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Roger Stone: You Bet Elections Can Be “Rigged”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump drew predictable fire from the establishment media when he warned that the 2016 election could be “rigged” to favor Hillary Clinton. 

That the entire political system is rigged to favor Clinton is self-evident, but now Trump confidant Roger Stone has published a column in DC’s political journal The Hill documenting how elections can be rigged and the Roger Stoneevidence that some actually have been rigged. 

Based both on technical capability and recent history, Trump’s concerns are not unfounded. 

A recent study by Stanford University proved that Hillary Clinton’s campaign rigged the system to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders. 

What was done to Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin is stunning

Why would the Clintons not cheat again? 

The issue here is both voter fraud, which is limited but does happen, and election theft through the manipulation of the computerized voting machines, particularly the DIEBOLD/PES voting machines in wide usage in most states.

POLITICO profiled a Princeton professor — who has demonstrated how the electronic voting machines that are most widely used can be hacked in five minutes or less! Robert Fitrakis Professor of Political Science in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Columbus State Community College has written a must-read book on the strip and flip technique sued to rig these machines. Professor Fitrakis is a Green Party activist. 

A computer hacker showed CBS how to vote multiple times using a simple $15.00 electronic device

To be very clear, says Stone, both parties have engaged in this skullduggery and it is the party in power in each state that has custody of the machines and control of their programming. This year, the results of machines in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio, where Governor John Kasich controls the machines, must be matched with exit polls, for example. 

Illinois is another obvious state where Trump has been running surprisingly strong, in what has become a Blue state. Does anyone trust Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a longtime Clinton hatchet man not to monkey with the machines? I don’t. He was using City funded Community groups to recruit anti-Trump “protestors” who posed such a threat to public safety the Trump Chicago event was canceled when the Secret Service couldn’t guarantee his safety. 

How do the pols of both parties do it?  As easy as determining, on the basis of honest polling, who is going to win. Then, if it isn’t your candidate, simply have the votes for the other guy be given to your guy and vice versa. You keep the total vote the same. This is where the “strip and flip” technique described by Professor Fitrakis comes in. 

Today, the polling industry has been reported to be “in a state of crisis” because they are altering their samples to favor Hillary. The Reuters poll actually got busted for oversampling Democrats in order to inflate Hillary’s lead. We even had the absurdity of a Gallup poll proclaiming that 51% of those who had heard Trump’s speech were less likely to vote for him, which was endlessly repeated by the shills at MSNBC. 

Stone predicted that Trump would lead in the polls after his highly successful convention (despite the media frenzy over the non-issue of a Melania Trump staffer plagiarizing a handful of words). In fact, post-convention polling for the Trump effort by pollster Tony Fabrizio in key swing states was encouraging. Perhaps this is why the establishment elites have gone into overdrive to attack Trump. 

Hillary hasn’t exactly had smooth sailing, notes Mr. Stone. Julian Assange of Wikileaks said he had inconvertible proof that as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton armed ISIS. The IRS has opened an investigation to the Clinton Foundation and it’s many offshoots, and Hillary got caught lying about what FBI Director Comey did say about her. 

But you will see less of Hillary’s problems in the mainstream media, which has gone completely overboard in its relentless, even hysterical, efforts to lambaste Trump and promote her. Every remotely objective commentator has been stunned. Trump will, however, have an opportunity to drive these points home in the debates. 

We are now living in a fake reality of constructed data and phony polls. The computerized voting machines can be hacked and rigged and after the experience of Bernie Sanders, there is no reason to believe they won’t be. Don’t be taken in says Stone. 

We urge CHQ readers to go to Roger Stone’s complete article in The Hill through this link.

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rigging elections

Another one of the tricks used is to report exit polling prior to the closing of polls in other states. The media does this regularly to depress voting out west. It's one of their tricks, and it should be illegal.

I remember when Rush Limbaugh called it for Bush in 2000 the media was furious since the Florida panhandle hadn't voted yet. But they do this all the time. That is clearly an example of rigging an election.

The Democrats and the media have been rigging elections for decades.

Rigged and Ready to Sail

There needs to be a national admission that computer driven voting machines are never going to be secure. They should be outlawed.

Any legitimate voting system must be easily recountable by having a document or card for each voter -- paper or card. It must be taken by the voter to the precinct worker and handed over to them. It must be counted by a separate machine that preserves the original document.

Additionally, all precincts must wait to submit results until all precincts can send all results forward at exactly the same time. There should be no sharing of results or early tallies by 'officials' or 'insiders'.