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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Donald Trump is the ONLY choice for social conservatives

Though #NeverTrump is now officially dead and its remaining members drifting hopelessly on a listing ship with no wind or power to propel it, some of them are continuing to lash out at not only The Donald himself, but also those who were outraged at Senator Ted Cruz’s endorsement snub at last week’s convention.

As a prime example, Drew Ryun writes in The Resurgent, “Seeing the public comments of old guard conservatives like Richard Viguerie regarding Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement of Trump made me think, ‘Where is Trump silent majoritythe righteous indignation of these conservative leaders about the speeches made at the convention [the other] night?’…

“The conservative leaders who claim to fight for the social issues and have given their lives to fighting for them are the ones I find oddly quiet today. Off the top of my head I list Tony Perkins, Jerry Falwell, Jr., Jim Dobson and others (sadly, the list could go on and on).”

Ryun specifically takes Viguerie and the others to task for not commenting on openly homosexual billionaire Peter Thiel who professed pride for his orientation during his speech on Thursday night and also told Republicans to “get over” the transgender bathroom issue.

While I can’t speak for the conservative leaders individually, most if not all of them were very critical of Trump’s socially liberal statements and background during the primaries and a good many of them backed Cruz or Marco Rubio over The Donald as well.

But there’s also a realization on behalf of these conservative Republicans that there is now only a binary choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton and there is absolutely no hope for the conservative cause if Hillary is elected. Not only would Crooked Hillary serve as the chief mouthpiece for the government mandated acceptance of alternative lifestyles, she’ll appoint Supreme Court Justices who will rubberstamp those intrusions and trampling of religious liberty into law for, as Mike Pence pointed out, 40 years or more.

By failing to endorse Trump and encouraging people to “vote their conscience” up and down the ballot, Cruz was signaling it was okay to NOT vote for Trump.

In essence, NOT voting for Trump could aid Hillary in getting the plurality of votes in states which will subsequently cast their electoral votes on the Democrat candidate.

Conservative leaders aren’t the least bit hypocritical now for failing to take Trump to task for the comments of his speakers because everyone knows Trump, assisted by Mike Pence and other conservatives like Newt Gingrich, will be far superior in defending conservative values than Clinton would ever be.

Bluntly speaking, the only hope social conservatives have in this election is to work for Trump’s victory. It wouldn’t do anyone any good to criticize Trump at this point for something he may or may not believe or something he said 20 years ago.

The days for such critiques are over. Conservatives and Republicans must unite behind Trump now to not only save the conservative cause, but also prevent Hillary from gutting the country.

Once Trump is elected, such criticisms can help point him in the correct policy direction and are therefore once again appropriate. Before that time, they’re just counterproductive to the ultimate goal of defeating Crooked Hillary.

Crazy/stupid Trump-Cruz conspiracy theory could explain Cruz’s devastating snub

I’ll admit in advance that this hypothesis is probably crazy – and most likely incorrect, especially in light of Donald Trump’s Friday press conference – but the thought occurred to me that by working together, Trump and Ted Cruz actually generated the recent Cruz non-endorsement controversy on purpose in order to increase the public focus on the convention and its aftermath.

To accept Cruz’s behavior at face value is to believe Ted truly is a selfish prideful imp who doesn’t care a lick about his own political future, much less the country’s.

The absurdity of Wednesday night’s events made me think maybe some sort of “deal” was in the works, since deals are what Trump is all about.

Before you dismiss the “conspiracy” notion outright, consider these factors:

First, if media reports are to be believed, Trump and Cruz met privately a few weeks ago where Trump asked Cruz to speak at the convention but apparently didn’t demand an endorsement for the privilege. In their discussions, Cruz supposedly didn’t offer one either and then made plans to be in Cleveland to address the convention and thank supporters in person for all the hard work they did for him during the primary campaign.

The nature of the discussions was kept behind closed doors, so no one knows what the two men really talked about. Ever the dealmaker, Trump would never accept allowing Cruz to speak and potentially embarrass him at his convention without knowing what Cruz was intending to say well in advance.

To believe Trump would simply let Cruz speak from his heart because the Texas senator earned it in the primaries is way too simple an explanation. And face it, Trump is just not that nice of a guy to grant Cruz a platform to spout off on principle alone.

Second, Cruz writes a speech that gracefully congratulates Trump for winning the nomination but doesn’t mention The Donald again in the entire text – but also doesn’t say, as Cruz pointed out the next day, a single negative word about him.

Third, Trump admits publicly that he saw the speech beforehand and allowed Cruz to deliver it “anyway,” basically putting a stamp of approval on Cruz’s remarks.

Fourth, as Cruz was delivering the speech, Trump was curiously watching everything take place, standing in a spot that was surely visible from the speaker’s podium. He then gives a thumb’s up to no one in particular and even applauds…a little. Cruz was up at the podium beaming at the pandemonium going on down below him, almost appearing to enjoy what was going on, which would essentially equate to snickering at the destruction of his own political career.

Could Ted really just have been chuckling at an “inside joke” between him and Trump?

Fifth, the initial reactions of Trump and his family to Cruz’s speech were rather measured by Trump standards. Trump said on Twitter immediately after, “Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn't honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal!”

Donald Trump Jr., meanwhile, confirmed on Thurday morning that the family knew about the content of Cruz’s speech beforehand and downplayed its importance, even suggesting the resounding chorus of boos from the Republican audience implied party unity rather than rancor at Cruz alone.

Overall, there was a decided lack of outrage from a group of people who seem to take everything personally. Trump didn’t comment further until Friday and then blew the whole matter open again in order to keep it newsworthy. What better way to keep the controversy afloat than say he didn’t want Cruz’s endorsement and wouldn’t accept it if given later?

Sixth, Cruz still made a very convincing speech at the convention in the sense he made the case against the Democrats, defended freedom and the Constitution and laid the ideological foundation for Trump’s election. The substance of the speech itself was hardly offensive; the only thing it lacked was a straight out endorsement, which everyone watching was all-but expecting since Cruz had bothered to attend the event in the first place.

Then, as Cruz said to the Texas delegation on Thursday morning, he’s still monitoring the race and could change his mind about an endorsement in the future. It seemed to me Cruz went out of his way during his meeting with the Texans to say no final decision has been made.

There’s a lot of wiggle room there.

Lastly and most importantly, a straight-up Cruz endorsement at this stage of the race would have generated only about a day’s worth of media coverage and would have been quickly drowned out by Trump’s own speech along with Hillary’s VP announcement and the Democrat convention this week.

Everyone’s attention is already focused elsewhere. Cruz’s political career may be lying in ashes right now, but Americans have moved on.

On the contrary, if Cruz is holding his endorsement until some later date, whenever Trump and Ted might decide, the big announcement/endorsement will steal the spotlight back from Hillary Clinton and highlight a newfound “unity” in the party.

If I were a highly paid political consultant, I’d tell the two former rivals to hold off until after Labor Day when Americans are especially tuned-in to the presidential race. The pronouncement could come on the heels of something particularly egregious that Hillary does (a lot to choose from, right?) which would then allow Cruz to “make up his mind.”

With Trump being the master media manipulator, he’ll choose just the right time to engender maximum effect. I’ve got to admit, it would be fun to watch.

In finally coming around, Cruz would be redeemed in the eyes of the conservative movement, his career resurrected and Trump could then help him along with political favors in the next several years.

Trump would also gain approval by accepting Cruz back into the fold and encouraging other holdouts to take the high road to defeat the heinous Crooked Hillary Clinton and save the country.

Or perhaps Trump has secretly agreed to appoint Cruz to the Supreme Court or to the position of Attorney General, whichever Cruz would rather assume.

Is such a scenario really that far-fetched? Not necessarily more so than watching a promising young leader like Ted Cruz commit symbolic political seppuku in front of the whole world. Cruz is not stupid; he’s remarkably adept at not only the art of politics but also the management of public opinion.

If Ted’s truly not as selfish as people say he is, there could be a deeper motive for him and Trump in this Republican Convention non-endorsement business.

This is one of those things where if you put the pieces together after the fact, the original picture becomes crystal clear. Otherwise, Cruz doing what he did last Wednesday makes no sense at all.

Democrat convention already overshadowed by yet ANOTHER email scandal

Isn’t it funny how the Democrats are gathering in Philadelphia this week for their own convention and yet everyone would still rather talk about Donald Trump? Perhaps the Trump fixation is because the Democrats are having some major problems of their own and the media is fighting to keep eyeballs off the party of big government socialism.

Caleb Howe of RedState writes on the latest controversy which is getting the higher-ups at the Democrat National Committee in hot water with Bernie Sanders’ supporters. “If there were over 19,000 leaked emails from the RNC, including questionable interactions with the press, possible collusion, cover-ups, fake protesters, fake craigslist ads, temper tantrums from top officials, and a literal attempt to undermine a primary candidate over and over in favor of the chosen one, the coverage on the cable news networks would be wall to wall. I wouldn't even be surprised if the news came by way of breaking into prime time on a broadcast network. But these are Democrats so it's being soft-shoed.

“And even so, the uncovered corruption is so much that fallout anyway. And not small stuff. Big stuff. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for example, will no longer be speaking at the Democrat Convention this week. That's a pretty big deal.”

(Note: Actually, she will be speaking, but her role has been reduced.)

If you haven’t heard by now, a great big chunk of the Democrat National Committee’s internal communications ended up on Wikileaks. The emails paint a pretty unflattering portrait of collusion in favor of Hillary Clinton at the expense of the insurgent candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

Then there was news late on Sunday that Wasserman Schultz is cutting and running because of the scandal. Jessie Hellmann of The Hill reports, “Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), will resign when the convention closes at the end of the week.

“The move is the culmination of months of accusations that the chairwoman had put her thumb on the scales for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and less than two days after a hacker leaked emails lending credence to that theory.”

Howe is right about this – if the same thing was occurring with the Republicans, it would be all over the news. And if Reince Priebus had been banned from speaking at last week’s convention – or said he was going to resign -- I’m certain 60 Minutes would have featured the story at the top of the hour.

Such is the hegemony of the Democrat establishment in Washington which feels emboldened to try and fix the primary process in such a way as to promote its own power at the expense of the voters.

The Republican establishment isn’t much better, but there is so much sleaze at the heart of the Democrat Party and with Hillary herself that it just makes their corrupt game all the more revolting.

To our #NeverTrump friends, which includes RedState’s Howe: Can you really stand idly by and watch Hillary Clinton be elected and see these people retain power in the process? Is personal animus towards Donald Trump really worth the cost?

Doesn’t having Mike Pence in the White House along with Donald Trump mitigate a great deal of the misgivings about Trump himself?

And, as I’ve asked in the past, is sacrificing the lives of millions of future unborn Americans an acceptable price for not voting for Donald Trump?

For those #NeverTrumpers who are still out there, I’d like to hear the answers…

Post-convention poll shows Trump taking the lead in swing states

Finally today, Donald Trump seems to be enjoying a modest bump in the polls after last week’s Republican convention, including one that shows him taking a slight lead overall in crucial swing states.

Rebecca Savransky of The Hill reports, “Support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ticked up across battleground states following the Republican National Convention last week, according to the new CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll.

“Trump now has 42 percent support across the 11 battleground states surveyed — up from the 40 percent he had last week before the convention. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has 41 percent support, unchanged from last week's poll.”

The poll also showed Republicans came away from the convention more enthused than before.

All of this isn’t surprising as Trump figured to get some sort of boost from the convention despite the media’s attempts to depict widespread discord among Republicans.

But it also shows it’s going to be a prolonged dragged-out close fight in the fall to try and capture the most important states in the Electoral College.

Democrats will do their best to portray party unity at this week’s convention. Either way, it looks like both parties have a lot of work to do going into November.

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What difference would a Cruz "endorsement" have made anyway. None really. At least he did what he thought was right and I agree. Trump was disgusting about his wife and father. And they were outright lies of which he has doubled down over just in the last few days! How ridiculous is that. I am going to vote for Trump, no matter what Cruz did. Just will have to literally hold my nose to do so!

Captivating Drama

The “conspiracy” notion is not outlandish. Donald Trump is skilled at creating drama for public consumption. The professional wrestling investor/promoter knows how to stage gladiatorial conflict that captures people’s imaginations.

One important aspect to Cruz is that he is not #NeverTrump, so he can play the opposition foil that eventually concedes when Trump exhibits a sufficient degree of consideration of his important issues. As such, Cruz undermines the #NeverTrump group’s arguments focused on Trump’s inability to mature into the Presidential role. At least, it would make Trump worthy of a second look in soliciting reluctant support. The message would be: “With more information about his growth as a candidate, Trump is better than we thought.”

There is no reason to believe that direct collusion is involved. Both, Cruz and Trump are intelligent men that want to be successful. They are playing their best hands.

Cruz knows that conservative’s in opposition to Trump are looking for a leader, and by stepping into the spotlight from time to time, he has a better chance of becoming the leader, or being the king maker.

Trump knows that to be more attractive to disgruntled Democrats and independents, it does not hurt him to have some conflicts with those “dangerous”, “obstructionist” conservatives.

Trump and Conservatism

Your article is about 180 degrees off on what true Conservatives believe in and what Trump believes in. He's about as far from being a Conservative as Hilary and Obama are from being a Conservative. The fact that Bernie supporter are flocking to Trump now should reveal something. Sorry, but Conservatives do not believe in abortion - Trump does. Conservatives believe in fidelity and faithfulness to your family - Trump has been divorced twice and has committed adultery on all three wives. Conservatives believe in paying your bills - Trump has filed bankruptcy four times. Conservatives believe in the 2nd Amendment - Trump has said numerous times he'd like to see MORE gun control. Conservatives believe in following the laws of immigration - Trump predominantly hires illegals in his casinos and favors amnesty, he has flip flopped on that point numerous times but always comes back to amnesty. Conservatives don't believe in stealing people's property - Trump has done that uncounted times through bribery of public officials (also illegal) to get property he wants identified as eminent domain so that he can buy the property for pennies on the dollar. Trump is no more conservative than the tree stump in my back yard!

The only hope

Bluntly speaking, the only hope social conservatives have in this election is to work for Trump’s victory.

Bluntly speaking, this is just plain wrong. The hope of social conservatives should be placed entirely in their Maker, and in his ability to transform the hearts of the people of America. Because it doesn't matter who goes to Washington and what changes in the outward moral appearance of our country: the LORD doesn't look on the outward appearance, he looks on the heart. And if we are truly going to restore America, we absolutely must have God's blessing. What is needed then is not to join with the wicked to "fix" America outwardly, but to come before God and seek his help in bringing the heart of America back to him.

Votes Are Earned

Candidates and campaigns should have no reason to misunderstand this. In God we trust.

A candidate must earn a Christian social conservative’s vote by advocating policies 1) abolishing the murder of innocents, 2) promoting wholesome families, 3) eliminating property theft by government (confiscatory taxes, etc.), and 4) bearing true witness. Without earning it, a candidate should harbor no expectation that he will receive a Christian social conservative’s vote, even when the opponents are worse.

A Christian social conservative is willing to withhold his vote, when a candidate is unwilling to provide clear indications of his compliance with God’s revealed will. Without those indications, it is foolishness, forming a compromised alliance with evil of any degree. As such, it is the perfect opportunity to exercise faith in God for the outcome of an election, while expressing concerns about evil policies.