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Ted Cruz Defends Decision Not To Endorse Trump: What Do You Think?

The morning after he spoke to the Republican National Convention and refused to endorse Donald Trump – the winner of the Republican Primaries – Senator Ted Cruz met with the Texas delegation to the Convention to take their questions and explain his decision. 

You can watch the meeting via this C-SPAN clip and read the full text through this link

Cruz at Texas delegationSenator Cruz’s exchange with his fellow Texans was a tour de force in why we love Ted Cruz and why CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie endorsed the Texas Senator and worked tirelessly to get other conservatives behind him during the recent Republican Primary season. 

But there were a couple of key points in the exchange that we think bear closer examination and rebuttal, the first one is this:

"That pledge [the support the GOP nominee] was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack Heidi, that I'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father…" 

Were Trump’s attacks on Cruz’s wife and father beyond the pale? If not, they were close. 

However, it remains an open question how the ad that kicked-off the “War on the Wives” got made and who was actually behind it. 

The “War on the Wives” began when “Make America Awesome,” an independent Super PAC (really more of a fundraising mill) run by liberal establishment Republican consultant Liz Mair, ran an ad attacking Donald Trump through his wife, Melania. 

You may recall we told you all about Liz Mair and her liberal past and record of failed campaigns when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker briefly hired her before his campaign tanked. See “Gov. Walker: Who You Walk With Tells Conservatives Who You Are," “Scott Walker and the Establishment Republican Consultant Problem,” “Exposing the Unseen Hand Wrecking the GOP” and “Where’s The Establishment GOP’s #NeverHillary Hashtag?”. 

Strangely, even as we pointed out this looked to us like the establishment trying to goad Cruz and Trump into destroying each other, Ted Cruz never did disavow the ad or distance himself from it, beyond a very lawyerly “I can’t coordinate” with an independent Super PAC comment. 

Update: We were informed that Senator Cruz did in fact issue a more direct condemnation of the Make America Awesome ad, "That ad was completely inappropriate, and we had nothing to do with it."

As far as we are concerned if Cruz’s campaign wasn’t involved in the anti-Melania ad, and we take him at his word that it wasn’t, then he was a sucker and took the bait, hook, line and sinker and gave the establishment the fight they were trying to provoke. 

And he took the bait even though back in December of 2015 he predicted such an attempt saying in a Tweet, “The establishment's only hope: Trump & me in a cage match. Sorry to disappoint -- @realDonaldTrump is terrific. #DealWithIt” 

On one hand Ted Cruz’s honorable instinct to stand up for his wife and father is admirable, but here’s the comment from his meeting with the Texas delegation that really gave us pause and needs to be rebutted – forcefully.

"This [politics] isn't a team sport," Cruz said at one point. "You don't just put on red jerseys and blue jerseys and say 'yay!' This is about principles." 

Sorry Ted, politics is in fact a “team sport” that’s what a political party is, a team formed to elect its adherents. 

And more to the point, what Republican or conservative principle was served by Senator Cruz not endorsing Trump, however, mildly or obliquely? 

None that we can think of and none that he has articulated. 

When CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie endorsed Ted Cruz for President he observed that for liberals this is an important election but for conservatives this is the ball game. 

Conservatives are so frightened of a Hillary Presidency they rightly can't see beyond 2016. We believe that through judicial appointments, IRS, EPA, the AG's office, Executive Orders, and the other expansive executive powers Obama has established she will try to destroy the conservative movement, crush us, abolish our organizations, put us in jail, etc.  

After 4-8 years of a Hillary Clinton presidency conservatives would likely never win another Presidential Election. 

As far as we can tell, the only “principle” that was served by Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention was the personal principle of defending his family, but at some point Cruz’s feud with Donald Trump and the insults traded between candidates during the Primary are not our problem. 

What is our problem, however, is living in an America governed by Hillary Clinton.  

And despite all of the talk about principles, that is also the problem that concerns the thousands of delegates who booed Ted Cruz at the Republican National Convention and the millions who have excoriated him on social media and elsewhere since he left the stage in Cleveland. 

Our deep disappointment and hurt with Ted Cruz is that by not endorsing Donald Trump, and giving aid and comfort to the #NeverTrump forces of the Republican establishment, he has effectively taken himself out of solving the one existential problem that voters on the Right really care about – defeating Hillary Clinton 2016.

Click here to take our CHQ poll and tell us what you think: Did Ted Cruz commit political suicide by refusing to endorse Donald Trump?

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We All Seem to Be Missing the Obvious

If Somone Ought to "Get Over It", in Order
to Unify the Party, and Forgive and Forget,
Shouldn't That Person Be… Donald Trump?!

In response to his non-endorsement of Donald Trump during his speech at the GOP convention in Cleveland, Ted Cruz is told, "why can't you get over it?", "this is politics", to "forgive and forget," to "unify" the party…

Those all sound like very good advice, and very sound recommendations, but the question becomes, why don't people give this advice to the appropriate person?

Why, to be specific, don't they give these recommendations to… Donald Trump?


Isn't it Donald Trump that it is up to to get over it, to say "this is politics", to forgive and forget, and to unify the party?

In other words, isn't it up to the Donald to make amends?

Not in a servile way, obviously,
but simply in a matter-of-fact,
business-like way…

Both were on the attack

Without going into all the details of who shot John in any given episode of their war with each other, the point is that both Cruz and Trump knew they were in a campaign and each of them were fighting with everything in their arsenal. Republican candidates go for the throat, and to pretend that one did and one didn't is dishonest. To pretend that one attack was worse than another attack ignores the history of the republican primaries. They are brutal.

Therefore, Ted Cruz is playing a different game here with a focus on a different situation rather than on that with Trump. It could be his Senate campaign, or it could be something else entirely out of the public eye.

The Fading Cruz

Cruz shot his wad, failure to launch was the result and Kasich is right in there with him...It's over for him as of now and it remains to be seen if he can work on redemption or apology........Right now Cruz is in the category of "Who Cares?"

Ted Cruz Defends Position

We, in our group, feel that Ted Cruz did everything correctly and exactly what he told Trump he would do.
It was up to Mr. Trump to apologize to Senator Cruz for his attack on Cruz's wife and family (father). If Trump would have apologized, most of us feel that Cruz would have announced his support of Trump. With no apology, the orchestrated booing, and Trump's double-down on Cruz the following day, it was an insult to most rational people.
Even if Trump does not want Cruz's support, he should not have attacked Cruz one more time. This leaves a bad taste for sane people.
The orchestrated booing at the convention killed the attention to the good speech that was later delivered by Pence. Who-ever controlled the delegates at that time should be ashamed of themselves, leaving a bad impression of the GOP.

Agree to disagree

It is clear that Cruz gave as good as he got. Time to grow up and get on the band wagon or off as he has apparently decided. I remember thinking how sneaky the politician got as he was losing. He was not a sterling character and he and his supporters started early. So we disagree on the Cruz behavior, he was no saint and daddy is not either. The two wives were married to two men running for the same position. As such they are BIG Girls and should have expected the dirt and mud to be thrown. And it was, both ways. Sorry that you cannot blank out memories for the entire country folks.

Cruz was right

We agree too.

Cruz Defends Position

I agree, as do most in my circle of political friends.

Voting ones conscience

Ted Cruz is a strong man and would make the almost perfect leader for America. Against overwhelming pressure he stood firm while others Republicans caved. The author of this article keeps mentioning Conservatives. In no way shape or form is Donald Trump Conservative. The Republican Party is now the Trump party. Ted Cruz is to be admired.


As a former Cruz-ette, I thought Cruz's. on-stage performance was unfortunate. Cruz should have taken the stage and said the following: "Donald Trump has said some nasty things about me, my wife and my father. As a Christian, I must forgive him. And tonight, I want to say that I do. As a Christian, I must not allow myself to fall to the temptation of responding to his insults in kind, but to exhibit a charitable and forgiving heart. Accordingly, because I believe I can work with him to ensure his administration is held to account for straying from the principles I believe in, and because the alternative is a threat to the soul of this nation, I offer my endorsement of DJT for president and wish him Godspeed."

Cruz's failure to endorse

I agree with the comet by "As a former Cruz-ette" Politics are ugly, mean, distracting, which usually heartbreaking for the families of the candidates.
The Competition was over between Cruz & Trump. Cruz Lost but would not accept it. I think his holding onto "my wife & My father's injuries" during the battle is just a red herring thrown out by Cruz.
What I resent was At the RNC-it's about Us-the Voters-whose greatest fear is to have another Crooked Clinton in the White House. And here is Cruz-whining about how the game was played.
Cruz never stopped campaigning after his withdrawal from race. He intended to get a floor vote by delegates-countless hours must have been spent for him and his campaign-to get the rules changed-"vote your conscience" was the slogan used in the delegate lawsuit in N. Carolina-lost the case.
Sorry-Cruz did not do himself any favors by his antics. He even in Wikileaks asked the DNC for Money to fund his delegate fight at convention. That is a real low blow to me as a lifelong Republican to get the enemy to help you rage a war at RNC.
I'm disappointed-I will get over it-I hope Cruz will get over it too. He just gave fodder to the enemy-It is not about Two people running for same office on same ticket-it's bigger-We Must Save America from the hands of Crooked Clintons-she will sell what is left of our country for $$$. God Help Us!

Forgiveness Differs from Endorsement

It is a near certainty that Cruz forgives Trump for his transgressions.

But, that is different than endorsing an unrepentant, vulgar, scabrous candidate that does not embrace freedom and the Constitution; fundamental Republican principles.

Former Cruzette!

So you are ok with Trump degrading, defaming, and accusing Ted's father of conspiring to murder JFK? You are ok with Trump degrading Ted's wife? You are ok with Trump blasting Ted's innocent little daughters and making fun of them? I'm sorry that you feel that you are that good of a Christian to forgive this despicable, liar, I'm NOT that good of a Christian. And Ted Cruz IS a far better Christian for standing up to that despicable lying cheating liberal and NOT bowing down to his filthy vile lies! Bravo for Ted, and sorry that you THINK you are the better person for bowing down to a despicable liar and cheat in Trump!

Senator Cruz

I stand solidly behind Senator Cruz's decision not to endorse Donald Trump; and I believe someday soon those excoriating him now will look back and try to say they were on Cruz's side all along. What's more troubling to me are the statements by Donald Trump that are hostile to Cruz supporters suggesting he doesn't even want their votes.

How did he show character and

How did he show character and principles after pledging to support the party nominee then not keeping his word. he is a selfish opportunist not a principled conservative!


I was a Cruz supporter then a friend showed to me a video of Cruz with his dad, Rafael, preaching a cult. I would never have believed it had I not witnessed it myself. I delved into his vote records and listened to old speeches and found he is without a doubt, for open borders, Heidi also although he talked about building a wall to get brownie points. Cruz, his dad and other members of the cult, 7 Mountains Dominionism, believe Cruz is a king anointed by God to go out into the world and kill every non-Christian. They believe Christ cannot return until this is done. How will he kill billions of people? By gaining the power of the presidency and implementing NWO! If you felt something just wasn't quite right about this man, his sex scandals, his apparent lies and his failure to stand by his pledge (because he shouldn't have made it if he didn't mean it), you were on to something. Go watch the video yourself and decide. It's on you tube.

Senator Cruz

Good comment and I agree. Since it appears that Trump does not have the ability to apologize to anyone, this leaves a huge distrust factor for voters.