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Trump Voters: Send Them A Message Nationalize The Election

One of the most powerful – if not THE most powerful – political theme in American politics is “SEND THEM A MESSAGE.”  

Back in 2015 I looked at the field of some twenty Republican and Democratic candidates and concluded that only three were “message” candidates; Senator Bernie Sanders, businessman Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. 

Richard ViguerieI noted that the three message carriers; Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have different messages, but they had one thing in common – voting for them is a clear rejection of the status quo in their parties, and in the conduct of the federal government. 

In one sense, only one thing has changed – 2 of the 3 message carriers are gone, only Donald Trump remains with his message of rejecting the status quo in the Democratic and Republican parties. 

In the closing days of the 2016 election many conservatives remain frustrated that Republicans have failed to nationalize the election on the issues of jobs, national security, crushing radical Islam, ending Clinton and Obama’s culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption, sealing our borders, building a big wall on our southern border and repealing the disastrous Obamacare law.  

This frustration, and the media’s obsession with Donald Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct, has left some limited government constitutional conservatives thinking “maybe I should stay home” or vote for some write-in or third party candidate as a form of protest against the leaders of the establishment GOP. 

To those who may see the election in those terms I say, “My friends, I’ve been there, I understand your frustration, but you are sending a message to the wrong Party.” 

President Obama has said repeatedly “that although he is not on the ballot, make no mistake his policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.”  He’s right, but Republicans and even Donald Trump have failed to focus the election on the main issues of Hillary and Obama’s failed policies.  Their radical world views have mostly gone undiscussed.  

However, despite the abysmal failure of the GOP’s national leadership to fight the campaign on these national issues, the election has been at least partly nationalized on a broader theme – a simple rejection of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s failed policies and their stated goal of fundamentally changing America. 

President Obama’s relatively high approval rating is a direct result of the ineffectiveness of Republican leaders to define him and the Democrats as dangerous far left radicals.  

The messaging of the national leadership of the Republican Party has largely been content-free or Big Government Republicanism, which is the type of campaign that lost the GOP the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections. 

In this year’s Presidential election, the most powerful message conservatives can send to the elite corrupt Washington Establishment, led by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, is to make this “a blow-out election” by voting for Donald Trump and down-ballot Republicans, so we can get a conservative Supreme Court for a generation and undo the massive damage that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have inflicted on America and Americans.

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Trump Pence signs in every town in AZ

We had to pay taxes in the far reaches of AZ this week. We drove over about half of AZ. All we saw everywhere were Trump/Pence signs in yards everywhere. What we did not see was a single sign for Hillary. The people in AZ are sending a strong message out and that is that Trump is their choice. There is no way AZ state will turn out for Hillary. If that happens, the polls are definitely rigged.

While we traveled I saw lots of empty store fronts in every town. Small businesses are gone, out of business and with them goes any hope of stirring the economy. Right now BO and his agenda has led us to this point. So more of the same with Hillary along with all the destruction the current administration has initiated to be continued? Or the change Trump represents?

I want the change. I reject the NWO open borders and the illegal edicts. I reject the selective enforcement of our laws on the books and the open welfare spigot for illegal aliens. I reject the influx of HB visa holders simply to further erode the wages of working legal citizens. I reject letting illegal aliens benefit from their lawless actions as in amnesty in any form. We cannot enter their countries of origin as they have disrespectfully entered ours. Their countries enforce their sovereignty and their immigration laws.

The miriad of lies that congress has used to justify this administration's current agenda I reject as well. It is quite evident our congress particularly the senate have gone along with the fundamental destruction of this administration. This race is ALL about bucking the establishment's NWO agenda supported by the Rino population in the GOP and the more obvious democrats. Too bad it took the 2014 Senate turnover to make it clear to the voters the GOP has two faces. One is rino good old go along get along old boy and the other is the conservatives. We still have much work to clean out the trash in DC.