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Sen. Richard Black, Virginia Co-Chairman of the Ted Cruz for President Campaign Letter to Voters

Dear Voter: 

I worked hard as Co-Chairman of the Ted Cruz for President Campaign. However, the primary is over and we are now in the general election. One of two things will happen:  either Donald Trump will win or Hillary Clinton will win. The idea that Donald Trump will somehow be removed from the race is an insane notion, promoted by our Donald Trumpharshest critics on the left.  Obama has no authority to remove candidates just because he dislikes them.  Maybe he can make the oceans rise, but he can’t choose Republican candidates. 
The next president will select a number of Supreme Court nominees. If Hillary Clinton makes those selections, they will uniformly be Marxists, who will rubber-stamp every decision made by her and her liberal allies. I have no question that Donald Trump will nominate individuals who will be far superior to those of Clinton. 
Hillary is bought-and-paid-for by tyrannical foreign interests. I, for one, am sick of seeing American troops employed as mercenaries for Saudi Arabian tyrants. I’m also sick of foreign trade agreements that gut our towns and cities, leaving American workers on welfare while jobs are shipped overseas. There is no question in my mind that Donald Trump would do a superior job of rectifying this tragic situation. 
America’s southern borders have been left open deliberately so that drug cartels can infect this nation with heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Does anyone imagine for a moment that Hillary Clinton will close the borders? After all of his campaigning, I cannot imagine that Donald Trump will not seal the border effectively. 
By now, I have met all of Donald Trump’s foreign policy team. They are extremely bright and focused on advancing America’s vital national interests. Anyone who has followed Hillary as Secretary of State knows that she is bought and paid for by foreign interests. She will use our defense establishment as a tool to raise cash for her family enterprises, which are totally corrupt.  Her top advisor is Huma Abedin, with close ties to the sinister Muslim Brotherhood.  Hillary’s election guarantees we lose the war on terror and move steadily toward a Wahhabi Islamic state. 
While anyone can take potshots at political decisions made by the Trump campaign, one thing is clear: Hillary Clinton will destroy every vestige of freedom remaining in America. I am not willing to have that happen. That is why I support Donald Trump for President of the United States. 
Senator Richard H. Black

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Cruz chairman for Trump

It is refreshing to see someone in the Cruz camp with some character & integrity...and maturity! In 2014 the All-America response to Obama's bold claim, "My policies are on the ballot!" was to crush his hopes for affirmation. We the people overwhelmingly replaced Mayors, County Commissioners, Governors, State Legislatures, US Senators and many US Representatives with Conservatives to stop the President's lawless, socialistic and anti-American foreign and domestic policies once and for all. What we got however was spineless politicos like Paul Ryan and sour-grapes, me-before-America cry-babies like Ted Cruz. The tsunami-like landslide for Donald Trump is a result of that failed effort. (By the way, was Obama's suicidal claim ever repeated in the media? Of course not. Compare Obama's remark to Bush's "Read My Lips"...still lampooned in the news and "talk" shows...if you still think there is any integrity left in the news--or any media for that matter.) What the country is saying by more votes of approval than any other Republican candidate in history is, "We're fed up and will take an ill-mannered, politically-incorrect, loud-mouth capitalist shaker-and-mover to make America great again than all the waffling, smooth-talking mock-conservatives you can throw at us."

Cruz Chairman for Trump

I agree with you 100% on your analysis and just for your information look up Rick Poole -Arizona, which is an Independent Pollster which contacted 1000 people in all 50 states, totalling 50,000 people, and sampled 33% Democrats; 33% Republicans; 34% Independents. Trump got 67% of the votes, Hillary got 19%, and Independents got the rest. I'm understanding more Independent Polls will be coming out due to Back Rigging of Polls by the Lamestream Media.