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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Not even Hillary’s Sunday stumble helps #NeverTrump find the path

It’s safe to say Hillary Clinton’s wild walk to her motorcade on Sunday morning could go down as one of the most consequential happenings of not only this election year, it could easily be thought of someday as an event that changed history.

For Crooked Hillary’s near collapse not only revealed there are serious questions surrounding her health and fitness, it also showed that her supporters are a collection of apologists who not only initially denied there was Hillary stumbleanything wrong with her, they tried to play off Sunday’s incident as not a big deal…until the video came out, that is.

As soon as people were actually able to see Hillary buckling before entering her van, we knew the Democrats’ spin about a “heat” issue was just another lie. But all of this doesn’t seem to matter to the #NeverTrump people – they’re as hot after Trump as ever.

After blasting, in totality, the utter hypocrisy of liberal Crooked Hillary supporters defending their candidate’s “excuse” of being “overheated” on Sunday morning, leading #NeverTrumper Erick Erickson then turned his rhetorical guns back towards conservatives and Republicans.

Erickson writes in The Resurgent, “[L]et’s imagine if Republicans circled the wagons around Trump like Democrats circle the wagons around Hillary. We’d rightfully be called liars and we’d lack any integrity. We’d give many people even more ample grounds to distrust us than they already have in the age of Trump.

“No one comes away from Trump with their integrity intact. I’d prefer to keep mine and not be a water carrier for a braying jackass.

“When you carry water for a candidate, you end up all wet.”

When I read this, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is Erickson serious or is he just writing this to get people ticked off enough to mention him in the press?” I guess you could say I answered my own question by addressing his words now, but calling Trump a “braying jackass” once again (Erick’s done it dozens of times over the months) shows that for some people this election doesn’t have much to do with the issues at hand and is really just about character assassination.

With #NeverTrump watching Hillary implode right before our eyes – first on Friday with her astonishing “deplorables” speech and then again on Sunday morning with her fainting spell and obvious health issues, we’re no longer hearing from the anti-Trumpers about how Trump is sure to lose, etc…

There aren’t any more recriminations about blame for Trump; no guarantees of Republican down ballot disaster; no insulting of Trump’s supporters and accusations of them all being a collection of alt-right racists like we usually get from #NeverTrump.

No, it looks like they’ve run out of steam. Just about every argument #NeverTrump typically advances in support of their entrenched “I’m not participating” stance has been utterly blown to smithereens in the past few weeks. Not only is Trump no longer looking like a certain loser to them, he’s actually starting to look like he’s in pretty good shape (and we’re not talking about physical condition here)…at least in comparison to Crooked -- and very sick -- Hillary.

As with any occurrence of this nature, there could very well be some sort of backlash. It’s conceivable the American public could see even someone as ethically deprived as Hillary Clinton as a sympathetic character when she stumbles and needs assistance to get in her van.

It’s only human to feel some pity for her. No decent person is going to go out and run a victory lap after seeing an elderly woman struggling in such a manner…even if it’s someone as nasty and soulless as Hillary.

This is not a case of, “See, I told you she was sick.” It’s not about Hillary and whatever ague might be teeming through her body or brain. It’s about the way the Democrats are trying to pass her off as something she’s not – that being a fit human being capable of serving as president.

Hillary’s proved her unfitness hundreds of times throughout her time in the public eye but none more so than the past several days. She proved it last Friday night when she cruelly dismissed tens of millions of Americans as deplorable “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”

Now Hillary doesn’t just think these things…she’s saying it, too. I bet even Obama is shaking his head watching his would-be successor blow the whole election within the span of 30 seconds.

The Democrats can no longer claim the “unity” high road. The ruse is exposed. They’ve tattooed labels on Americans that can never be removed. She said it. The words are out there, not just lying flat on the carpet.

As for #NeverTrump, they’re once again trying to weasel out of responsibility for their refusal to acknowledge that there’s only one choice in this year’s election.

Going back to Erickson, he argued in a separate post yesterday that it doesn’t matter who wins this year because he himself is going to heaven regardless.

Erickson writes at The Resurgent, “The nation is going to end one day. My soul is not. My hope is not in the outcome of an election, but of a Savior who died and rose again from the dead. The sovereignty of God puts me at peace regardless of the results of this election.

“There are a lot of Christians who are worshiping American Jesus and not the real Jesus. They’ve put their hope in a con man, not a conquering king. They are driven to desperation and fear and worry and pessimism about the future. But what’s more, they’ve decided their will, not God’s and their vision of the future, not His. Only in the false religion of nationalism where the heroes of Flight 93 can be appropriated by one political party for one view of America can refusing to vote for a braying jackass be considered a sin, treason, or immoral.”

There’s the “braying jackass” reference again. Erick concluded his post by saying he “feels sorry” for those of us who place such import on the results of one election.

If believing this election will basically determine the fate of America is so ridiculous, why bother following politics at all? I think Erickson’s in the wrong business. Perhaps he should be a psychiatrist or a marriage counselor instead of a political pundit.

And if he keeps up the nonsensical blather about this year’s election, he just might need a new vocation in a couple months.

His beautiful eulogy of Phyllis Schlafly showed us the “real” Donald Trump

For months we’ve heard in the press about the two Donald Trumps – the one in public who tweets and says some outlandish and sometimes offensive things and the “other” Trump who is personable and deferential to visitors and colleagues behind closed doors and away from electronic recording devices.

Trump’s family presented the private Trump to the world through their speeches at the Republican convention two months ago. They told of his kindness as a father and his relentless drive to succeed in the personal realm as well as in the boardroom.

They spoke of building a Trump family brand – not literally, but how he instilled virtues in them that they’ve used to become good people as well as successful business mavens.

Through it all, the objective observer could conclude, sure, they’re good “kids” and they were just telling love stories about their dad. But everyone tries to get their kids to do their homework and lead clean lives. It didn’t really complete the portrait of a man who acts so differently when he’s in front of cameras and microphones.

Well, if you weren’t convinced of the man’s quality by the Trump family testimonials, Trump’s words eulogizing the late Phyllis Schlafly should seal it for you.

Cathy Burke of Newsmax reports, “Donald Trump on Saturday praised the modern conservative movement's ‘founding mother’ Phyllis Schlafly for her fierce devotion to country, family and God, saying her legacy will inspire every ‘underdog’ who ‘defies the odds and delivers a win for the people.’

“In brief remarks at the funeral Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, Trump said Schlafly was ‘there for me when it was not at all fashionable.’”

View the video of Trump’s eulogy here.

In memorializing Schlafly, it was another “presidential” moment for Trump who would certainly be called upon to represent the country as “mourner in chief” in the coming years. For Trump, talking about Schlafly was personal as a friend-to-a-friend, but he was also representing those “little people” that Schlafly felt so passionate about.

He would do the same as president.

Seeing Trump say “we won’t let you down” at Schlafly’s service makes me think back to Erickson’s words above. There is a time in politics to make your point and move on. Donald Trump is no doubt a complicated man who presents many different sides to the public. The same would be true of just about everyone, should the spotlight be shined on all of us individually.

Further, when Erickson says Trump supporters are worshipping the “American Jesus” and not the real one, it’s a slap in the face to all the people who have given serious consideration to how they’ll treat this election (and that includes the long primary process). Similar to liberals, Erickson characterizes Trump’s voters as a bunch of mindless zombies following him as if he were some kind of cult leader in long robes wielding a mandolin.

If you know one of these people, please point him or her out – I want to know what they’re like.

In the meantime, the rest of us will keep taking Trump as he is and easily conclude he’s a far superior choice to Crooked – and sick – Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s 2016 campaign contains more than a few echoes of Pat Buchanan’s in 1992

If political pundits on the left and right are still confused about the true nature of Donald Trump’s supporters, they seem to have settled on the source of many of the Republican nominee’s themes this year.

Longtime Republican outsider Pat Buchanan started a bit of a populist revolution of his own in 1992 and in comparing the two America-first politicians, you see an awful lot of “Pitchfork Pat” in Trump’s speeches and message.

Political analyst Jeff Greenfield writes in Politico Magazine, “[T]o a remarkable extent, just about all of the themes of Trump’s campaign can be found in Buchanan’s insurgent primary run a quarter-century ago: the grievances, legitimate and otherwise; the dark portrait of a nation whose culture and sovereignty are threatened from without and within; the sense that the elites of both parties have turned their backs on hard-working loyal, traditional Americans. The limits of that campaign—and the success of Trump’s, in seizing the nomination of a major political party—are a measure of just how much our politics have changed in the past 25 years.”

I’m always amazed but not surprised that popular American themes are often characterized as “dark” and “illegitimate” by analysts like Greenfield. When political commentators say these things it just reinforces how far removed they are from the reality of everyday Americans who see law and order as the opposite of “dark”.

Americans aren’t bigots because they want immigration laws enforced. They aren’t xenophobic because they hope to find and keep an honest job and be able to afford a few things. And they aren’t “Islamophobic” because they believe the government must do a thorough and complete job of vetting Muslim immigrants and to ensure newcomers are willing to comply with American laws and accept simple customs.

This used to be standard American thought. Today, it makes one “dark” and possibly “illegitimate.”

For his part, Pitchfork Pat Buchanan also sees the similarities between himself and Trump.

“In recalling his New Hampshire visits of 1992, Buchanan today remembers his political appeal in the context of the consequences of hard times that still seems to resonate in this year’s campaign: ‘Broken families, guys out of work, spousal abuse … you saw all this back then. I was astonished when Trump picked up on this. He’s talking about towns hurt, jobs lost. And he’s running a conservative populist, nationalist, America-first campaign.’”

Experts say one of the reasons Trump succeeded this year where Buchanan failed in his time is the presence of social media and conservative news outlets such as Fox News and Breitbart that aided in spreading his message. That’s certainly true, but I would also argue Trump has a much deeper pool of anger to tap into because of the failed big government presidencies (to conservatives) of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and of course, Obama.

It’s remarkable how much American culture has changed since 1992 and it’s not just the fact cross-dressing men can now use women’s bathrooms with the blessings of the federal government and homosexuals can legally get married.

Hand held electronic devices are now a part of nearly everyone’s life, which allows for the rapid fire spreading of news, outrage and unsolicited commentary. Everyone knows everyone else’s business. Crooked Hillary shared hers with the world through her private email server.

But Trump has taken these opportunities to organize the “opposition” to the elites like never before. As of yesterday he has over 11.5 million twitter followers. That’s astonishing.

In Trump, the “little guy” now has a voice…and it’s saying a lot of things they like. If Trump is elected, policies will change. For many, that’s very welcome, indeed.

Imagine, if you would, a presidential debate with no moderator

Finally today, with critics on both sides of the ideological spectrum taking issue with liberal Matt Lauer’s moderating job last Wednesday night in the “Commander in Chief” forum, there’s been a lot of talk about how the debate format can be reformed to take bias out of the equation.

Donald Trump thinks in order to clean the slate, moderators must be completely eliminated.

Jesse Byrnes of The Hill reports, “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday called for a debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton without a moderator…

“’I think maybe we should have no moderator. Let Hillary and I sit there and just debate, because I think the system is being rigged so it's going to be a very unfair debate,’ Trump said on CNBC's ‘Squawk Box.’”

I agree about the unfair debate part but I’m not sure any kind of a “debate” could be held without a moderator. For example, Lauer was criticized by Hillary’s people for cutting off her rambling answers to some of the questions.

Can you imagine if there was no moderator? She’d ramble on forever. Trump might do it too, though he usually has some sort of ending to his answers. Hillary loves to name drop and cite any statistic she thinks people want to hear.

The truth is, there is no simple answer when it comes to conducting fair debates. There are very few members of the media any longer who give off the impression of impartiality, such as the late Tim Russert. Most journalists have become thinly-veiled shills for the left and liberals would never allow someone from the conservative media to moderate a debate.

With the first debate less than two weeks away, questions will no doubt linger on the question of impartiality. Time will tell how each candidate will handle the moderators. But if Crooked Hillary isn’t thoroughly questioned on her email scandal, the bias will show through right there.

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One of the biggest disappointments of this season has bee the loss of otherwise bright stars of conservative authorship over a demand for ideological purity which can never exist in a candidate.

The Democrats know that Hillary is sick, crooked, and untrustworthy, but they support her as part of the grand master plan - she is a means to the desired end, and the holy grail of communism with the "right people" in charge, justifies any means used to get there.

We have come a long way since William F Buckley founded National Review to "Stand athwart history, yelling STOP!" to our leftward drift. Now, all too many "conservative" pundits have lost sight of the chasm toward which America is lurching, in their zeal to yell "STOP TRUMP!" instead.

Erickson, who deserves a few extra "w"s for his zeal in destroying the GOP candidate, as in EWwwwww Erickson, has lost me forever. I am even asking myself whether he jumped from Hot Air, or was forced out.

Jonah Goldberg and the NR crew are incisive and funny enough that they may yet redeem themselves, but Erickson, as a junior pundit needed to remember the big picture matters more than his personal feelings.

Let me ask this question - if it is false worship to support the imperfect, but definitely patriotic, Trump, what, exactly, do we call supporting the enemies of our country? Choices in real life range from imperfect to downright evil - why choose the greater evil? There can only be one answer, which lumps them in with Hillary, Obama, Jarrett, and Abedin - IE TREASON!


Erickson presents himself as a world class Christian, even writing Christian books. "Braying jackass", and certainly his words about former SCOTUS justice, Souter, are indications of a huge conflict within him. His playing fast and loose with the actual truth also is unbecoming of a Christian.

Therefore, his words belie his actions. He seems to receive but not extend grace. He seems to receive forgiveness but not to extend it. The unforgiving kind: "Forgive us our trespasses, as we...."