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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Obama confirms Trump is this year’s anti-establishment candidate

With literally the entire world kicking Trump right now, Barack Obama couldn’t resist getting in on the action on Tuesday.

Nolan D. McCaskill of Politico reports, “While Obama has been sharply critical of Trump in the past, his Tuesday excoriation was unprecedented in this campaign season. The president sought to put politics aside and offered a top-to-bottom takedown of the businessman, arguing that Trump's behavior is so far outside the Obamanorm that nobody, including Republicans, should consider him for the White House.

“With that in mind, he also criticized Republicans who continue to condemn and denounce the real estate mogul’s statements while maintaining that they will vote for him in November.”

If Obama’s tirade isn’t the ultimate stamp of approval on Trump as the anti-establishment candidate, I don’t know what would be. Leave it to Obama, the former “community organizer” who hobnobbed with leftist radicals like William Ayres and sat nodding in agreement to years of anti-American sermons from Jeremiah Wright to determine who is “prepared” to be president and who is not based on his own leftist worldview – one he shares with Crooked Hillary, I might add.

The whole notion of who is “prepared” or “fit” to be president has oft been advanced by the world’s elites to look down on political outsiders for years. Many of these same people questioned whether Ronald Reagan was prepared or “fit” to be president because he’d been an actor in his earlier days. I think Reagan proved them wrong.

Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the Constitution states:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

The document does not address “preparations” or “fitness” as much as it does eligibility. Under the constitutional standard, Trump is certainly eligible and thereby potentially “prepared” and “fit”.

Obama may think Trump isn’t “prepared” or “fit” but the voters will be the ultimate arbiter on that issue.

For now it doesn’t matter at all whether a man like Obama doubts Trump’s qualifications for office. I don’t think Obama was “prepared” or “fit” to be president either, but in the end it wasn’t up to me alone to decide.

Leftists like Obama and establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney and John McCain resent Trump because he fights back. Unlike his predecessors, Trump is a wildcard who will not only return rhetorical fire he’s likely to send a bomb back headed the other direction.

I personally think Obama does Trump a favor every time he speaks out on Trump’s candidacy. Obama may be personally appealing to half the country but let’s not forget 70 percent of Americans think we are headed on the wrong track.

The people who are inclined to support Trump don’t give a hoot about what Obama says – but they’re even more likely to get riled up over the president’s intervening where he shouldn’t, especially since his own preparedness and fitness was so remarkably poor when he was elected.

If I were Trump, I would welcome every Obama comment I could possibly get.

#NeverTrump says everyone who supported Trump is to blame if Hillary wins

If you are inclined to believe the media headlines of late or the baby bird-like chirping of the #NeverTrump crowd, Donald Trump is irreversibly depressed after the Democrat convention last week and the Republican party cause is already lost.

In this most volatile of historic time periods, American opinion is fluctuating all over the place. A little perspective is called for.

The calendar indicates today is August 3rd. We’re still a month away from Labor Day and just last week Trump had a brief but measurable lead in the Real Clear Politics polling average. Now, a mere seven days later, the chattering class is back to claiming the election’s already decided and conservatives should just take down their “Make America Great Again” signs and go home.

If these folks are correct, we should be preparing to say “Welcome, Madame President Clinton.” Check your news feed for the upcoming photo op where a beaming Bill Clinton reenters the White House and literally starts sizing up the drapes with a tape measure. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews will wet himself again in admiration.

To Trump’s critics, long since forgotten is Crooked Hillary’s non-indictment for compromising national security secrets. Gone too from memory is the DNC’s own email scandal as exposed less than two weeks ago.

And for the last few days, unfortunately, all we seem to be hearing about is Sharia law-supporting Khizr Khan’s anti-Trump attacks and Trump’s counter-comments on Muslim immigration. Throw in more nude pictures of Melania Trump being released and it’s been one giant media-driven anti-Trump cluster bomb, a verbal firing squad of epic proportions.

The doom and gloomers are all too happy to proclaim the sky is falling – and according to them, it’s all our fault, too.

First and foremost as usual in the kick-Trump clique is Erick Erickson at The Resurgent. Erickson writes, “Reality beckons and it is going to be awful. This is going to be terrible for so many people. Again, for the first time ever a convention concluded with more Americans being driven away from a party than toward it.

“It did not have to be this way. And yes, I did tell you so. But you were too busy accusing me of disloyalty to listen. I expect you’ll continue to blame me and others right up until the bottom falls out. For much of America, character still counts. Just not for the GOP any more.”

Erickson must have some advertising to sell, so he’s keeping up with the anti-Trump narrative because he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. Remember, Erick’s already announced his intention to vote for Peyton Manning in November (though with Manning’s new “Peyton on Sunday Morning” Direct TV deal, I doubt he’d take the job even if elected).

In answering Erickson, yes, character absolutely does matter. But so does policy and principle. On both of those fronts, Hillary Clinton fails at every level of scrutiny. The choice isn’t hard this year…not sure why the #NeverTrumpers don’t acknowledge it.

Again, it’s probably due to ratings…and money.

The truth is, bashing on Trump is much more lucrative for these people -- and the honest ones admit to it. To his credit, Leon H. Wolf at RedState actually put together a sensible post yesterday and made a salient point about Hillary Clinton all but disappearing from the headlines amidst the sea of Trump-bashing stories.

Wolf wrote, “All over both television and the Internet yesterday, it was the same thing. Everyone talked all day about Trump. Clinton was mentioned in the context of her post-DNC bounce, but mainly to illustrate that Trump has fallen. Otherwise, it was Trump, Trump, Trump everywhere.

“Even here at RedState we saw it. We had a few stories on the front page yesterday that were critical of Clinton. Whenever those stories were in the top slot, traffic bombed. Put up a story about Trump, the traffic goes back up. Clinton's actual presence is beside the point. Everything is about what prism you view the phenomenon of Trump through.”

I thank Wolf for his candor. The #NeverTrump crowd continues with their anti-Trump barrage simply because it gets people stirred up – and clicking on their sites. Wolf argues it’s by Trump’s own design that he’s dominating the media, good or bad, but there’s no question the talkers are feeding off this frenzy.

And that’s why Trump is sinking in the polls this week, not because of anything he did in regards to Khizr Khan or anyone else.

The bottom line: Donald Trump may come out of this latest rough spot, or he may not. Trump may win in November, or he may not.

But if Trump ends up losing because of trivial side issues and the mocking advocacy of the so-called conservative anti-Trump media, it says a lot more about the sorry state of American culture and politics than it does about Trump as a candidate. If the American public bases their voting decisions on the latest politically correct controversy and loses sight of the stakes involved in the overall contest (see, Supreme Court), it just might be said we as a country only get what we deserve.

The Founding Fathers created the American republic with the idea that a well-informed population would sustain it with sound voting behavior. The events of recent times have proven over and over again that the “low information voters” are suckered by the nature of the personality contest, caring little about what either candidate actually stands for or represents in terms of policy.

It no longer matters what Trump says or does in relation to this year’s election. The primaries are over. He’s one of the two major party candidates. Elections have consequences. Sitting it out is not an option…even Ted Cruz said so himself.

Simply put, it’s shameful that #NeverTrump is taking a leading role in this Trump-bashing and fanning the flames of the Hillary-supporting media at the same time.

No, Erick, if Trump loses it’s not because of us. It’s you.

Democrats question whether everything they know is wrong

With their willing allies in the #NeverTrump faction turning out some serious anti-Trump propaganda to go along with the media’s typical shock treatments, you would think Democrats would be on top of the world these days.

After all, they just spent an entire week officially elevating one of their most well-known politicians to head the party ticket; Obama’s favorable ratings hover around 50 percent (due mostly to the undying support of certain leftist constituencies that would praise him no matter what he does); and the media is providing them millions in free negative advertising against Trump on a daily basis simply because one Pakistani immigrant accused him of not sacrificing for the country or knowing the Constitution.

Democrats should be almost brimming with confidence going into November…but they’re not. They’re strangely suspicious that it all might be an illusion.

Political analyst Jeff Greenfield writes in Politico, “All of these numbers should be a source of great comfort to Democratic strategists, and in public they tend to repeat them. But just beneath the surface lies a persistent sense of uneasiness, driven by one question: What if everything we think we know about politics has been rendered inoperative?

“…If that’s what’s going on now—if voters find it empowering to upend the table, break the crockery and send every member of ‘the Establishment’ running for cover—then all the turnout models of all the experts might be thrown into a cocked hat. It means we could continue to watch as the statements and actions that would destroy any other candidacy have little or no effect on Trump…”

And there’s the gist of it. Trump’s candidacy has been so thoroughly groundbreaking that it’s impossible to tell who is going to turn out in November and in what kind of numbers.

Trump isn’t a standard Republican. His detachment from ideology, brash style and dedicated celebrity fan base upsets every possible polling model because we just don’t know who is likely to support him and whether they’ll actually make it to the voting booth.

Trump’s people certainly showed up in the primaries, but that was a different competition for a totally separate set of stakes. General election voters are different…but by how much?

Greenfield’s article touches on the key question of minority voter participation. Will Trump truly inspire an anti-Republican wave among these groups, or could he actually attract more minorities to his side than the polls would indicate because people are so fed up with the status quo and poor economy?

I think the Democrats have reason to worry, regardless of what the polls show or #NeverTrumpers predict today. The primaries gave us an almost week by week snapshot of the party races. The general election is a one-shot deal…and there are over three months left to go until we find out the answer.

Media ignores Benghazi parents’ praise of Trump in favor of Khan controversy

Finally today, another family of an American slain by Islamic radicals is speaking out in the presidential race, this time the father of one of the Benghazi victims in favor of Donald Trump.

Ben Kamisar of The Hill reports, “Charles Woods, the father of fallen Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, pledged his support for Trump in a statement that emphasized the Republican presidential nominee’s strength on national security.

“’I support Donald Trump, and the main reason is national security as well as the economy are the two most important issues that voters are going to have to decide upon next November,’ Woods said.”

Woods follows Gold Star mother Pat Smith in publicly backing Trump. Smith spoke at the Republican convention a couple weeks ago. Like Khizr Khan, Smith gave an emotional speech calling out a presidential candidate -- Hillary Clinton -- but most media outlets all but ignored her.

I suspect they’ll give Woods similar treatment seeing as he’s questioning a liberal and her leadership skills rather than a Republican.

It will be interesting to see how #NeverTrump treats the Woods endorsement, since it doesn’t fit conveniently into their narrative either.

One way or another, Crooked Hillary’s awful record has to come out. When it does, and people start paying attention, I can’t help but think her poll numbers will suffer for it.

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