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Will You Help Save Your Country This Weekend?

This weekend, while most Americans are watching football, raking leaves or doing other chores a few unsung patriots will be at work to save their country by working to get out the vote for Donald Trump, Mike Pence and conservative candidates for Congress and other offices. 

And if you choose to help, you can be part of the patriot army that is standing in the gap at this crucial hour. 

Trump sign wavingOne way you can help save your country is by signing up with to make calls or walk precincts in North Carolina. 

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both coming back to North Carolina again the final week of the election. This shows how critical this state is to the 2016 election results. 

You can help AmericaVote turn out the vote of people who are concerned about Constitutional, limited government.

If you live in North Carolina AmericaVote can help identify individuals in your neighborhood and area who need to get to the polls. 

If you live outside of North Carolina needs 500 volunteers to telephone 25 people as soon as possible – that will be 12,500 people out to the polls.

Also, if you live in North Carolina and have not voted, don’t forget early voting is open until November 5! 

Another way you can help is by going to your local Republican headquarters or Trump – Pence headquarters to volunteer to make phone calls, knock on doors, distribute literature and yard signs and help with other pre-election day activities. 

Finally, there is a third way you can help – and that is by being the leader you have been waiting for. 

Being a leader simply means doing what you can, when you can, to tell your neighbors, friends, family, fellow church and civic club members and email contacts how important this election is to the future of this country and why you are voting Trump – Pence. 

You can hit 40 doors by simply knocking on the 10 doors on either side of your house and then crossing the street and working your way back home. 

You can send hundreds of emails to your contacts telling them why you are voting for the Trump – Pence ticket and urging them to do likewise. 

You can make Trump – Pence signs or use yard signs and organize your family and friends into a sign waving party.  

Choose a well-travelled intersection or along a busy street in your neighborhood. Stay safe on public property out of the travel lanes and have a good time waving your signs and urging passers-by to vote for Donald Trump for President. 

If your local high school, college or university plays football on Saturday, pick an intersection off-campus and do the same – instead of tailgating all morning, take just an hour to save your country and wave signs before the game. 

When this election is over there will be three kinds of people left in America – those who worked to save their country and defend constitutional liberty by defeating Hillary Clinton, those who worked to destroy this country by electing Hillary Clinton to continue Barack Obama’s subversive far Left agenda, and those sorry souls who stood by and did nothing while the future of their country and constitutional liberty hung in the balance. 

We urge you to do what you can, when you can, to be part of the conservative – populist movement that will be at work this weekend getting out the vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence and making the most of this, our last best chance to save our country.

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