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Trump Pushed The Reset Button In Last Night's Debate

The presidential debate score Clinton 1-Trump 1. 

Last night Donald Trump conducted a tutorial on how to take control and win a debate. 

Trump and Clinton debateTrump's performance was text book. First he gave a sincere and creditable apology and then he took control of the debate and went on a 90-minute discussion of what he wants the campaign to be focused on for the next month. 

For those voters who don't like America's direction they saw a person who was a credible alternative to Obama's 3rd term. 

Trump was at the top of his game-he's never been better. He's exciting and brought new energy to his supporters.  Trump met and exceeded most people's expectations by a mile.

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The Actual Debate Score

Since the first debate was 50/50, the score is now:

Trump 1.5
Clinton .5

Presidential Debate

Trump is not my ideal Candidate, but anything is better than a Clinton Presidency, if you thought play for pay was bad when She was Secretary of State, wait till She gets to the White House. I thought Trump did a good job of handling both Hilary and the moderators. I can only see him improving for the last debate,I'm waiting to see the polling results from last night to see if they swung back to Trump.