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Presidential Horse Race 2016: In the year of the “outsider,” the people wanted Donald Trump

Heading into the second-to-last weekend before the all-important national election on November 8, discussion continues as to what comes after the results are in and a winner declared.

The nebulous forces of #NeverTrump are convinced the polls are right – at least the ones showing Hillary Clinton comfortably ahead – and that Donald Trump will be sent back to the private sector within a matter of days.

Trump flagAfter making the pronouncements, they’re calling on conservatives to come together and rebuild the movement post-Trump.

#NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro writes in National Review, “The only way to rebuild a Republican party based on conservative principle is to acknowledge the good motives of those who disagree about Trump. We all want to stop Hillary Clinton and her vile agenda. We all want to reverse decades of Democratic policy on immigration and government growth, on social leftism and leftist race-baiting. If Trump loses, we’ll have to get over our differences about him to do that. We all had sincere positions on Trump. It wasn’t just preening. It wasn’t unearned moral superiority. We had serious disagreements, but we agree on basic principles. If we can agree on all of that, there’s a future for conservatism.

“If Trump succeeds, however, in his post-election plan to divide conservatives between those who were loyal to him and those who were not, he’ll have told his biggest lie and, on the basis of that, won his greatest victory. And the conservative movement’s collapse will be the final step in the political Armageddon he and his advisers so desire.”

Therein lies the problem right there. Most conservatives don’t think Trump is out to destroy the movement as much as he wants to join it.

Shapiro merely addresses the intellectual shouting match between the #NeverTrump and pro-Trump sides in the pundit class. In doing so he completely ignores the grassroots endeavor to not only nominate Trump as an “outsider”, but also to get him elected president so he can do, you know, real things.

This is where Shapiro and the #NeverTrumpers get it wrong. While it’s true both sides share similar principles and that the number one priority of “reluctant” Trump supporters at this point is to stop Hillary, the other priority – which is equally or more important but not nearly as imperative time-wise – is to defeat the status quo in the Republican Party.

The old establishment-dominated Republican Party is dead. It no longer exists. This election season killed it and it ain’t coming back.

If indeed Trump ends up losing, #NeverTrumpers will say things like “Trump was never a Republican in the first place,” or “Trump didn’t embody Republican ideals.” Heck, George Will even argued this type of thing in a column the same day Shapiro’s piece was featured in National Review Online.

#NeverTrumpers have made it clear that they believe any Republican would have beaten Hillary this year. Not only is this assertion untrue, I’ve made the case over the course of months that Donald Trump is precisely the medicine the GOP needed to heal itself, namely someone from “outside” who presents a different perspective and way of doing things that would cure the disease of malaise that’s taken over the party and rendered it paralyzed.

Putting someone who shares Paul Ryan’s or Mitch McConnell’s philosophies in Trump’s place would not help the Republican Party, just the way nominating John McCain and Mitt Romney didn’t equate to a victory in their respective presidential elections.

It’s even arguable it was “Republican principles” that got McCain and Romney defeated because “Republican principles” have been so thoroughly distorted by the Democrats and their allies in the major media that the image of the party is in the dumps with little hope of resurrection.

Why is it that the Tea Party rose up in 2010 and helped lead massive Republican wave victories in that year and again in 2014? It was the hope of ordinary people to force the Republican Party to actually stand for something. What does it stand for now?

Every election cycle conservatives are fed recycled promises of cutting federal spending, lowering taxes, reducing regulations, protecting our First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights, enforcing our border laws, repealing Obamacare, fighting for the traditional conservative cultural agenda, etc… The list goes on and on and on… But when push comes to shove, the Republican congressional leadership fails time and again to do much of anything towards those aims.

Instead of results – or at least evidence that they’re putting up a spirited fight -- we get more excuses. Republican leaders said “We need more Republicans in the House;” “We need a Republican controlled Senate;” “We need to elect a Republican president.”

Conservatives across the country have opened their wallets, walked the precincts and endured the insults of the gloating left and delivered Republicans the very victories they’ve demanded only to be infuriated within weeks and months of convening the new Congress when the leadership goes back on the promises once again.

Obamacare was passed in 2010. We were told by Republican leaders that they would repeal it with a Republican House starting in 2011. When that didn’t happen we were subsequently told it could be stopped through the funding process. When that didn’t happen either we were told it would be placed in the forefront of issues to use as a weapon against Democrats through passed legislation that would have forced vetoes from Obama.

None of this took place except for a few “show” votes that everyone knew weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. And when Ted Cruz actually made a principled stand in 2013 over defunding Obamacare, these “Republicans” jumped all over him and wouldn’t support him.

So, #NeverTrump, advocating for Donald Trump’s election means much more than just defeating Hillary and having an “R” in the Oval Office or saying we stand for principles. It means finally, the potential to bring something new to Washington. It would have been the same if Ben Carson had somehow ended up the nominee. Or Carly Fiorina. Or yes, Ted Cruz.

Not so with Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christie. Standard Republicans. More of the same.
Should Trump lose next month, that opportunity to change the system will have vanished. And for what? Because a group of establishment Republicans and so-called #NeverTrump “conservatives” banded together to argue Donald Trump was too much of an ogre to sign his name to legislation, host state dinners, represent the country in negotiations with foreign countries and preside over U.S. functions?

#NeverTrump’s isn’t a very good argument. As has been mentioned numerous times before, Donald Trump was not the first choice of many of us. We thought some of the other “outsiders” would have been better in carrying the fight to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats this year. But make no mistake -- all of us wanted a change in Washington that only an “outsider” could bring.

So it’s not a Republican thing. And I doubt conservative Trump supporters are going to be feeling very charitable towards #NeverTrump come November 9 if #NeverTrump’s dour predictions become reality.

Beneath the media “sex” storm, Trump still offers real conservative ideas

A lot has been written in the media about Newt Gingrich’s testy exchange with Fox News personality Megyn Kelly on Tuesday night where Kelly couldn’t seem to get off the subject of Donald Trump’s accusers whereby Gingrich alleged she was “obsessed with sex.”

This “obsession with sex” can be said of the media as a whole. They’d much rather talk about Trump’s sex controversy than report on any of his ideas. And if you can get beyond the media blather, Trump’s continuing to offer a lot of good concepts that could improve the government.

Deroy Murdock writes in National Review, “If Donald J. Trump becomes president, he barely will have time to attend his own inaugural parade. The Republican nominee promised voters in Gettysburg, Pa., Saturday that he would stay spectacularly busy on his first day in office.

“As part of his Contract with the American Voter, Trump pledged to take 18 major steps on January 20, 2017. Most of these give center-right voters excellent reasons to support Trump at the polls.”

In his article, Murdock lays out all of Trump’s measures, including several that Murdock heartily disagrees with. Fair enough. Simply put, for the most part, Trump’s program is a conservative’s policy dream. And, as argued in the previous section, perhaps the best part of all of this is we know he’ll actually act on these proposals as opposed to just talking about them.

Some of the propositions can be accomplished by executive command – such as undoing all of Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders.

Others will require cooperation from Congress, which is exactly what the Constitution requires. And you can bet repealing and replacing Obamacare is included in Trump’s plan. Will Republican leaders go along?

Trump is also continuing his outreach to the African-American community. Gabby Morrongiello of the Washington Examiner reports, “In a speech tailored to black voters in the crucial swing state (North Carolina), Trump outlined a series of policy proposals aimed at tackling urban renewal and bringing prosperity to African-American families across the country…

“Trump earned praise from the Republican National Committee's national director of African-American outreach and several black leaders from urban areas with large black populations. Calvin Tucker, chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Black Council, commended the candidate for offering a ‘thoughtful and serious approach’ to assist African Americans living in places like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pa.”

As has been true of Trump’s speeches to black audiences in the past, he promised tax credits and assistance for black businesses, better education choices and more law enforcement along with increased training.

In this sense Trump’s plans aren’t specifically tailored for one group but are designed to help all the people living in big cities. Such proposals have gone over like a lead balloon in the past; but with conditions having gotten so much worse under decades of Democratic rule, I’m guessing some people in urban areas will be open to the message.

As with Trump’s “Contract with American voters” detailed by Murdock above, the real question is whether these proposals will be able to cut through the sex obsessed media and reach their intended audiences.

Media personalities like Megyn Kelly may claim they’re only doing their job by labeling Trump as a “sexual predator,” but such singular focus on side issues only detracts from presenting real policies that can help people.

When this happens, the media is not only doing themselves a disservice; they’re hurting Americans who have been held down under failed government policies that are literally depriving them of their lives, liberties and pursuit of property on a daily basis.

Contrasting Melania Trump’s agenda with Crooked Hillary’s “bullying” nonsense

Though it’s certainly not on par in importance to what the presidential candidates are discussing, the agenda and activities of a potential first lady can have some influence on the culture in the White House and in the country.

While first spouse Bill Clinton would likely concentrate on raking in as much money as he can possibly steal, Melania Trump wants to help kids in a certain area that’s very relevant to parents today.

Kimberly Hefling of Politico reports, “Melania Trump said this week that, as first lady, she would focus on protecting children active on social media because what goes on online is ‘very hurtful to children.’

“’We need to teach them how to use it. What is right to say. What is not right to say,’ Trump said during an interview on ABC's ‘Good Morning America’ that aired Thursday.

“’It's very bad out there, and children get hurt,’ she added.”

As a parent with children old enough to engage in all the most harmful social media pursuits, I fully agree with Melania’s characterization of the media environment. Up to the moment access to what everyone thinks about any minute detail in your kid’s life is extremely dangerous and has already done serious harm to many. And that’s not even talking about the predatory aspect of it.

In contrast, Hefling’s article reports Crooked Hillary is proposing a half a billion dollar federal program for states to combat “bullying.” Bullying is a big thing for liberals as they pander to their LGBT constituents who may have been targeted by the greater culture for their abnormal and freakish deviations from accepted norms.

Yes, to a liberal, a boy who dresses like a girl deserves not only extra protection from the perpetrators of such actions but the so-called “normal” people also need to go to federal re-education camps in order to stop “bullying” and accept the new normal. Hillary’s federal program would just be another enormous waste of taxpayer dollars for a problem that, if it exists at all, can easily be handled locally by a trip to the principal’s office.

“Bullying” is just another way for the left to impose its will on unreceptive people. The whole concept is troublesome. How, for example, do you define what constitutes “bullying” behavior?

I personally think Melania Trump would be an exemplary first lady who would bring some dignity back to the title after eight years of leftist America-shaming at the hands of Michelle Obama. Melania seems genuinely concerned about the social media topic. We can only hope she’ll get a chance to delve deeper into the matter for America’s kids.

No matter what Hillary does, #NeverTrump would rather talk about something else

Finally this week, just as #NeverTrump frequently advances the argument that any Republican other than Trump would have beat Hillary Clinton in this year’s election, it can just as easily be said that any other person in America would have been taken down by Crooked Hillary’s email scandal.

In the latest batch of Wikileaks revelations it appears as though the secretive Clinton inner circle even kept the existence of her private email server from the people who would be running her presidential campaign.

Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner reports, “Hillary Clinton's closest aides hid the private email scandal from her campaign team in the months before the official launch of her presidential campaign, emails made public by WikiLeaks show.

“Robby Mook, Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, Clinton's campaign chair, and Neera Tanden, co-chair of Clinton's transition team, each expressed shock at the revelations about her private server as they emerged in early March 2015.

“Although Clinton's team had performed research on her in 2014 as staff prepared for her campaign, Clinton's inner circle apparently steered Mook and others away from the issue until it was too late.”

I’m sure by now all of the Clinton campaign robots are pre-programmed to answer “she said it was a mistake” and even more prominently, “the Russians did it!” when asked about their boss’s emails.

But then again, the media doesn’t ask about them anymore, apparently satisfied with the above responses. Forget the fact that one of the two major party candidates callously ignored the law and American citizens’ right to know about the dealings of their Secretary of State.

In most circles that’s called accountability.

No, people like Megyn Kelly and most of the rest of the shameless journalists would rather talk about Trump being a “sexual predator” and the possibility he was an arrogant playboy years ago.

If anything, #NeverTrump should be focusing their fire on the farce that is Hillary Clinton. Instead, we get headlines from RedState promoting Evan McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn.

It is insulting to the core to have McMullin and Finn talk about leading a “new” conservative movement. Their 15 minutes of fame ends on November 9. On that day the #NeverTrumpers will cast them aside as they would any barely used piece of equipment with no more utility.

Some say there will be uneasy cooperation between the #NeverTrumpers and Trump supporters after the election. I wouldn’t bet on it.

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