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The Real Conservatives in Tomorrow’s Arizona and Florida Primaries

Tomorrow’s Arizona and Florida Republican Primary elections could bring a group of limited government constitutional conservative fighters to Capitol Hill and keep Arizona’s Rep. Paul Gosar, one of the GOP’s most reliable full spectrum conservatives, fighting for conservative values and principles.  

Dr. Kelli WardWe endorse Dr. Kelli Ward against aging and out of touch Sen. John McCain in the Arizona Senate primary. We endorse and recommend retention of Rep. Paul Gosar in Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District. We endorse former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino in Florida’s 19th Congressional District and we recommend Mary Thomas for Congress in FL-02 and Brian Mast for Congress in District 18. 

Endorsement: Dr. Kelli Ward for US Senate 

You would have to go back to the 1960s and early 1970s and the days when Nelson Rockefeller was Governor of New York to find a more anti-conservative Republican than Senator John McCain of Arizona. Which is why, as Senator McCain seeks an unprecedented sixth term in the US Senate, we are pleased to endorse Dr. Kelli Ward to replace him. 

Over his 30+ years in the Senate and House John McCain has gone out of his way to antagonize conservatives in Arizona and nationally, especially on matters of amnesty for illegal aliens, the Second Amendment and spending and the growth of government. 

And in most of these fights McCain has been far out of synch with the Republican voters he purports to represent in Arizona and conservative opinion at the national level. 


Endorsement: Rep. Paul Gosar in AZ-4 

It requires a breathtaking level of deceit to attempt to run to the right of limited government constitutional conservative Congressman Paul Gosar and attack him as an “insider.”  

But with the help of a shadowy lobbyist-funded PAC – Right Way PAC – which was founded by K Street insider Daniel Flynn, that is exactly what Gosar’s challenger Ray Strauss is trying to do.  

Flynn, once Tom Delay's Deputy Chief of Staff, is a Washington establishment insider and a friend of ousted Speaker of the House John Boehner. According to reports in Conservative Review, Flynn has been boasting publicly that he started Right Way Super PAC to take out Gosar and he is going to spend at least a million dollars against Gosar. 

While on the Buckeye, Arizona, city council, Ray Strauss supported open borders and amnesty groups. Strauss was also rated a “champion of big government” on the Americans for Prosperity’s Arizona scorecard during his time on the Buckeye city council where he raised the sales tax and property tax. 

But this hasn’t stopped him – with Flynn’s help – from trying to sell himself as a conservative. 

As we see it the battle in the Republican Primary in Arizona Congressional District 4 is shaping up to be a classic battle between an establishment-backed RINO, Ray Strauss, who is willing to compromise at every turn and therefore see government continue to grow and liberty continue to recede, and limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Paul Gosar, who like millions of other Americans has said enough is enough, and is willing to tenaciously fight every battle to preserve our liberty. 


Endorsement: Dan Bongino, the Conservative in Florida-19 

Dan Bongino. The steely eyes. The boxer’s nose. The hair cut high and tight; and the boyish grin that softens it all when he talks about his family. You’ve probably seen him on Fox News as a guest without realizing he’s also one of the top conservative candidates running for Congress. 

Bongino is a former Secret Service agent now running for Congress in Florida’s open 19th Congressional District centered on Ft. Myers and Naples on Florida’s Gulf Coast. 

Bongino, who friends describe as Republitarian (libertarian-leaning Republican) has been knocking on doors and raising a decent amount of money, but to the national GOP insiders Bongino’s grassroots campaign has hardly been a blip on the radar as they focused protecting vulnerable incumbents and offering behind the scenes support to self-funding candidates like opponent Francis Rooney, who started the race by giving himself $600,000 and has poured millions into the campaign. 

Dan is a standout among a new generation of conservative leaders and we are proud to be part of the growing list of national conservatives to endorse him.  As Mike Lee once said of Dan Bongino, “He has spent his life helping our country.  Let's unite now to help Dan.” 


Other conservatives we like in the 2016 Florida Primary are Mary Thomas for Congress in FL-02 and Brian Mast in District 18.

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Kelli Ward

Kelli will lose to RINO McCain..who may lose to the Democrat in November in part because of the offensive "aging" comment. Huge mistake on your part and hers...Arizona (like my Florida) has a Republican retiree population. Some actually believe with age comes wisdom. So many issues to fight him on with his liberal record.. a shame she went personal with the aging remark. She will,no doubt, look back and see that as the (down) turning point....

Arizona Conservatives....

The "Real cConservatives" think they are hotty tottys! They have been going along with Obama most of the time, and We the Patriots who are Republicns knows for sure the the Country cannot stay this way or We will be in hot water
sinking! Vote Trump!