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Penny Nance: Hillary Clinton is Wrong on Life, Religious Liberty, and the Rest of the Conservative Agenda

I look forward to the day when we have a woman president, but it should never be Hillary Clinton, and many Democrat women agree. According to polling data, she is not trusted. She has used incredibly poor judgment in foreign policy, and as more information is released concerning her email scandal, we know she is either a liar or incompetent (or both) and, thus, unfit for the presidency.  

Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite, as she claims to advocate for women’s rights today, but attacked anyone who spoke out against her husband. I was a twenty-something lobbyist during the Clinton years, and I Penny Nanceremember well Hillary going into full force to harass, discredit, demean, and vilify each woman brave enough to speak out about the sexual harassment they encountered at the hands of her husband. For Hillary to now say that women who are victims deserve to be believed is the height of hypocrisy. No, Hillary Clinton does not support women. 

Hillary Clinton stands for big government, is weak in foreign policy, is against secure energy, and is pro-abortion. Hillary will fight to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which has passed every year since 1976, always with strong bi-partisan support, and is credited with saving over 1 million children from abortion. 

Hillary Clinton will seek to destroy religious freedom in America. People of faith who refuse to fall in line on the issue of same-sex “marriage” have been fired from jobs, fined, jailed, forced into silence, and discriminated against for government contracts.  The IRS has already done its dirty work on conservative organizations, and religious charities have had to comply or shut down.  Expect it all to get worse under another Clinton Administration, and this time pro-lifers will become the target. The goal is not just to abort babies; it’s to force all of us to be complicit in that choice and to further marginalize and penalize those who won’t fall in line.  

At a speech at the Women in the World Summit in New York City, Clinton lectured that, “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will.  And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”  In other words, Clinton decrees that people of faith need to get over it.  Never mind that we have specific Scriptural dogma as well as incontrovertible scientific reasoning.  Our beliefs are, in her mind, discriminatory.  

The next president will also likely be nominating multiple Supreme Court Justices, and we know exactly the type of justice Hillary will nominate — they will be legislators from the bench.  For the sake of our country and all that we were founded for, we must stand against that type of nominee.  

Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate, far from it.  However, as a pro-life American, I must not contribute to the destruction of human life. I could never support Hillary Clinton, and if you disagree with her policy — woman or man — you should vote against her. In this election, that means voting for the only other viable candidate, Donald Trump. 

Penny Nance is President of Concerned Women PAC.

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Know your Enemy

If you like globalism and national Socialism, then Shrillary the crook is your prime choice...if you like having a Constitutional representative government of, by and for the people, a sovereign nation then you will want to make Trump your main choice and if you want a real R's party with a lot fewer RINO's then you had better act like a real R and vote them out......