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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Thought police bludgeon Trump over Muslim immigration

It’s hardly surprising the media and #NeverTrumpers are making such a big deal out of one of the speakers at last week’s Democrat convention, but they are.

For those who may not be paying attention, a Pakistani immigrant named Khizr Khan whose son was killed in Iraq fighting for the U.S. military gave a passionate and intensely critical speech where he questioned whether Donald Trump had even read the Constitution during his remarks.

Donald TrumpKhizr’s wife stood next to him the whole time but didn’t utter a word.

Even Trump supporters would admit it was an emotional and compelling moment, just as Benghazi mom Pat Smith riveted the audience at the Republican convention the week before. The media took Khizr’s words and ran with them, probably because everything else at the Democrat convention was so hopelessly overblown, phony and contrived that they were desperate for something genuine and heartfelt to report on.

Trump’s response to the generated fury was predictable. Evelyn Rupert of The Hill reports, “Donald Trump praised a Muslim U.S. soldier killed in Iraq but continued to criticize the man's father, who spoke out against Trump at the Democratic National Convention…

“’While I feel deeply for the loss of his son, Mr. Khan who has never met me, has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim I have never read the Constitution, (which is false) and say many other inaccurate things. If I become President, I will make America safe again.’”

Naturally, liberals and wishy-washy establishment Republicans were offended by Trump’s retort. The thought police were out patrolling in full force the past few days over Trump’s supposed lack of deference and sensitivity towards those in the “peaceful” Muslim religion.

This back-and-forth is becoming pretty standard these days. Someone accuses Trump of something, he responds and the media goes nuts together with spineless Republicans who can’t stand the possibility that they might be viewed as actually believing in something or supporting their nominee.

Once again, if Hillary says something, anything, what Democrat would criticize her? Please, name one.

In reality, all of this is a distraction from the main issues concerning Muslim immigration. Simply put, how do you guarantee that immigrants who come to America from war zones are not radicals (or will not become radicalized) and how do you solve the refugee problem in the entirety of the Middle East?

The recent attacks in Europe demonstrate that radical Islam is flourishing on the continent and there have already been dozens of strikes here in America as well (I’m not just talking about the assaults that were successful in killing and maiming people). All Donald Trump is proposing is a ban on new immigration until a strategy is worked out to vet these people.

It’s obvious from events all over the globe that the current policy is not working. Trump speaks directly on the matter, is criticized by the politically correct crowd and the media has something new to complain about. Can’t we get down to the real business of the election rather than grandstanding about how insensitive something Trump said might be?

I’m not surprised by any of this but it sure is maddening.

For #NeverTrump, all that’s left is the ratings

As we enter August in the 2016 presidential horse race, the party conventions are now behind us and attention turns towards candidate definition, targeting swing states and ratcheting up both parties’ get out the vote efforts.

The days of arguing over who will win the nomination (and whether they will actually receive enough convention votes to be nominated) are over. The party delegates have spoken and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will appear on ballots in November with an R and D next to their names, respectively.

Short of something remarkable or tragic, there’s no way to change this fact. It’s kind of like carving the champion golfer’s name onto the Claret Jug for winning the Open Championship (golf’s British Open for most Americans), Trump’s and Clinton’s names are permanently etched into history, one way or another.

Despite this type of certainty, elements of #NeverTrump are still languishing in no-candidates-land.

After wishing the election “reality show” would be canceled, Joe Cunningham of RedState laments, “A control freak with authoritarian tendencies is going to beat a control freak with authoritarian tendencies. The only difference between them is their biological sex, but if the Left gets their way, then they can both use the same bathroom. And nobody wants either of these two in their bathrooms. The social Left is making everything, including a popular hibachi routine, either a microaggression, a sexual assault, or some other new and terrifying social taboo.

“Why did 2016 ever have to happen? What did we do to be punished so? How can we atone for whatever sin caused 2016 to even happen?”

Not to be outdone, Josh Hammer at The Resurgent once again declared his open defiance of the Republican Party ticket. Hammer writes, “I will never, ever vote for Donald Trump to be President of the United States.  Even as we emerge out of the dumpster fire that was the Democrats’ America-bashing convention in Philadelphia.  Even as the other side nominates a brutally corrupted pathological liar who should be in jail.  Even as the other side’s leftmost flank legitimately cries over the fact that a full-fledged socialist communist did not win their party’s nomination.  Even as the other side actively abets Iranian nuclearization and promotes the open-borders and Islamization agenda that has wreaked so much havoc on the European Continent.

“Because Donald Trump is really just that bad.

“There are no winners here.  There are not even any semblances of any winners here.”

Just prior to his latest anti-Trump rant, Hammer made a convincing case against Hillary Clinton, so we at least know he hasn’t completely gone over to the dark side.

But the fact Hammer and most likely Cunningham and seemingly the entire staffs at The Resurgent and RedState remain in #NeverTrump-land is strange if not troubling. I spent the better part of a week marveling at how the Democrat convention utterly exposed their party’s detachment from reality by not only painting a rosy picture of the way things are in America today, but in also trying to pass off Crooked Hillary as someone who is trustworthy and a change agent at the same time.

To sum up the Democrats’ message from last week: Hillary will keep the good stuff like gay marriage, government controlled healthcare and unfettered, law-free immigration, but she will also “fix” the bad stuff the Republicans cling to like “Guns, God and Gays” (Nancy Pelosi’s words) at the same time.

(Note: Not to be outdone, Pelosi hinted last week that Trump might be intentionally sabotaging his own campaign. The video also includes some analysis from gals at The View. It’s not supposed to be humorous, but it sure turned out that way.)

I’ve wondered for months what could possibly be the motivations of #NeverTrump in perpetuating their charade and basically narrowed it down to two possibilities: one, they believed by continuing to show consistent and intense opposition to Trump’s candidacy he could be defeated at the Republican convention, and two, they’re keeping up with the Trump bashing to drive readership to their sites/publications.

With reason number one pretty much out of the equation (though Erick Erickson did say last week he was going to vote for Peyton Manning), that only leaves rationale number two.

At the risk of sounding redundant, this election is now officially a contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein will continue to campaign and could conceivably pick off enough votes from the major party candidates to make a difference (see Florida, 2000), but they’re little more than a distraction at this point and an outlet for the frustrated “I don’t like either one of them” undecided crowd to waste their votes without damaging their delicate consciences.

Next January, either Trump or Crooked Hillary will be raising their hand and swearing on a Bible that they’ll uphold the Constitution of the United States. One of them fibs so much that even if she says “I will,” she’s almost certainly lying.

The other is an imperfect non-politician who rubs a lot of people the wrong way but nonetheless seems to have his heart in the right place. It isn’t fair for #NeverTrump to question Trump’s sincerity just because his beliefs happen to differ from theirs on matters of trade and foreign policy, for example.

The truth is, this election is now about the Supreme Court. Cast the other matters out the window. It doesn’t matter now what Trump said two months ago about a judge’s ethnic background or that Hillary is a habitually lying scofflaw who can’t be trusted with her own personal communications much less protecting the security of Americans from external threats.

If Hillary wins in November she will appoint Justices to the Court who will cement unspecified “rights” (like abortion and same-sex marriage) into our constitutional framework for half a century. Goodbye Second Amendment. Goodbye religious liberty. Goodbye state level restrictions on abortion.

All gone. “Poof.” In the blinks of several new liberal Justices’ eyes, the country would be transformed permanently. As conservative leader Richard Viguerie often says about this year’s election, “this is the ball game.”

Even Trump indicated as much last week, bluntly stating Republicans would have to vote for him whether they like him or not because of the Supreme Court. You may not like the way he framed it, but Trump’s right. He is the only choice in this election that makes sense if you value your constitutionally protected liberties.

One Trump equals three or four conservative Justices and an administration where conservatives have access and a say in what goes on (see Mike Pence). All #NeverTrump has now is their oft-repeated mantra, “Don’t participate!”

Trump is smart to narrow this year’s election down to a battle over the Supreme Court. Certainly other issues such as the economy, national security and immigration will continue to occupy their places in the forefront of peoples’ minds. But framing the discussion on the Court is simple and to the point, easily digestible by just about everyone.

Except for maybe the #NeverTrumpers, perhaps. But they’ve got their ratings to worry about…

The Supreme Court is the top issue, but don’t forget about the economy

It may be hard to believe eight years later, but the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin were in serious contention with Obama and Biden until late September of 2008 when the financial system collapsed and McCain inexplicably suspended his campaign to return to Washington to work on the big government bailout negotiations.

Literally in one moment, Obama was handed the election. McCain and Palin never recovered and now we have Obamacare, federally protected same-sex marriage and a national debt that’s overwhelming the economy and stifling growth because of it.

As Obama said himself, elections have consequences.

There’s little doubt this year’s election will be consequential, and one of the prime reasons why is the economy itself. To put it simply, the numbers don’t look good.

Ben White of Politico reports, “[Hillary] got some very grim news on that front Friday morning with a new report showing the economy grew just 1.2 percent in the second quarter, a sluggish pace for an expansion that is remarkably durable but also shallow, uneven and deeply dissatisfying to most Americans.

“The news was even worse in the details of the report, which revised first quarter growth down to just 0.8 percent, showing an economy dangerously close to stall speed, handing Trump a handy talking point. The second quarter growth rate was less than half the 2.6 percent expected by Wall Street analysts.”

So much for all the flowery rhetoric from the Democrats at their convention last week in saying things in the country are going along just swimmingly. If you heard Obama talk it sounded like everyone has a great job and is begging new employers to leave them alone.

However, the facts indicate the economy is in a perpetual state of malaise and a change is desperately needed.

Liberals and #NeverTrump may not like the policy prescriptions Trump has offered to get the economy going and people working again, but there’s little doubt that four more years of the same isn’t going to fix what’s wrong (and this is one reason I think Trump will win as Reagan did in 1980).

I like to say you won’t cure the economy without curing the culture, and without a return to a strong emphasis on individual responsibility and hard work, things aren’t going to improve. Crooked Hillary’s and Obama’s constant drive to convince people they’re victims will not encourage them to rise up and improve their lives.

Government handouts are short-term solutions. To make people’s lives better, give them a reason to have hope. Trump provides a different view. He should take his message to the inner cities and offer a new direction. Democrat constituencies won’t be completely won over in one election, but only a few points’ swing could make a major difference in this year’s contest.

Economic growth is the key to many problems in the country today…jobs for college graduates, savings for retirement and paying down the national debt being just three ways it helps.

Trump needs message discipline in pounding these themes. Time will tell if he’ll realize it.

Post Democrat convention, let the Trump pile-on commence

Finally today, the full-out Trump media pile-on has now extended to the fall presidential debate schedule as well.

Harper Neidig of The Hill reports, “The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) on Sunday responded to Donald Trump’s complaint about the scheduling of two of the debates between him and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, on Friday accused Clinton of rigging the debates so that two coincide with NFL games.”

As a bit of background, Bernie Sanders complained throughout the primaries that the Democrat debates were purposely set (by the DNC) on days and times when they wouldn’t generate maximum viewership. Trump is saying the same thing is happening with the fall debates.

He may be right, but Trump isn’t going to win this one. But that hasn’t stopped the stupid and shallow news media from making a big deal out of nothing.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Trump took another hit over some decades old nude photos of Melania Trump being circulated by the New York Post.

Folks, the post Republican convention bounce that Trump received (and appears to be gone) scared the living daylights out of the media and the powerful establishment interests in Washington to the point they’re now piling on and trying desperately to knock Trump down.

NOBODY wants to talk about the real issues in the election. They’d rather report on Trump complaining about debate dates or 20 year-old naked pictures of the potential First Lady than Hillary’s law breaking, Supreme Court nominees or the latest terrorist attack.

This is nothing short of shameful. The fact the media thinks the American public is so stupid and easily distracted is sad, indeed.

Polls in succeeding weeks will reveal how much damage has been done and whether it’s lasting or not. The Trump campaign has its work cut out for it in not only defending the candidate from the Democrats’ attacks, but also from sensationalized media reporting and lack of support from GOP leaders.

If Trump ends up losing in November, it’ll be because #NeverTrump and the establishment allowed the Republican candidate to be torn to shreds over trivial matters not related to the awful economic numbers or real problems at hand. In the end, they’re the ones who will have to answer for it.

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