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"Dump Trump" Anger Sparks Write-in Campaign Against Anti-Trump RINO Martha Roby

The sudden "Dump Trump" movement last week has many people up in arms. Voters where I live, in Alabama's 2nd district, are FURIOUS that Rep. Martha Roby was one of the first to "Dump Trump.” They are so mad, in fact, that they’ve burned up her phone lines and they have mounted a write-in campaign for her primary challenger.   

Yes, that would be me, Becky Gerritson. I challenged her in the 2016 Republican Primary. 

I understand the frustration of voters who are fed up with politics as usual. Donald Trump represents hope for Becky Gerritsonthose individuals, and they are not about to give up that hope. Candidates like Trump, Cruz, and Carson were welcomed by disenfranchised Republicans because they pledged to break the cycle of the political elites and big-money lobbyists from controlling our politics. 

I do respect, yet disagree with, those who have been consistent in their opposition to Trump, such as Senators Ben Sasse and Mike Lee, and even commentator Erick Erickson. But in the recent "Dump Trump" movement, a correlation is apparent... follow the money! The list of prominent names recently dumping Trump could be titled “The Chamber’s Bought and Paid for RINOs.” 

In this campaign cycle the pseudo-conservative U.S. Chamber of Commerce is one of our nation’s biggest supporters and financial backers of amnesty. I personally went up against the U.S. Chamber in my own primary in which they spent nearly $2 million promoting liberal Martha Roby.  

As you can imagine, such an amount allowed them to utterly control the airwaves for their establishment candidate - particularly in our rural Alabama district. No other conservative faced such a massive obstacle in their primaries - although the more limited spend by the Chamber is partially to blame for the toppling of conservative Tim Huelskamp. 

Many on the list of GOPers who have disavowed Trump reads eerily similar to the list of candidates the U.S. Chamber supports.  Here are a few examples: 

·        Joe Heck- NV (beneficiary of $3,550,374 as of latest reports) 

·        Rob Portman-OH ($4,606,324) 

·        Kelly Ayotte-NH ($1,910,300) 

·        Mark Kirk-IL ($550,150) 

·        John McCain-AZ ($1,550,450) 

·        Martha Roby-AL (my primary opponent - $1,750,000) 

·        Pat Toomey-PA ($5,106,000 - has refused to say whether he will vote for Trump) 

·        Ron Johnson-WI ($750,300 - has been tepid in his support) 

It seems clear that the Chamber is using its massive war-chest to compel opposition to Trump from within the party.  And over the last week we have seen that it's working.  Martha Roby and other "Dump Trump"ers are listening to their biggest campaign contributors rather than their constituents. 

President Obama has taken our country down a path toward socialism, unsustainable debt and unprecedented threats to our national security. A vote for Hillary is a vote to continue Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.  

In this crucial election cycle, we must defeat Hillary Clinton. We must support the Republican nominee and the party platform that upholds conservative values.  Despite calls for Presidential write-in candidates, like Rep. Roby proposes, the reality of state election laws make a Presidential write-in an impossible scenario for a Republican win. So conservatives, keep your eyes on the prize. Take a deep breath, pray, and vote! 


Becky Gerritson is President, Wetumpka TEA Party (AL) 

And founder of Born Free American LLC 

@BeckyGerritson @TeaPartyBecky

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2016 Election big money vs. the American citizen

There is no better time in American electoral history for the American citizens to stand up and say to the big money people, you can no longer buy the election against the will of the American people.
We as American citizens must stand up to the chamber of commerce and the big unions and say we are no longer satisfied with the status quo. We will no longer vote based on what the big money has paid for in the media ads and polling that is skewed in one direction or another.
Polls can and do shape the views of the American citizens based on the construction of the questions being asked, thereby eschewing the results and how we view and change our opinions.
It is time that we ignore all that is said, ignore all that is written and vote for an outsider warts and all, this just might alter the future political discourse and head our great nation in the correct direction.
We had one other opportunity several elections back when Ross Pero warned us of the coming decline in the greatness of America, we should not let this next and perhaps the last opportunity to pass us by.

The Big Con

Kelly Ayotte, Mark Kirk, Pat Toomeu and Ron Johnson were elected with help from the Tea Party in 2010 - as they (now seemingly falsely) pledged to fight for us against Obamacare.

How QUICKLY they were "assimilated" into the elitist collective