tell us what you think: Did Ted Cruz stand for conservative principles when he refused to endorse Donald Trump for President?

Ted Cruz at Texas delegation meeting

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Did Senator Ted Cruz commit political suicide when he refused to endorse
Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention?
Ted Cruz committed political suicide and helped Hillary Clinton when he refused to endorse Trump.
57% (117 votes)
Ted Cruz did the principled thing when he refused to endorse Donald Trump.
43% (88 votes)
Total voters: 205


When the debates started my first choice was Ted Cruz, then Carson, christy, and Trump 4th. Cruz will never ever get my vote because he cares about a silly comment Trump said about his wife and he forgot the American people. He is a traitor to the conservative movement as is Kasich. I believe both these clowns are done

Ted Cruz

I was watching when Cruz pledged to support the Republican nominee. Enough already with politicians who have no honor.


Mr. Ted Cruz's comment was quote "And to those listening. Please don't stay home in November. Stand, and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend your freedom and be faithful to the constitution." end quote. Can anyone explain how this can be twisted to mean that you do not vote for Trump, unless one believes that Mr. Trump is not someone who "you trust to defend your freedom" or be "faithful to the constitution". If Ted's supporters really believe that Trump will defend our freedom and be faithful to the constitution, then why would they not vote for him ? After all, isn't that exactly what Ted has asked of his supporters ? I believe that Mr. Viguerie does us all a great disservice by assuming that we are incapable of knowing for ourselves who is the better candidate for the Office of the POTUS. Mr. Viguerie is also creating dissension with the conservative groups with this kind of rhetoric. It was hard to vote for McCain and then Romney the past 2 general elections and this year is not going to be any easier but for the fact that we cannot have HRC in the White House under any circumstance.

Ted Cruz

Whether Ted Cruz committed political suicide or not is not what I see as the important issue. I was present that night at the convention and I thought Cruz was one of the bravest, boldest, most courageous Republicans I have seen during this political season and in many of the past seasons. He stood by his convictions and gave a powerful speech on what the party needed, he told everyone to vote in November, and he said he was not voting for Hilary. I believe everyone who booed should be ashamed and should offer an apology. I think it hurt the Republican party more than Ted Cruz speaking honestly.
If Donald Trump really wants to boost his chances of winning, he should humble himself and make things right with Ted Cruz, not the other way around. Trump needs all the help he can get and a public apology by going to Cruz would show a stronger character of Trump than currently seen.
It would make a difference to me, because I left the convention with some grave doubts!


Cruz used his opportunity to make his first 2020 campaign speech. It was about him. He misused his position of power and this is a violation of professional ethics. Either endorse or not but do not make a campaign speech for yourself at a national convention after a candidate has been selected. Some say his speech was about the country but it really was about himself and his next campaign and 10% about our country.

Ted Cruz's Principles

I was originally a supporter of Ted Cruz, but are Ted Cruz's principles more important than the future destruction of the United States of America under Hillary Clinton?

Ted Cruz - held to a higher standard than Trump

The rush to condemn Ted Cruz says a lot about those who call themselves conservative.Trump is for abortion until he's against it; neutral on supporting Israel until he's suddenly in support of Israel; for single payer, universal health care until he's for a replacement of ObamaCare. He's scaring the hell out of our allies and won't release his tax returns, yet Ted Cruz is crucified because he would not utter the word "endorse?" This is more evidence that we have entered into a world of madness. I know where Ted Cruz stands on every issue. I'd like to know why Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Richard Viguerie and the host of Cruz critics haven't spent their time getting their Midas to pledge principled positions in order to get the support of constitutional conservatives? Negotiating a contract after you've signed it and the check has cleared is utterly stupid. So spare us your righteous indignation toward Cruz. A day will come when you will come to know how right he was to stand on principle.

Ted Cruz's political suicide

Perhaps Sir, it has to do with the fact that a third term of Obama, which is exactly what we would get from Shrillary, would be just about the most disasterous thing that could happen to our nation.

Even if Trump turned out to be as bad as you and Cruz try to paint him, he would still be far better than one of the most liberal, most corrupt, and least qualified people ever to run for public office -- Hillary Clinton.

You Cruz supporters need to untangle those panties you have tied up in a knot and unite with the rest of the Republican party to defeat Clinton


My opinion he should be cast out of the Republican Party he is a traitor.

Re: Ted Cruz is not a Statesman

Ted Cruz is a Politician not a Statesman. Regardless of the hurtful things said between he and Trump he should stand behind the nominee. He took the pledge and did not stand behind it. I no longer have any respect for Ted Cruz and he will not get my vote if he runs again for his Senate Seat. I will campaign against him here in Collin County, Texas.

Cruz defies logic

Trump would have been better served simply following Newt's positive re-direction of Cruz intent as an endorsement. Yet, let’s look at Cruz and Trump behaviors that preceded the Convention.

During the primary battles Cruz and Trump seemed to have an “informal” mutual non-agression pact up until the Iowa caucus was imminent. Who decide to change first? On caucus day, the Cruz campaign was out pitching that Dr. Carson had dropped out of the campaign and urging supporters switch to Cruz.

As candidates ended their campaigns, I think Trump performed surprisingly well making peace with former rivals for party unity. Carson, Christie, Cruz, Huckabee, Rubio, Santorum, & Kasich were all talked with; and, except for Kasich agreed to endorse. On withdrawing Rand Paul stated he would endorse whoever was the Republican nominee. In my opinion Jeb Bush would be the only candidate that Trump would not have approached for an endorsement.

Now, if we are going to analyze what most likely occurred, it does seem to defy logic that neither Cruz nor Trump would bring up any family insult questions before (!) a Convention speaking slot was agreed to. It seems strange that a man of principle would accept a keynote speech slot without settling the family disagreement first, and then endorsing the winning candidate as pledged. That is, unless that man’s principle is what’s good for Ted.

So many, so wrong

The informed voter must be getting scarce. Cruz did not begin this chicken s*** fight. Every so-called Cruz dirty tricks was NOT. If we laid out Trump's remarks and Cruz's side by side.... Trump would be a mile ahead in dirty politics.

We Must Stand Against the Uncivil and the Unprincipled

No candidate ever pledged to endorse the eventual nominee. "'I'm proud to announce that in a sign of party unity all 17 Republican presidential candidates have pledged to support our eventual nominee,' said RNC Chairman Priebus." The key word is "support." Cruz is surely supporting Trump; he is not opposing him, since we know he doesn't support Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz's millions of Constitutional conservative supporters would have been extremely disillusioned if, after all the vicious, low-class, slanderous lies heaped upon him (and upon all the candidates to some extent) by Donald Trump--a campaign tactic that destroyed not only Trump's competition, but also any chance to intelligently debate the issues--Cruz had given his blessing to that vile behavior. It would have sent the message that winning in the most despicable manner was acceptable. It was not, and there was no good reason for Ted Cruz to impart a false patina of respectability upon the uncivilized manner in which Trump conducted himself throughout the primaries.

Unlike Trump, Cruz supporters respect and admire him precisely because he is so deeply principled and committed to the Constitution. Quite the opposite, the unprincipled Trump didn't care how he won; whatever it took, including lies, insults, smears, and generally bullying his way through the primaries, was fine with him. The American people deserve better. In the future, we must do better to ensure that shallow people, lacking in character and motivated primarily by self-interest, are not able to stampede their way to the GOP nomination.

What's the big deal anyway? Trump says he doesn't need or want Cruz's endorsement. He is confident that he can win, with or without us. So why are Trump people condemning Cruz and, by extension, all of his millions of loyal supporters?

No candidate ever pledged to endorse the eventual nominee.

Thank you for helping set the record straight.

Cruz' endorsement or non-endorsement doesn't matter

My first reaction to Ted Cruz' speech at the RNC was that if he "committed political suicide" by failing to endorse Trump, then so be it: he chose not to sacrifice his marriage and family to political expediency. Still, one's future presidential aspirations are a lot to sacrifice, and doing so for one's family is admirable, whether it's wise or unwise. Then I read about what happened between Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford in 1976. In the primary Ford had grossly misrepresented Reagan's positions, particularly on foreign policy, much the way Lyndon Johnson misrepresented those of Barry Goldwater in 1964. But Ford had never slandered or insulted Nancy Reagan or Ronald's father. Still, there was so much bad blood between Ford and Reagan that Reagan never endorsed Ford. At the convention Reagan spoke about conservative principles, much the way Ted Cruz did this year, but unlike Ted Cruz, Reagan didn't even congratulate Ford for winning the nomination. To some, Reagan must have REALLY appeared to be a sore loser!

Reagan's failure to endorse Ford did not in any way cause Ford to lose in 1976. To most voters, Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon looked too much like a quid pro quo for Nixon's appointing Ford as Vice President after Spiro Agnew stepped down, so they voted for Carter. By 1980 everyone had forgotten that Reagan never endorsed Ford, and, as they say, the rest is history. One significant difference, however, is that Ford never had the cult of personality that Trump now has, to nurse personal grudges against candidates who did not support him.

At this point the 2016 election is Trump's to lose, given the disastrous results of eight years of Marxist/Islamist rule by the Obama administration. Ted Cruz is no longer a factor, but lingering grudges by Trump or his supporters may be, if they appear to be more petty than Hillary (is that possible?). What is a factor is the anger and horror that many voters feel toward an administration and a party that have deliberately worked against America's national interests in both foreign and domestic areas. What may be a factor is the wholesale importation of potential and possibly actual voters that are not legally qualified to vote. If that happens, it's all over. Just as Josef Stalin consolidated the power that Vladimir Lenin seized in Russia in the last century, Hillary will do the same with the bloodless coup that Obama effected during his regime, and there will be no more free elections. For that reason I'm all in for Trump. I admire Ted Cruz for his principled stand after what must have been a difficult decision, but he is no longer relevant to this election. 2024 may be a different story, as Ronald Reagan's career demonstrated in 1980.

Actually Reagan Did Endorse Ford

Here's a link to the commercial where he says let's keep President Ford on the job

Ted Cruz

I believe he took a principled approach! I supported him before, I'll support him again. I am a conservative which is not what the Republican party stands for anymore. We need a viable third party which is truly conservative!


I was a Cruz supporter until he dropped and then supported Trump. I thought Cruz was a man of Principle but when he refused to support Trump and after signing the pledge to support the winning candidate, I have no choice then to reject Cruz, along with Florina, Bush, Graham & Kaisich. It's amazing how all 16 candidates were upset over Trump's initial refusal to sign the pledge. They all got their panties in a knot over Trump's behavior and so Trump gave in and signed the pledge promising to support the winning candidate and then these remaining candidates who signed the pledge still do not support Trump.

I am sorry I donated five times to financial support for Cruz but now I am digging deep to support Trump!

Go Trump!!!

Cruz has to realize that it's

Cruz has to realize that it's not about Ted Cruz, his wife or his daddy. This IS about stopping Hillary Clinton and thwarting the THIRD Obama term. He can either help Trump win the presidency OR he will be viewed as the responsible party should Hillary win. The choice is his.


If Mr. Trump was half the man Mr. Cruz is, he would have accepted that the senator, may not have endorsed him but he as much as said, vote for him because it is the best we can do, for the country right now. I was ready to vote for Mr. Trump at that point but when Mr. Trump decided to attack Mr. Cruz, I am now never going to vote for him. I am going to write in Mr. Ted Cruz as my vote for president. I think that is the right thing to do. I can't hold my nose tight enough to cover the stench of Mr. Trump.

Mr. Crocker

Ted Cruz

The Lord God & True Jesus Christ Warn Us About Selling Our Souls For Worldly Perishable Profits (Selling Our Souls For Cheap), and Ted Cruz Did NOT Sell His Soul For This Worldly Perishable Profit!
St. Matthew 16:26 For What Is a Man (Any Soul, Any Person) Profited, If He Shall Gain The Whole World, and Lose His Own Soul? Or What Shall a Man Give In Exchange For His Soul?
Ted Cruz Dared To Be a Daniel and Take a Stand In The Lion's Den, and Dared To Stand Against The Ravenous Wolves In Sheep's Clothing, and my Family and I Are Thankful and Proud of Him For That, Because That Is What We Do Also!

Cruz - no support of Trump

NOTE: See the movie "Hillary's America...." That is of course if you're a Democrat and Hillary won't like the facts.

Cruz - no support of Trump

We are all accustomed to politicians lying and not keeping their word. I certainly did not expect it from a Texan. Honor, integrity, and character are the bulwark of being a Texan. A pledge was concocted to keep Trump from running and/or starting a third-party. A pledge is a man's word, behind it stands his honor, integrity, and character, I see none of these qualities in Cruz. It doesn't matter in politics what Trump said about his wife and father, I can certainly agree that it was improper and personally I would take great offense. But, I would not take out my anger on America, which is exactly what Cruz is doing. If he wants to be angry at Trump he should demand an apology or take whatever steps he feels necessary to get satisfaction. But, there is no excuse for his political behavior. The honor and integrity of his pledge should have been first and foremost, meeting that obligation to support the nominee as he pledged. It was the trap he helped set up against Trump; it worked, everyone signed the pledge and the Republican party stood behind it. However, it became a Pyrrhic that hoisted him by his own petard. Adherence to that pledge, for a politician, must come before he addresses any personal anger as the result of a political debate. Personally, I am ashamed to call him a Texan. And as I am an 80-year-old Korean veteran born and raised in Dallas Texas, and an American of Mexican descent, I do not see Cruz as a man of honor. I certainly would not like a man of his proven caliber in public office. A man whose pledge is worthless. He could have gone after Trump a number of different ways, still receive satisfaction, and not put the country and election at risk. Certainly, his family is proud of him for defending the family's honor; but as they ponder the situation I am sure they did not want him to lose his honor and integrity by showing this lack of character in violating his pledge.

Ted Cruz

Ted stood for principals treasured by 'true' Americans - Think about it - have any of you listened to what he has (and is) saying? I am proud to support him as he is a principled man. I honor him for that and pray that he will run again, our country needs Ted Cruz!

I was disappointed to see R. V. fell for Donald Trump's line of [email protected]!! concerning Ted. I support Ted and will continue to do so! I will have to vote for D. Trump because anything is better than Hilary, but I will have a bad taste in my mouth for a LONG TIME!

And I will repeat Ted's message - VOTE!!!!!!!!! This election is too important to sit home - for any reason!!!!! So, if you have to hold your nose when you vote - then hold your nose AND vote! We can not sit back and let Hilary in to finish the job of destroying America that Obama began!

Cruz will only endorse Trump when Trump secures the Constitution

I have supported Senator Cruz from his very beginning. I can understand his motives and I believe he is attempting to rekindle the same movement forward as Reagan in 1976. If you read C Shirley, and Lou Cannon, Reagan never really endorsed Ford. He stood on stage and that's about it--he made no other effort public or private in support of Ford..... Fast forward to the present. As Cruz said clearly in his press conference to the Texas Delegation, "He's listening" "He's watching for Trump's support of Conservative values. This is something Donald and his forces have never articulated (with the exception of the nod to sponsor a Scalia "Originialist" judge in his own speech and the sellection of Mike Pense--which may or may not mean anthing substantive). It remains an open question when will Donald campaign openly... In as much as Cruz had his opening to endorse Trump, Trump himself had his chance in his powerful yet long-meandering cure-all address to merely or simply state "I stand behind and am willing to defend, and apply the US Constitution. I If he makes this pledge/stance in the future, Cruz will no doubt then endorse Trump. I think its that simple. Sadly I don't think the Trumpians see this as critical as pro-life is to others in generating strong support behind Trump. Trump is not a conservative movement person--that is clear. Sadly CHQ who want so much a conservative movement to righteously trunoh--Instead we have the Rino-led NE GOP led Party much like the days of Ike, Nelson Rockefeller, Scranton, G, Romney and Dirkson with along with McConnell and Ryan and the Bush family as power brokers. Your conservative movement will have to wait---or it may be done...... Mr Vigurie--for the many many decades of good words you are not being genuine or fair.. You have caved in much like the Fox News team, the psuedo Conservatives commentators and journalists and many others to get behind Trump. You can still vote for trump without destroying Cruz cant you ? You know the establishment wants Cruz and the Tea Party destroyed---are you their agent---? Trump must court the Conservative vote to win. If anyone has blown this to date its Trump and his mindlessly obsessive anti-Cruz stuff. Smashing Cruz and refusing to state a Constitutional defense will beat him in November mark my words. Thank You.

Reagan did in fact endorse and campaign for Ford

Here's a link to the commercial where he says let's keep President Ford on the job

Good man

Ted Cruz is a good man. Grassroots would have thought less of him if he threw in the towel at the convention. He stood up for what he believes in. That is awesome. We need leaders like that. We should encourage them. He stands up for what's right even if he's standing alone. Isn't that what we teach our children?

Ted Cruz convention speech

I agree with all your final remarks Richard, about why it was wrong for Ted to go ahead & come & do a convention speech but refuse to endorse Trump! I would ask Cruz how he would have viewed it if the situation was reversed & he was the nominee, but a negative disgruntled Trump gave a Convention speech, refusing to keep his pledge promise to endorse Ted using personal reasons, instead of appropriately putting that aside & uniting for the good of the country?? I believe Ted would slam Trump for it? What do you think Richard?

Bad decision

I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary and have serious concerns about Donald Trump's newfound conservatism. However, at worst, he will still be better than Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz should have said something like, "I have and continue to have serious disagreements with Donald Trump over policy. However, while Barack Obama came into office promising 'Hope and Change," Hillary Clinton is offering nothing but "Stagnation and Despair." In fact that could be her campaign slogan. Elections do not end our efforts. If Donald Trump wins, we can work to make sure he pursues conservative policies. We will have no chance to do that if Secretary Clinton wins. Therefore, I will be voting for Donald Trump in November and encourage other conservatives to do the same."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but one that would have been consistent with his principles and also politically wise.


look Ted Cruz sunk his own boat. We need to sink crooked Hillary and her cronies. Yes that also includes slick Willie. Vote republican or independent anything but Crooked Hillary. I'm voting for Trump just to make sure Hillary doesn't. With all the baggage and spent lives in the wake of Hillary and Slick Willie. From White water, Willies sexual scandals and the Major E-Mail scandal also the DNC E-mails. And do we really think USSR or Putin would really do that?

Ted Cruz

Cruz is the most honorable man who has ever run for President. Trump is unprincipled and will say, do anything to be President. Trump wants Cruz destroyed so he will not have to deal with him in 4 years. Why America chose Trump is beyond my comprehension. Yes, Cruz has principles, Trump does not.

Ted Cruz

Yes Trump has said things that he wishes he could take back, but so does every politician and people...he's learning. He hasn't been in politics, so that's why people are voting for him...he has to learn some very different rules to the GAME! I think he can do a lot of good for our country, that needs desperate help right now!! Under Obama our country has lost, we now are vulnerable in every aspect...if Cruz cannot stand for Trump his pride has won over his country. That alone tells me Trump would be better for the job. Trump, yes will have to learn some things the hard way...but who doesn't! This country has voted in suicide for 8 years! I really can't even understand it, except the Rep. party has not been strong enough to speak up and defend its position and our country...if Hilary wins this election, our country is gone...we lose, our children lose, our grandchildren lose! America is over as we have known it to be...we will enter a phase of poverty, civil unrest, terriorism just as Europe is experiencing. It will be exactly as Obama has been wanting, to equal out the playing field of the world. If there is to be a one World Government as the UN wants, then America needs to become dependent. The UN will enforce Sharia Law, and many of the rights of America will vanish. Our whole political arena will vanish...and we will never be a people united again...we will be controlled by government and ALL its rules and Ted Cruz needs to support his country, not himself now unfortunately. I like the man, but he really needs to think of everyone now.

Ted Cruz

I do not understand all the people who are so down on Cruz. Most people are always upset by the way politions change to fit the situation. He knew what people wanted but did not change to fit the situation. Trump insulted his wife and father and he stayed with his principles. People should respect him all the more. One person said if he does not like attacks on his family he should get out of politics. I thought one of the biggest problems we have in the country is how nasty our political process has gotten and that most do not like it. Senator Cruz just showed he has principles he will not ompromise for popularity. Just makes me all the more unhappy he did not win. But yes I will vote Trump and I expect Senator Cruz will as well.

Ted Cruz

What saddens me is how quickly people, especially those who demand principles in their candidates, threw Ted Cruz under the bus. Politics may be a team "sport" in CHQ's mind, but at the end of the day Ted has to live with himself. To dissect his reasons for doing what he did seems political on your part. Donald Trump is not going to follow through on anything he's said. In fact, he's made it clear Mike Pence will be running the country. Is that what CHQ'S wants? Hillary Clinton will be a disaster for this country, but no matter what you believe, Donald Trump will not be any better.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has taken a cowardly position and it has destroyed his political future!!

Ted Cruz refusing to endorse Donald Trump

Have read a few comments. Here is my view. Ted Cruz took a pledge to support the Republican nominee. He broke his word by not endorsing him, nor support him. He is not voting for Hillary either, so, this is still a vote for Hillary. True, his family was criticized, this was wrong, Trump should apologize (may have), but not enough reason to back off his pledge as he did. Men who keep their word are valued...those who do not ???
Extreme selfish, non-Conservative, non-man of his word. He has probably ruined any chance of EVER being president of the US..his goal! We need more people like Trump, who really loves the US of A, and is patriotic. I didn't note any real patriotism from most of the other candidates for President. Certainly not from Hillary. She doesn't know the meaning of the word.
Trump can clean up the mess that Obama and Hillary have made in their efforts to cancel the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, their tax, health insurance...BAD ! And they want Amnesty (I think at one time Cruz was for Amnesty (meaning forgiveness)...forgive illegals, forgive criminals, forget Citizenship for legal immigrants !!! Also, Trump's plans for re-vitalizing America, new tax plan, new health insurance plan, definite work for plans to control and enforce immigration laws. Several criticized Trump's plan for trade...Will not admit it is biased, unfair and needs a major remake.
Frankly, I think Ted Cruz would NOT make a good president. He is much disliked, partly because he would not go along with Democrat votes & some Republican votes...these legislatures have really forgotten what they were elected for...Cruz is non-likeable, and Hillary is non-likeable.

Decent and honest?

Mr. Trump turned me off when he said what no DECENT person would ever say about Mrs. Fiorna then lied about what he meant in front of millions of viewers in the second debate then instead of doing what a DECENT person would do and apologize to her he lied again. His indecent comments about Mr. Cruz' family and the Bush family are more examples. Maybe this is the New York mentality. He is wrong about Iraq and the reason why Carrier went to Mexico as well. I realize that birds of a feather flock together which explains both the Trump followers and the Clinton followers. As I have had to do in the last few elections I'll hold my nose and vote Trump.
Bert Iler

Ted Cruz not worthy. Our

Ted Cruz not worthy. Our country and everything we have worked for and everything we stand for and liberties we enjoy are at stake.

Get out of politics!! GO BACK HOME! You don't have the stamina
to lead our country.

We are terrified of a Hilary presidential leadership. She is totally
unprofessional. Who would ever vote for a presidential candidate
who is constantly in the lime light with all of her illegal activities
and continuously lies about it when she gets caught. She is a disgrace
to our country.

Cruz lack of support

What part of Liar or Traitor doesn't he understand? Hillary Clinton is the adversary not Donald Trump. There's a shitload more at stake than Cruz's feelings. I understand Cruz also accepted money from Hillary donors, guess he's joined the dark side.

Ted Cruz

What a man of honor and principles, of which there are almost none left in politics!
Trump does not qualify. And NO, I am not a Never Trumper. I will vote for him, but will hold my nose big time.

And since Ted did the right thing, I am sure he will remain in politics God willing.

It makes NO difference in the election (in regards to Cruz's support) whatsoever whether Trump wins or loses. If Trump loses, he will do it on his own with or without Cruz's endorsement. Sorry endorsements do not always matter. Mark Levin has stated (with evidence) that Reagan did not endorse Ford, only stated some support. The man most like Reagan in politics today is Cruz.

Ted Cruz

Yes Trump has said things that he wishes he could take back, but so does every politician and people...he's learning. He hasn't been in politics, so that's why people are voting for him...he has to learn some very different rules to the GAME! I think he can do a lot of good for our country, that needs desperate help right now!! Under Obama our country has lost, we now are vulnerable in every aspect...if Cruz cannot stand for Trump his pride has won over his country. That alone tells me Trump would be better for the job. Trump, yes will have to learn some things the hard way...but who doesn't! This country has voted in suicide for 8 years! I really can't even understand it, except the Rep. party has not been strong enough to speak up and defend its position and our country...if Hilary wins this election, our country is gone...we lose, our children lose, our grandchildren lose! America is over as we have known it to be...we will enter a phase of poverty, civil unrest, terriorism just as Europe is experiencing. It will be exactly as Obama has been wanting, to equal out the playing field of the world. If there is to be a one World Government as the UN wants, then America needs to become dependent. The UN will enforce Sharia Law, and many of the rights of America will vanish. Our whole political arena will vanish...and we will never be a people united again...we will be controlled by government and ALL its rules and Ted Cruz needs to support his country, not himself now unfortunately. I like the man, but he really needs to think of everyone now.

Cruz Let Evangelical Christians Down

I started out supporting Dr. Ben Carson (a real Christian), but when he withdrew I switched to Cruz since he "claimed" to be a Christian. Sorry to say, he does not come close to being one. The more I heard and the more I read, I saw that he was really a "wolf in sheep's clothing". He pledged in the debates to support whomever won. He lied. The Bible says liars have their place in hell. Cruz should go back to Texas and ask God for forgiveness and NEVER show his face in public again. He is a deceiver, a devil, and a demon. Even non-Christians saw through him before I did. I am ashamed of ever supporting him. He belongs to history and perhaps he can get saved someday.

Ted Cruz

Senator Cruz congratulated Mr. Trump on winning the nomination and presented a speech filled with the principles of freedom. He encouraged Republicans to vote and even admonished those who are considering staying home to participate in the election.

Rather than accept Senator Cruz's speech as tacit support for the Trump candidacy - certainly Mr. Trump embraces the principles espoused by Senator Cruz, doesn't he? - the Trump operatives ginned up a demand for endorsement on the convention floor and encouraged the chorus of boos.

Result - Trump looks like a bully who demands fealty from everyone in the Republican Party and the convention delegates looked like a bunch of brown shirts at a beer hall putsch. Hmmm.

As far as political suicide is concerned, contact Richard Nixon in the great beyond and ask him about his political suicide with the press after loosing the California gubernatorial election.


Perfectly well said and 100 correct.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

I carefully listened to Senator Cruz as he spoke at the RNC convention. I was appalled at the treatment he received. I decided to again read his speech to see if I missed something he had said.

The speech was wonderful. He was gracious to Trump. He asked people to stay involved, to support candidates who we trust to be truthful, to support the Constitution.

In my opinion, his pledge to support the nominee did not give Trump carte blanche to act and say anything he choose. Some things are beyond the pale, but I think even more than the vicious attacks, Trump has espoused policies that do not recognize God or the principles that made America great.

I am very proud to support Senator Cruz now and for any office he may seek in the future. I was very disappointed to read of Mr. Viguerie's condemenation of Senator Cruz' principled stand for the values I hold dear.

The Truth VS Horsefeathers;

Donald Trump rendered the pledge, null and void this March when he refused to sign it. Ted Cruz provided a copy of the speech weeks prior to the convention and Trumps people knew exactly what he would say. To feign shock,surprise or insult is nonsense.
People long for Ronald Reagan and when a Constitutional conservative candidate needs their support, he is attacked and shunned. What a shame.
This will be the third time in eight years to hold ones nose and vote for yet another Democrat on the Republican ticket. The GOP,Fox,Rush and Sean may now wipe the orange hair dye off their faces and heads.
As an aside, please see the new Dinesh D'Souza movie about the Democrat party of slavery and don't sit this election out.

Ted Cruz

I was a Cruz supporter until he dropped out. Then I supported Trump and continue to support Trump. I thought Cruz was a man of principle but what happened when all the candidates signed a pledge to support the winning candidate? They all piled on pressure to influence Trump to sign the pledge and he did! So what does it say about Cruz when he went back on his signed pledge? and also Florina, Graham, Bush & Kaiach. They all signed the pledge and still are not keeping their pledge so what does that say about their integrity and honesty?

To me, when you give your word to do something you must keep your word or become known as a Snake!

Go Trump!


As someone who is still praying about what God wants me to do at the polls and as an objective observer of all that is going on, I see that Senator Cruz is a man of integrity.
He didn't promise to ENDORSE Mr. Trump.
He promised to SUPPORT him, which he did by supporting the issues that Mr. Trump is hopefully supporting.
Big difference between ENDORSE AND SUPPORT.
As a man of integrity he has a God given right and obligation to protect his family from any form of attack or threat.
Mr. Trump committed character assassination on Ted Cruz as well as many other candidates.
Mr. Trump insulted Heidi and her two daughters.
Mr. Trump committed slander against Ted's Father.
He accused him of murder.
With the insinuations about Cruz being a liar, (which is untrue), Mr Trump not only committed character assassination, but slander and positioned the Cruz family and set them up for death threats which they all received.
I've never seen such anger, division and hatred in our country in my whole life until November 2008.
Scripture says "As the King goes, so goes the Kingdom". Selah.

Ted Cruz

Cruz made a BIG mistake. He showed his true colors. Cruz is the lying snake I always thought he was. His word means nothing just like Hillary's. He is not fit to EVER hold an office if he can't put AMERICA first. The scumbag ruined his career. His true ambitions have shown through and Trump let him bury himself. Cruz had a chance to Make America Great Again and he chose not to. Cruz, you attacked Trump, Ben and Rubio. How quickly you forget. You said you are a Christian but you couldn’t move on for the betterment of your country.

not keeping you commitments

I is a real shame that he (Cruz) gave a commitment and then like all politicians don't follow through and do the right thing. To give a speech with agreement to content and then to re-neg on even this small agreement is a failure to be truthful and I would never vote for him, not even for dog catcher.