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Pullman: Cultural Jihad Is Already In American Classrooms

Our friend Joy Pullman of the Federalist has, over the past six-months, conducted what we consider to be one of the most in-depth investigations of how Muslim “cultural jihad” has penetrated America’s public schools. 

Through interviews with such experts as William Saxton, Chairman of Florida-based Citizens for National Security, Pullman has documented Islam’s dark path into America’s classrooms in a classic Taqiyya operation. Taqiyya in this case meaning lying to advance the cause of Islam. 

Islam in SchoolsPullman reports that Mr. Saxton is a retired U.S. intelligence officer with a Harvard University doctorate who volunteers for CFNS. He won’t say which agencies he’s worked for besides the Department of Defense, but will say he has investigated jihadist propaganda professionally. He began going through all the textbooks he could find after visiting a grandson in California in 2009 and looking up the sections on Middle Eastern history. 

“That’s when the light lit,” Saxton told Pullman. “I said ‘Whoa, we have a problem.’ This is a cultural jihad. It’s a dangerous form because no one is going to know about this.” 

Here are some of the key findings of Pullman’s research: 

Citizens for National Security reports chronicle sins of omission and commission—such as saying “war broke out” between Palestinians and Israelis although one side was the aggressor, glossing over historical realities such as Muslims holding slaves and proselytizing by the sword, and inaccuracies such as stating Jesus was a Palestinian when Palestine did not exist until more than 100 years after his crucifixion. 

One of CFNS’s YouTube videos points out that the high school history textbook used in the Boston bombers’ public school, Cambridge Latin School, makes straightforward religious claims about Islam no textbook would mimic in a description of any other religion: “Muhammad’s teachings, which are the revealed word of God…” An unbiased textbook would say something like “Muslims believe Muhammad’s teachings are the revealed word of God.” 

The Muslim-Brotherhood-connected Council on Islamic Education, who said their work reviewing textbooks for major publishers is intended to produce a “bloodless” cultural revolution. Reaction to such statements prompted CIE to change its name to the Institute for Religion and Civic Values, where founder Shabir Mansuri continues to review history textbooks for major publishers, write lesson plans, and give seminars to teachers. 

Pullman also reports that following the money is important to understanding what motivates the organizations and individuals behind the cultural jihad through the classroom operation. 

Taxpayers often fund these activities through government grants and contracts, and IRCV claims a “significant working partnership” with the Obama - Clinton State Department.  

Former CIE senior researcher Susan Douglass now runs an education outreach program for an influential Georgetown University center endowed in 2005 by a $20 million gift from Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. Recently declassified documents suggest links between the Saudi Arabian government, al-Qaeda, and the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. 

Talal, one of the world’s richest men, has suggested America’s foreign policy deserved some blame for 9/11 and donated to the terrorist-linked Council for American-Islamic Relations. John Esposito, the founding director of Talal’s Georgetown center, has raised money for CAIR and publicly promoted organizations the U.S. government later designated terrorist organizations. 

The center also receives federal Title VI funds for developing K-12 curriculum materials. Like Mansuri, Douglass travels the country giving seminars at museums, school districts, and conferences. Teacher resources she has written read like Muslim apologetics, including claims such as: “Customs such as honor killing are not part of Islam.” 

There is so much more to Pullman’s incisive report, but fair use does not allow us to reproduce the entire body of research here. We urge CHQ readers to review Joy Pullman’s article, “What Do American Schools Teach About Islam? PC Or Nothing” through the link and then to review the textbooks in their schools for evidence of cultural jihad.

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