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Hillary Clinton Wants You Demoralized And Afraid – So Fight Back!

In the establishment media there is a daily stream of pundits and polls calling the election for Hillary Clinton.  

In North Carolina Trump headquarters was firebombed, a Trump call center in Texas was burglarized, and AmericaVote.orgacross the country Trump yard signs are being stolen, cars with Trump bumper stickers are vandalized and the police are seemingly unable or unwilling to catch the perpetrators. 

Massive Democratic vote fraud schemes have been uncovered in Texas, Indiana, Colorado, Virginia and elsewhere. Thousands of illegal votes have already been cast, calling the results of the election into doubt in some key states, and Democratic election officials stand idly by or in some cases have facilitated the illegal voting.  

And a steady stream of alleged “Republicans” has come forth to criticize Donald Trump, cast aspersions on his character and fitness and even endorse Hillary Clinton for President. 

This propaganda to the effect that the election is all but over is intended to convince you that Hillary Clinton has won, that you are powerless to defend your country and that voting is just a formality, so don’t bother. 

Or more sinisterly, to intimidate you and convince you that your ideas about making America great again, protecting our borders and sovereignty and defending our country from the threats it faces both inside and outside its borders are somehow putting you in harm’s way. 

Don’t be intimidated and don’t be demoralized – know the truth and fight back! 

The truth is that many of the so-called polls are now little more than propaganda efforts to suppress Trump voter turnout and that independent polls by credible pollsters are finding different results from those touted by the national establishment media – they are showing Trump ahead or even in key battleground states. 

And Hillary Clinton’s behavior is showing those polls to be the correct barometers of where the election stands. 

Clinton has all but pulled out of Florida. In Palm Beach, Florida Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine drew thirty people at a rally; Donald Trump drew 20,000 in Tampa and 12,000 in Naples at two short-notice rallies scheduled in the past week. 

The Clinton campaign has no operation in Miami as the influential Cuban community has mobilized behind Donald Trump. And Cuban freedom fighters in the Bay of Pigs Veterans association for the first time endorsed a presidential candidate – Donald Trump. 

In Pennsylvania, a perennial battleground that Republican presidential candidates have lost for the past several cycles, over 100,000 Democrats have switched their registration from Democrat to Republican, and blue collar Western Pennsylvania is awash in Donald Trump signs as the midpoint of the first part of deer season passes. 

And perhaps most importantly, in North Carolina, the epicenter of Democratic Party violence against conservatives and populists, citizens are rising and, independent of any party of candidate, saying enough is enough they want law and order, an end to job-killing trade deals and an end to the fundamental transformation of their country. 

Political elites like to make empty promises, all while average folks foot the bill. And if we object then intimidation and lies are their answer. 

It's not a question of when they'll start giving a damn about you, it's a question of how long you're going to take it. 

If you are ready to fight back, we urge you to join us in helping get out the vote in North Carolina. 

You can participate on the ground or even over the phone. It doesn't matter where you live. After you sign up, we will contact you with the details you need to get started right away. 

Do we want to keep going down the same path we are presently on, or do we want to go in a different direction? This is what you get to decide on Nov 8. You get to choose, but only if you vote - and help to get out the vote, because that is what can make the difference this year. 

Don't let other people decide your future. 

The only mistake you can make in this election is not to do something, because our country is too important for you to sit on the sidelines. Because America matters, this year, vote. And help to get out the vote.

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Our freedom!!

How can Hitlery clinton get away with comitting several felonys! And nobodys doing anything about it !!!!! WE CANT LET HER GET AWAY WITH THIS BULLSH T .I want TREY GOWDY TO PROSECUTE THIS EVIL WITCH. AND OBAMA NEEDS TO GO DOWN WITH HER.IF Someone doesn't get these two and all of the Clinton foundation prosecuted,THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO BE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD!!! And all of us are going to suffer dearly! Someone out there has to do something about it NOW!!!! Where are all the RED Blooded Americans At!! Lets Stand up and get these Blood sucking leeches out of this country.They are pure evil.We can't let these people commit HIGH TREASON!! And get away with it.And that's just the tip of the iceberg. "MURDER" "TREASON". That's enough to send you to the gallows'RIGHT THERE!! OK I'M DONE. ONE MORE THING!!!!!!! TREY GOWDY. "FOR PRESIDENT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are they waiting to prosecute her. And obama.He hasn't earned the right to be called President. YOU DON'T LET A DRUNK DRIVER SOBER UP BEFORE YOU PULL THEM OVER AND CHARGE THEM WITH "DUI"..This is a little more serious!! Dont ya think. Im out! God bless us all!