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Only You Can “Unrig” the Election: Help Us Help in North Carolina

A massive voter fraud investigation is going on right now in Texas. A Democrat-allied group is under investigation in more than half of Indiana’s counties for voter fraud. Aliens – legal and illegal – are proven to be registered to vote in Virginia, Pennsylvania and virtually every other state.  

Despite the evidence of election fraud on a massive scale the establishment media and their neutered Republican lapdogs say We the People should just accept the results of an election that is so clearly being AmericaVote.orgcorrupted? 

We shouldn’t, and we won’t, because we can fight back and defeat Hillary Clinton and her Far Left agenda outside the “margin of fraud” by turning out conservatives to vote and by engaging in legal poll watching and voter verification. 

And ground zero for this is North Carolina where the conservative candidate’s headquarters were torched, cars displaying conservative bumper stickers have been vandalized, and Far-Left political organizations, paid by Nazi collaborator and convicted currency manipulator George Soros, engulfed the city of Charlotte in violence. 

A coalition of conservative organizations, including Americans for Limited Government, Family Research Council, American Family Association, Turning Point USA, Gun Owners of America, and have launched an unprecedented get out the vote effort in North Carolina. 

Called this independent organization is not affiliated with any candidate or committee. Its sole purpose is to get conservatives out to vote for candidates who support conservative positions on the issues; the right to life, religious liberty, the Second Amendment, lower taxes, fair trade deals and less government and regulation at every level. 

And you can help – even if you don’t live in North Carolina. has set the ambitious goal of making 150,000 phone calls and getting 150,000 doors knocked in North Carolina. 

The process to sign-up to help is simple and volunteers will receive a confirmation email with complete instructions on how to get ready for phoning.  Once you have activated your account, you will receive your respective call list within 24 hours. 

And if you live in North Carolina and want to help knock on doors in your neighborhood the process is much the same, but with the added benefit of an on-the-ground organization to help in key counties and cities. 

Simply go to the portal through this link and enter your information – you can knock on doors in your neighborhood or you can join a larger group working from one of the centers. 

Have a group of friends from your church, civic group, or other contacts?  

How about becoming an group leader and organizing your area for the big push the last two weeks of before the Election? 

October 29 and November 5 are key dates for final get-out-the-vote efforts and group leaders are still needed to make sure reaches its goal of 150,000 phone calls to conservatives and 150,000 doors knocked in the battleground state of North Carolina. 

The Far Left would like to think they have this election wired for their candidates and their progressive agenda. And if you sit home and do nothing they may be right; fraud, violence and corruption will win.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

It is time to draw the line in North Carolina; if can get conservatives out to vote and make sure conservative law and order candidates win outside the margin of fraud, then we can turn this around.  

However, if you sit at home and do nothing, or worse yet don’t vote, then this corruption of our constitutional republic may very well become permanent. Don’t let that happen go to and sign up today to win a conservative victory in North Carolina.

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AG Lynch in Europe announcing her new DOJ UN Police Force ready for violent resistance in USA. This isn't violent resistance to a rigged election this is violent resistance to the gun grab- the Law that JFK signed in 1961 is most likely what got him killed-it's Law 7277-in 3 Stages. Hillary is the 3rd Stage NWO UN Takeover. Wake the Sheeple. They are coming for us and our guns