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Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  We have a binary choice. One or the other will be our next president. Let's be clear if you are a Republican or a conservative and you don't vote for Trump you are helping Hillary Clinton become the next president whether you vote for her or not. 

I served in the House of Representatives and United States Senate during Bill Clinton’s presidency.  I saw the scandals, the lies, and the corruption up close and personal.  I saw Clinton’s vetoes of common-sense bills like Rick Santorumthe ban on partial birth abortions and welfare reform in large part because of pressure from Hillary and her allies in the administration!   

But eight years of being the progressive force in the Clinton White House was not enough, Hillary would turn around and carpetbag her way into the Senate from New York.  There she showed her true colors leading the charge on abortion, opposing sanctions on Iran's nuclear program and voting to raise taxes, bail out Wall Street and explode the size of government. 

It’s a true statement of how far the Democratic Party has lurched left when she has found detractors within her own base.  Her record as a Senator, and more recently as Secretary of State, is one that should excite even the most hardened leftist.  But this is exactly why every conservative should oppose her. 

As a Secretary of State, from the Russian reset, which included canceling missile defense systems for our closest allies in Eastern Europe to advocating for intervention in Libya, she has been a disaster.  Inexplicably she supported radical Islamists against our allies in Egypt in the Arab Spring and stood silent as the number one sponsor of Islamic terror, Iran, crushed the best chance to topple our most dangerous enemy.  Add to this the key role she played in the Syrian disaster we see playing out on the nightly news, the turning of our back on Israel, and tragically the disaster in Benghazi.  With that foreign policy record Hillary Clinton is the last person we should promote to Commander-in-Chief. 

But what really pushed me over the edge was the death of my good friend Justice Antonin Scalia.  Scalia was the gold standard by which all conservative legal minds should be judged.  He was a brilliant man, who combined wit and reason to not just make rulings but persuade his colleagues on the Court.  Now our next President will appoint his successor. 

Worse yet, a President Clinton would more than likely appoint two or three more Supreme Court justices.  This would set in motion not just the next four to eight years of our nation’s policy making and jurisprudence, but the next generation.  No doubt she would pick forty- or fifty-something year olds who see the Constitution as an annoyance to be discarded on the ash bin of history. Over the next 30 years we will lose our republic and become another godless autocratic European socialist state devoid of religious liberty or value for founding principles men like Madison engrained in our Constitution. We will cease to be America.  

Some conservatives have a problem with Donald Trump.  Many of them have stood on purist principle to declare Never Trump.  But by declaring Never Trump, they have declared they are sitting out this election at a time we all need to coalesce around the candidate that has not only vowed but has produced a list of outstanding nominees for the Supreme Court.  

In the end the court is everything. I don’t want to be to blame for the wreckage we all know would come through a Clinton Supreme Court.  I want to look myself in the mirror knowing I did everything I could to stop it.  And that is why this conservative will be voting for Donald J. Trump this November.

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Never Hillary Clinton

From a Conservative standpoint my view and prediction is that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. The American voters have seen and heard how crooked Hillary Clinton is and how she's unfit to be the next Commander in Chief.Even if the election is rigged I don't think she stands a
chance of becoming President. For one reason the American people want change and Donald J. Trump is the one who's going to bring that change not
Hillary Clinton she and her big government money machine and the establishment stand no chance of winning the White House. We can not allow
four more years of Obama's failed policies to be carried on by Hillary Clinton ineffective policies on terrorism, amnesty, illegal immigration, open borders, lowering taxes, the Second Amendment, job creation, traditional marriage, The Iran Nuclear deal, ,ISIS, Syria's crisis, our relations with Israel and the Middle East, Supreme Court Appointments and the disastrous trade deals with Mexico including, NAFTA and China. All of these issues will not be on Hillary Clinton agenda if she becomes President. The status quo of the country will become worse while also jeopardizing our security like Benghazi. That's why we should elect Donald J. Trump as the next President who will govern by leadership and bring real change for America not Hillary who foreign and economic policies will be a disaster for the country.

I have always liked Senator

I have always liked Senator Rick Santorum. Here he is right once again. Electing hillary will put America on its way to total destruction. If nothing else we will drown in our national debt. This once great country cannot stand another liberal left winger as president. The left however, is not responsible for all the bad things happening here in America. The blame must be shared, perhaps equally, by the RINO’s on the right. Which includes but is not limited to the Bushes, Romney, and McCain right alone with all those other RINO’s who should see the danger but seem to be ignoring it by refusing to support the parties nominee.

November 8, it is Donald Trump or bust “literally.”

From day one it seems barack obama has been set on destroying, at least, the constitution of this wonderful nation. If not the whole of the nation. A hillary clinton presidency may very well get that done. She may complete obama's promised fundamental transformation! To do so she will have to come after the guns as she promised. In the first 100 days!

There are over a hundred million gun owners in America lets tell hillary she cannot have them, the peaceful way and vote for Trump!

The NWO miasma we should avoid at all cost

Well said Senator Santorium. Could not agree more. And while everything you say is quite true, there is still a generation who has never seen the truth of what Hillary represents. They are like deer in the headlights of a speeding truck. They will be the victims because they do not understand the consequences of their choices.

I sincerely hope there are enough well informed legal constituents to overcome the lies, gossip, cheating at the polls, and other malicious inuendo to not allow Hillary access to our presidency. As noted she has a horrid record and any working class person should understand by now she is going to lower their wages and benefits even further just as Obama and his administration and this sitting congress have already done with zeal. She will give more of their jobs to her imported illegal work force including the increase HB visa holders as in the Disney debacle, and continue the fundamental destruction that Bill Clinton, the Bush Family, and BO have so thoroughly begun.

You are absolutely correct, considering the DEPLORABLE tactics of the dems and the Clintons and their donors we will need every vote. There are still enough legal constituents to do this but we need to join forces, not fight each other.

I like the way you referenced your mirror as your decision maker. I am 68 years old and have always tried to face myself in my own mirror exactly as you have described. If you like what you see, you are on the right path. That is the guide to my conscience and like you where I draw the line. There you can have no compromise. Do the right thing folks, the choices are quite clear. The issues are quite clear and not voting when the time is as critical as it is, is NOT an option.