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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion forecast poll rebound for Trump

In examining the aftermath of the recent controversy concerning Donald Trump and the Khan family, it got me wondering whether there will be a bit of a poll backlash forthcoming -- in Trump’s favor.

Consider, if you will, Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion.

Number 3 reads, “Law III: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of Sir Isaac Newtontwo bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts.”

No, we’re not going back to high school physics class. But in this case, Newton’s third law applies very much to modern day politics. While Republicans and conservatives are currently reacting in horror to Donald Trump’s freefall in the most recent polls, it’s important to remember that when people actually wake up and realize that the whole Khan incident was really just a made-for-the-media leftist sell-job, they’re going to be furious.

And there could be a rebound. Will there be a complete and opposite reaction, as Newton suggests?

Time will tell. But consider Hillary and the Obama have their own issues with Gold Star parents to contend with.

Steve Guest of the Daily Caller reports, “Karen Vaughn, mother of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn who was killed in Afghanistan, blasted Barack Obama Thursday for using the death of her son in a photo op against her and other SEAL families’ wishes.”

During an interview on CNN’s “Legal View” program, Vaugh told host Ana Cabrera, “What we experienced there is the families unanimously asked Barack Obama to not bring any media, to not make this a media event, that he was welcome to be with us but no media. And you know he showed up with cameras, and the next day our pictures, or his picture saluting the caskets of our boys was plastered over every outlet in America.”

Hmmm…you mean a Democrat was using a tragic circumstance to score political points with the American public? Say it isn’t so.

But the main point is, not all Gold Star families are livid at Donald Trump for his reaction to Khizr Khan’s speech at the Democrat convention, just as not all Gold Star families are happy with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their handling of the military the last eight years.

For the media to blow Trump’s remarks so completely out of proportion in this regard is bound to have its own consequences.

Once again, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The more the Democrats and media try and push this story as some sort of Trump apostasy, the greater will be the backlash from a public that is already thoroughly fed up with the hyper-sensitive politically correct snow job foisted on them every day.

For now, the polls reflect the “outrage” Americans are supposedly feeling. It’s the ultimate example of crowd mentality. Every voice on cable news or in online news editorials is naturally telling people how furious they should be and how culpable and crazy Trump is proving to be. No wonder the polling winds have turned 180 degrees and are blowing fiercely in Crooked Hillary’s direction.

After the past two weeks, if they weren’t, I would be surprised.

There’s also the matter of the “crying baby” incident which took place at a Virginia Trump rally last Tuesday. For those who were actually there, they report there was absolutely nothing to the story…but still the media made a big deal over it anyway.

When taking into account the totality of the media’s bashing on Trump, I can’t help but feel something is going to cause public opinion to go back in the other direction. You can think of it as Newton’s law, or even like a boomerang. Or even more simply, what comes around goes around.

Think back to the immediate aftermath of Senator Ted Kennedy’s death in late 2009 when Democrats and the media went overboard in praising the life of a man who many, many Americans consider a philandering elitist law flouter and would-be murderer who got off scot-free solely because he was the brother of a popular assassinated president and assassinated would-be president.

Obama did the eulogy at Kennedy’s nationally televised funeral and then network news extensively covered his burial at Arlington National Cemetery, again, deeply offending many Americans who felt a man like Kennedy shouldn’t be laid to rest in the same company of so many legendary heroes without some sort of real lifetime military contributions (Kennedy served in the army for two years and qualified for burial there).

Reaction to the Kennedy funeral overplay was predictable. Republican Scott Brown was elected to fill out the balance of Ted Kennedy’s senate term, a stunning upset that at the time was thought to be the first victory (in January, 2010) in what eventually became the Tea Party movement.

A similar “opposite reaction” came after Democrats over-celebrated ultra-liberal Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone’s death at his funeral, one of the tackiest events I’ve ever witnessed on TV. It basically devolved into a political pep rally just days before the 2002 elections, which Democrats went on to lose badly all across the country.

These are just two examples of action/opposite reaction. I’m not saying the same is going to happen this year, though I can’t help but think Democrats have milked this Khan controversy for all it’s worth and there very well could be a backlash against it at some point, especially if they keep trying to punch out Trump with substance-free disputes that in the end, don’t mean anything.

It looks like they’re just trying to distract from Crooked Hillary’s own considerable list of deficiencies… which is basically what they’re doing in the first place, right?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Watch out Democrats…this might just be coming back at you.

Endorsements of establishment candidates could signal Trump shift in self-discipline

In addition to the Khan controversy and the trumped-up hullabaloo over crying babies, Trump stirred up a hornets nest in Republican circles last week by publicly questioning whether he would endorse the primary candidacies of Speaker Paul Ryan and John McCain.

Conservatives understood what Trump was doing, since Ryan originally waffled on an endorsement of the certain nominee back in May and McCain issued a statement rebuking Trump over the Khan family after the media had fanned the flames.

Higher-ups at the RNC weren’t happy over Trump’s indifference and there were even rumors that some of them were exploring ways to replace him should he “drop out.”

Trump changed course on Friday.

Reena Flores of CBS News reports, “After days of Donald Trump's public hesitation in backing House Speaker Paul Ryan during his Wisconsin primary race, the Republican presidential nominee endorsed Ryan Friday evening at a rally in Green Bay…

“Trump also endorsed Arizona Sen. John McCain, who he has also been at odds with.”

The Republican nominee followed up with an endorsement of New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte who is in a tough reelection race in The Granite State.

Flores reports Trump said, “I also fully support and endorse Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire -- a state I truly love, primarily because that was my first victory. She is a rising star and will continue to represent the great people of New Hampshire so very well for a long, long time. Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Working hand in hand, we will grow our majority in the House and in the Senate.”

Now that’s party unity for you, right? I bet Reince Priebus himself might have even scribbled those words on a piece of RNC Chairman stationary for Trump to recite.

Conservatives might be upset over Trump’s cave-in to the establishment but they should be happy about at least one aspect of it. Because Trump decided to offer an olive branch to some of those whom he ticked off last week, it could be a sign he’s actually listening to advice and doing what’s necessary to unite the party.

For their part, I can only hope Ryan, McCain and Ayotte – and the rest of the Republican Party – follow suit in uniting behind Trump.

It’s counterproductive to keep issuing statements like “I don’t agree with what he said but I’m stuck voting for him because he’s better than Hillary Clinton.”

If the establishment wants unity, they can’t have it both ways. Trump needs to get on message and not allow the media to generate controversies over non-issues such as endorsements of party candidacies in state primaries. But the party elites have got to require some self-discipline from people like Ryan and McCain, too.

In doing so, the media narrative would have to change and we could finally start talking about Crooked Hillary’s record and real substantive things like Supreme Court appointees.

Trump returns to a trusty old argument to deflect attention away from his media troubles

While it’s clear Donald Trump has been all over the proverbial map with statements about nearly everything under the sun, in one area he’s been remarkably consistent: his attacks on the “rigged” electoral system.

It first started when Trump questioned the final results of the Iowa caucuses after it was reported Ted Cruz’s supporters were actively working to switch Ben Carson backers to their candidate at the last moment (because of a CNN report that Carson was leaving the race) on February 1.

Then Trump complained about the “rigged” state party convention rules in Colorado and North Dakota that led to Cruz taking almost all of the delegates from those states.

Not to be outdone, Trump is now questioning the integrity of the entire electoral system for the upcoming November national election.

Ben Kamisar of The Hill reports, “Donald Trump is casting doubt on the prospect of fair elections come November, criticism that could prompt his supporters to reject the possibility of a Hillary Clinton victory in the fall as fraudulent.

“Trump has predicted at almost every rally this past week that the election could be ‘rigged’ against him. He’s labeled the mounting polls showing him trailing Clinton as ‘phony’ and warned that voter fraud could steal the election from him.”

In doing so, Trump appears to be recycling the same tactics he used in the Republican primaries. It certainly worked for him big-time in late April when the race rapidly shifted in his favor; the question is whether it will generate the same type of voter response in the fall.

At least on the issue of voter fraud, Obama and the Democrats are vehemently denying it even takes place. These are the same people who oppose simple Voter ID laws and whose outright fraud was revealed in numerous video exposes by filmmaker James O’Keefe.

It’s very hard to tell the extent to which voter fraud could “rig” the election in favor of Hillary Clinton, but a couple things are undoubtedly true: First, any organized effort to conduct voter fraud would have a very good chance of success; and two, voter fraud DOES exist at some level.

There have been numerous documented cases of dead people and even pets participating where voting by mail is allowed. And where ID is not required, anyone can easily vote in someone else’s stead.

There’s also some evidence that post Democrat-convention polls are being cooked in Clinton’s favor.

Time will tell whether Trump’s most recent claims of a “rigged” system will bear fruit in the polls – and at the ballot box. But one thing is clear, Trump’s say-so is forcing government officials to justify their actions and beliefs – accountability that is desperately needed in these troubled times.

Polls still bouncing…where’s the truth?

Finally today, one of the polls that had showed a growing post-Democrat convention lead for Crooked Hillary reversed course over the weekend, limiting the margin to a more realistic 3-point margin for Clinton.

Keith Koffler of the Washington Examiner reports, “After a week of being behind Hillary Clinton by ten points or more in various polls, Donald Trump has suddenly pulled to nearly even in a national poll by Reuters/Ipsos released Saturday.

“Clinton leads with 42 percent of the vote compared to 39 percent for Trump, a significant gain for the GOP nominee, who had been behind by eight points in a Reuters poll Monday.”

This survey could be the leading indicator in the “complete and opposite reaction” suggested above, it could be an outlier, or more likely, the pollsters don’t have a good grasp of where the race stands because the voters are so volatile in their opinions.

Let’s not forget, Crooked Hillary isn’t exactly popular…or trusted. I can easily see where someone might say they’re for her one day and change their mind the next.

For what it’s worth, the Real Clear Politics average shows Clinton with a seven point lead.

I believe the polls will go back to where they were prior to the party conventions in the next few weeks, likely showing Clinton with a modest lead but with many Americans still voicing doubt about their commitments to both candidates.

If Trump is able to maintain some message discipline, I can see him eventually pulling ahead. The media won’t help him in this regard. But the more they try to help Hillary, the greater could be the backlash. Sir Isaac Newton predicted it, right?

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RINO "republicans"

Trump has endorsed Ryan and some other establishment "republicans" who wont endorse him? What is Trump thinking? Does he purposely want to alienate Constitutional voters and lose to the socialist/Marxist Hillary?